Off-Roading Our Wrecked Tesla Model X!!!

We finally did it!!! After getting the 2016 Model X parts car back on all fours and fixing the suspension, we decided to do some testing! We did about everything we could with the power that it currently has. Definitely needs to get fully unlocked and then well really see what it has!! Coming soon! Thanks For Watching!!!


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  1. Chris Srtredeyredkey

    Chris Srtredeyredkey10 dagen geleden

    Nah the intro to funny 😂😂😂

  2. TechZone

    TechZone12 dagen geleden

    this channel is 40% talk, 10% work, and 100% DUDE.... DUDUDUU DUDUDUU DUUUDUUDUDUDUDUUDEEEE.

  3. Themorden_boy

    Themorden_boy14 dagen geleden

    is the parts car from auction

  4. Unkown Users

    Unkown Users25 dagen geleden

    Brock Lesnar would by this

  5. Unkown Users

    Unkown Users25 dagen geleden

    Fck goon squad

  6. ToyoTrek

    ToyoTrekMaand geleden

    Traction control is why you can’t rip it.

  7. Lazar Zivkovic

    Lazar ZivkovicMaand geleden

    Bay tow 'em ?

  8. Jadarious Hoard

    Jadarious HoardMaand geleden

    I say fix BOTH 😎

  9. Thaa Come up

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  10. Thaa Come up

    Thaa Come upMaand geleden

    That boi off the coke😂

  11. Thaa Come up

    Thaa Come upMaand geleden

    That boi off the coke😂

  12. One46ix

    One46ixMaand geleden

    What you guys doing haha like whistlin diesel

  13. Derek

    DerekMaand geleden

    Why not put a Carli lift on it? @goonzquad

  14. Sterling Stauffer

    Sterling StaufferMaand geleden

    I hate being late for an upload🙁

  15. Marlon Green

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  16. VisitMyShack

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    Nice 🤠

  17. Sqad cars

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  18. Wladimir Ufftin

    Wladimir UfftinMaand geleden

    The Tesla drives with the front wheels so it’s basically impossible to drive some donuts with it.

  19. Jonas Peters

    Jonas PetersMaand geleden

    Enter dyno mode

  20. edgar uribe

    edgar uribeMaand geleden

    I’ve noticed that y’all changed a lot in you’re videos you guys express you’re self more and that’s beast 💯💯💯💯💯💯

  21. B Patel

    B PatelMaand geleden

    Donuts = dirty white interior lol

  22. farbod pendarian

    farbod pendarianMaand geleden

    duuuuuuudeeee fumiest episode of all time :)))))))) wind blowing my hair :))))))

  23. Joshua Huang

    Joshua HuangMaand geleden

    u gotta unplug the wheel speed sensor on the front tire to disable traction

  24. Apache Chase Roadrunner

    Apache Chase RoadrunnerMaand geleden

    Hey Billy , I seen a video Today on NLpush about the Teslar 3 and the guy took a hammer just to see if the car would turn off and it didn't . Now the price on that computer was only $1.500.00 dollars !!!

  25. Bad Drivers of Chicago

    Bad Drivers of ChicagoMaand geleden

    18:56 anybody else think it looks like he went right through the door 😂

  26. kevin mendez

    kevin mendezMaand geleden

    Did he just say "señor"

  27. Wicked Hobbies

    Wicked HobbiesMaand geleden

    What if you put lift blocks under the sub frames for your offroad idea?

  28. Jennifer B

    Jennifer BMaand geleden

    I'm not sure why you would do that in ANY car, but since there is a fire waiting to happen if you damage those batteries and the cost of replacing damaged batteries. OMG But when you can throw money away. It's meant for speed, that's how I'd beat it .

  29. xsammyo

    xsammyoMaand geleden

    You put test in Tesla

  30. 北丐洪七公

    北丐洪七公Maand geleden

    I will never ever understand goonzsquad love to wreck every single car they are about to rebuilt, building or build

  31. R&D Productions UNLIMITED

    R&D Productions UNLIMITEDMaand geleden

    Y’all need to read the comments section more often

  32. jeffslegacy

    jeffslegacyMaand geleden

    That’s some funny shit doing that with the 1/2-a-Tesla hahaha I am dying!

  33. J Miles

    J MilesMaand geleden

    The usual as of late, 5 minutes working. 15 of playing.

