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  1. Sebbern Kalas

    Sebbern Kalas14 uur geleden


  2. Limitless Auto Media

    Limitless Auto Media15 uur geleden

    To get the same gaps throughout the car after full adjustments you use Bondo then sand with paint sticks and sandpaper to get the same size all the way throughout the car.

  3. Donald Williams

    Donald Williams15 uur geleden

    You did reset the fuel pump shut off switch , every time a collision happens the switch is triggered to prevent fuel from being pumped out on the ground ?

  4. Logan Meh

    Logan Meh15 uur geleden

    Dude yall should get some sick badges for this one

  5. kamil kaluza

    kamil kaluza15 uur geleden

    I like better when the video is Just about one thing about the car and the building stuff and house stuff is in another video cause i liike the car stuff more

  6. Potato

    Potato15 uur geleden

    where is the part od rebuilding the camaro?

  7. Chris Mackzum

    Chris Mackzum16 uur geleden

    Love the bodywork! Good job! Dump that cheap ass hood…. Get an OVM steel cowl induction if it fits with the LT4

  8. Frups N

    Frups N16 uur geleden

    Sprinkling seed on dead sod is just wasting grass seed. You need seed to soil contact and some of the soil in the back isn't good enough. Watering new seed only once a day is bad. You also didn't water the new sod enough. Growing fescue in the middle of TN is also not recommended. NLpush is FILLED with channels focusing only on grass.

  9. jacob green

    jacob green16 uur geleden

    And once again you guys got zac efron in there to get the frame straight

  10. UseHer Friendly

    UseHer Friendly16 uur geleden

    And dash cluster

  11. UseHer Friendly

    UseHer Friendly16 uur geleden

    Use the seats

  12. chadj79

    chadj7916 uur geleden

    You guys gotta invest in topsoil, you’ll never get grass to grow.

  13. Safari- Six

    Safari- Six16 uur geleden

    Billy.. please give your brother some mittens to wear as he has very cold hands.. he rubs them warm all the time 😳

  14. Shane West

    Shane West16 uur geleden

    Bro scrap the stickers off the windows

  15. Jacob Leblanc

    Jacob Leblanc17 uur geleden

    What happened to the helicopter build or refurbish

  16. Gustavo N

    Gustavo N17 uur geleden

    you gays need a big window for that dinig table

  17. Tim Watchorn

    Tim Watchorn17 uur geleden

    Any questions you have I’m sure I can help I have same car if you want to part with transmission let me know

  18. Ben Cobb

    Ben Cobb17 uur geleden

    Stop watering the grass in direct sunshine it will just boil the seed and grass, water in the evenings when its cooler and darker!

  19. john finklestien

    john finklestien17 uur geleden

    Your house is tiny

  20. MrGixxer1300r

    MrGixxer1300r17 uur geleden

    If you buy a stand alone from Holley or FuelTech the computer will come with a harness for your motor. Again quit wasting money trying to use the factory stuff. Buy a stand alone and cut your losses.

  21. ilan thommen

    ilan thommen17 uur geleden

    Please do a interior swap

  22. Brody Honeycutt

    Brody Honeycutt17 uur geleden

    You need a fiddle leaf fig tree.

  23. Lajos Fidy

    Lajos Fidy17 uur geleden

    Put up some mirrors in the dining room, they expand the space.

  24. Dave moulding

    Dave moulding17 uur geleden

    You need to re-paint that shit job done on that front door

  25. mad max

    mad max17 uur geleden

    Dang son paps is an animal 😳

  26. SilvarLife

    SilvarLife17 uur geleden

    you guys actualy water it wrong time. think about loupe, what happend if you use loupe and paper + sun=? it will burn. if water drop in grass, it work like loupe if sun hit it water bubble and it will burn your grass. you should do it at night time.

  27. Crystal Donaldson

    Crystal Donaldson18 uur geleden

    I Love your videos

  28. anibal payan

    anibal payan18 uur geleden

    Is ugly table 🤣

  29. Anthony Contreras

    Anthony Contreras18 uur geleden

    What do you guys use for bug infestation?

  30. Timmy Dove

    Timmy Dove18 uur geleden

    Keep the 10 speed

  31. Timmy Dove

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  32. Pozest Matthews

    Pozest Matthews18 uur geleden

    Next build should be a 1969 Dodge Charger! 😍😍

  33. Gary M Kupfer

    Gary M Kupfer18 uur geleden

    You guys rock. love the mix of house,cars,family, especially including mom and pops,the dog and cat etc. Keep up the great channel. always enjoy watching

  34. TheUbersmacktard

    TheUbersmacktard18 uur geleden

    I can't wait for this thing to be done so it looks perfect and drives perfect for it to then be parked behind the shop under a tree.... :( But seriously, I want to see what you guys do to it!

  35. Judy Bingen

    Judy Bingen18 uur geleden

    loved it

  36. Kip Carson

    Kip Carson19 uur geleden

    You guys should add that differential to the new car

  37. ChristianCohn

    ChristianCohn19 uur geleden

    So what happend to it?

  38. Santos Cedeno

    Santos Cedeno19 uur geleden

    You guys really need to make a video of your neighbor's Castle!!! Go talk to him and see if he will let y'all tour the Castle!!! He had the whole construction of it online, so I know he likes the exposure!

  39. Robert Stark

    Robert Stark19 uur geleden

    Can I come and pick up some parts? Needs some wiring etc...

  40. Doghouse Travels

    Doghouse Travels19 uur geleden

    My choice is Lowes Home Depot does not offer a discount to our military or veterans. This is the reason I don't shop Harbor Freight.

  41. MrSingitout

    MrSingitout19 uur geleden

    i`m in the uk and just love watching the goonzquad like watching a Netflix series lol daaaaang son !

  42. Liam Kumpula

    Liam Kumpula19 uur geleden

    Goonzquad is stupid

  43. UffDaDan

    UffDaDan19 uur geleden

    Core aerator after a watering or rain with weight on it. And dormant heat stressed grass I don't think will take in the fertilizer and be able to push growth. Ryan Knorr for my cool season grass but others for southern areas

  44. Ray Shutsa

    Ray Shutsa19 uur geleden

    I love how good the new headquarters looks. Awesome job guy's. 👍👍🇨🇦

  45. Brian Strevens

    Brian Strevens19 uur geleden

    Hey Goonz Ladz, A Model S Plaid just set a new EV record at Laguna Seca! Dark Helmet was driven by @RandyPobst to a 1:28.2 at TeslaCorsa 16!

  46. Garip Satin

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  47. Sam Tarek

    Sam Tarek20 uur geleden

    you speak a lot

  48. CMcG57 __

    CMcG57 __20 uur geleden

    That 2:50 tape looks like it would be more at home on a CCM or EASTON.

  49. Waylander

    Waylander20 uur geleden

    Definitely keep the transmission with the engine it will make the car quicker and it's designed for that engine to take all that power

  50. Rusty Nails

    Rusty Nails20 uur geleden

    These guys working under cars with no jack stands will end up killing one of them.

  51. Sterling Stauffer

    Sterling Stauffer21 uur geleden

    I hate being late for a video

  52. Hamizan Nfz

    Hamizan Nfz21 uur geleden

    Bruh i bursted out laughing when simon said ‘some of u guys were asking for some parts’ then the way billy replied tho + his face reaction tho ‘ Some parts? This thing jacked up!’

  53. JOSEPH Matteo

    JOSEPH Matteo21 uur geleden

    Essssh. I am a carpenter and I made a table kinda like that. For 60 bucks of materials made 4 chairs and 1 bench

  54. JOSEPH Matteo

    JOSEPH Matteo21 uur geleden

    Billy has a home. Are you still living. Home or you going build a home or rehab one

  55. KOSx15

    KOSx1521 uur geleden

    Put a manual trans in it! #savethemanual

  56. Alexsha James

    Alexsha James21 uur geleden

    Damn ANIMAL putting on the TP backwards....

  57. Joell

    Joell21 uur geleden

    Tell me the name of the music used on the video

  58. Terry E

    Terry E21 uur geleden

    Grow a creeping ivy on the hillside. Virtually no maintenance.

  59. Jon Munson II

    Jon Munson II21 uur geleden

    As a lawncare professional, I wouldn't use a spike aerator - it will just lead to further compaction. Far better to use a core aerator instead. Just my professional opinion. That being said, you might need to use weights on either aerator type to get them to "dig in". The aerators we use weigh around 200-400lbs and poke holes 3-5" deep. The slope issue: the slope is more the problem, not the grass (soil content could play a part as well). The slope causes a) moisture to drain away more rapidly than your grass can effectively absorb it, and b) it seems to also tilt directly to the sun which allows it to bake a little more quickly than a more oblique angle. You'll either need to install an irrigation system (underground drip could be very effective there given it seems like a small area), or, better, plants (as Wes and Nacho outline below) than can tolerate/thrive in those conditions.

  60. ManZooR Ul HassaN

    ManZooR Ul HassaN22 uur geleden

  61. Mitch Hinners

    Mitch Hinners22 uur geleden

    Worst time of season to sod, but water water water and when think it’s enough water… water more


    ZAKWAN MOHAMMED22 uur geleden

    Plzz #savethemanuals Swap a manual transmission

  63. neu318

    neu31822 uur geleden

    Should've added a window on that first floor by the table. Let in more light make it look more open.

  64. Chh117 H

    Chh117 H22 uur geleden

    Put some weight on that tiller

  65. Chuck abbate

    Chuck abbate22 uur geleden

    thank God you ditched that 1959 ugly ass light fixture.

  66. Dale Duntin

    Dale Duntin22 uur geleden

    Yow where's POP'S

  67. Wild Bill

    Wild Bill22 uur geleden

    I bought a used fork lift at auction. Bad mistake. It worked for a while. I'm guessing it was fixed up enough to show potential buyers it worked well. Soon after purchasing (for $5,000) the seals in the masts started to leak. Soon they were leaking like an oil pan missing the drain plug or almost like that. Had to have all the seals replaced at about $1,200. Soon after that it started getting weaker and weaker going forward. Reverse worked just fine. Its to the point now that I can't use it because it won't go forward. I'm told it needs a new transmission or about another $4,000. My father who never bought a used car used to tell me. "why would you buy a used car? There is a reason why the person is selling it. It's because its a piece of junk". Same with fork lifts.

  68. Esau Moreno

    Esau Moreno23 uur geleden

    Leave that 10 speed plz

  69. finaddict

    finaddict23 uur geleden

    Check out lawn care nut. Your lawn looks horrible. Simple things will make your place look a lot better.

  70. Jon Hawley

    Jon Hawley23 uur geleden

    As a landscaper I wouldn’t put too much stress into that hillside. The reason the grass won’t catch on is because the water you’re putting down is just immediately running down the hill. There are some other alternatives. Other plants you could use!

  71. Donald Snyder

    Donald Snyder23 uur geleden

    An old wooden corner cabinet to display family heirlooms and all those cool NLpush awards , Always wish i had kept Mom's old one it was beautiful and all the old dishes that had been passed down to me looked great and was an topic for discussion every time some one came over. Have great day guys , I look forward to your channel everyday

  72. Sandro Oliveira

    Sandro OliveiraDag geleden

    Where the tan Doberman at guys?

  73. Mark Lynch

    Mark LynchDag geleden

    You think lowes is bad.... give menards a try sometime.

  74. Steven Bolay

    Steven BolayDag geleden

    Hey guys! If that is fescue, it has to be watered everyday in the heat. Fescue generally does better in shade and cooler temps. The heat will kill it unless it kept moist.

  75. Timothy Cluck

    Timothy CluckDag geleden

    Put some pads under the table that way it don't mess up the floors

  76. Wallas Rudy Rudy

    Wallas Rudy RudyDag geleden

    Top 😎✌

  77. hondaclub69

    hondaclub69Dag geleden

    Put down fake grass on the hill side

  78. Sergio Soler Gonzalez

    Sergio Soler GonzalezDag geleden

    I guess it would be great let pops talks in ukrainian and you also for sure. Put some subtitles on, and that makes you videos more unique.

  79. TheCamaro5

    TheCamaro5Dag geleden

    You guys are crazy not to keep that ten speed thats what keeps that car fast. 4l80 your going to loose a lot of low end accelerations and tip end and mileage.

  80. Aquiles Grillett

    Aquiles GrillettDag geleden

    excelente muchachos¡ los felicito y esas ganas de aprender es admirable. me identifico con ustedes¡ sigan adelante¡. desde venezuela