  34. Rasmus Högberg

    Rasmus HögbergMaand geleden

    What IF they put the tesla motors on the kit car

  35. Wade Kruger

    Wade KrugerMaand geleden

    Do a lift kit with offroad wheels and tyres and a wide body. Will be the first of its kind

  36. David Wännström

    David WännströmMaand geleden

    Not to be rude, but sometimes I am wondering if they are stupid. Running a Tesla without coolers and can't understand why it is in limp mode 🤔

  37. Khalid's life

    Khalid's lifeMaand geleden

    Goonzsquad losing in bitcoin !! Hmmmm how to piss off elon musk? “ let’s destroy the Tesla’s “

  38. niels

    nielsMaand geleden

    No one: Goonzquad: offroading a tesla😂

  39. Jax Hubbard

    Jax HubbardMaand geleden

    Can you make me a kids medium goonzquaud T shurt

  40. Isidro Sevier

    Isidro SevierMaand geleden

    Contact SEM dirt, they made the kit for B is for builds Lamborghini

  41. Chris Holmes

    Chris HolmesMaand geleden

    Are you guys twins?

  42. Muscle Cars

    Muscle CarsMaand geleden

    2 tweekers in a Tesla .. lol ..

  43. S.kapisan kapi

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  44. Mike Ordelman

    Mike OrdelmanMaand geleden

    To reset the screen you just push and hold both scroll weels in on the steering wheel for about 5 sec until de screen go black. If you have any more questions just say so and i am happy to help

  45. Jonathan Hendrickson

    Jonathan HendricksonMaand geleden

    Definitely need a lift kit

  46. Jonathan Hendrickson

    Jonathan HendricksonMaand geleden

    Do they still do mail?

  47. Josh Wisdom

    Josh WisdomMaand geleden

    I just wanted to let you know that if your Tesla 2016 model middle panel is still not working you can do all that stuff that you need to do thru the Tesla app

  48. Orange Wires

    Orange WiresMaand geleden

    We're rebuilding a TOTALED TOYOTA TACOMA!! Check out the journey

  49. Артем Кабаев

    Артем КабаевMaand geleden

    Красавы !

  50. CPPC Tech

    CPPC TechMaand geleden

    there are people who have lifted tesla, why dont yall google and youtube search stuff before you say stuff lol.

  51. Samuel Haestier

    Samuel HaestierMaand geleden

    Mate off road Tesla with like lift cut and some off road tyres mud flaps will look clean

  52. george currie

    george currieMaand geleden

    I don't really get the off road Fascination with the Tesla their heavy they don't have any clearance and if you roll up on a rock and poke a hole in that battery thats some serious money.

  53. Fernando Rosas

    Fernando RosasMaand geleden

    These shirts and hoodies are made with cheap fabric don't buy them.

  54. Moksh patel

    Moksh patelMaand geleden

    What happen to that Audi they were rebuilding

  55. Александра Николаевна

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  56. Greg Krueger

    Greg KruegerMaand geleden

    Unplugged performance makes off road suspensions for teslas. They did a plaid for pikes peak.

  57. trutacgear

    trutacgearMaand geleden

    Like a "polize"move hahaha 😅😅😅😅

  58. Jonny Wilson

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  59. joshua6200

    joshua6200Maand geleden

    "Tesla stop!" Laughed my ass off!

  60. Matti Virta

    Matti VirtaMaand geleden

    if i have money than idiot boys i not waste money than stupid shit cars and lift kit and wide body idiot kits, i buy airplane and build this, same than mike patey yotube video made carbon fiber plane. all can do diy easy. lot better and smart build plane than car, car u waste only money lot but plane you make money if sell plane win lot money. car wein only little money if win, normal not win anythink.

  61. Sonic 998

    Sonic 998Maand geleden

    You must be fun at parties because cars way more fun than your stupid ass airplanes like for real cars are something everyone can enjoy.

  62. Matti Virta

    Matti VirtaMaand geleden

    only smart work have do tesla swap engine to big V8 gasoline engine or wery big v8 diesel engine then tesla have lot better and real car. lift kit tesla, only brainless big idiot can say this. totally idiot.

  63. Sonic 998

    Sonic 998Maand geleden

    Your the only brainless one here my guy you must hate having fun with vehicles Or having fun in General

  64. Ethan Yang

    Ethan YangMaand geleden

    Turn that Tesla into a drift car -GoonZquad ?

  65. if66was99

    if66was99Maand geleden

    I know those Tesla's RIP.... but cars need to make noise man! It's just not right without it!

  66. Donnie 850

    Donnie 850Maand geleden

    Call the channel dudezsqad. Dude

  67. Donnie 850

    Donnie 850Maand geleden

    I bet that center display is stuck on reverse cam because the car actually thinks it's in reverse.. Could just be a stuck switch 😏

  68. Thegamercop

    ThegamercopMaand geleden

    Press and hold the brake pedal. Press and hold both scroll wheels and both buttons above the scroll wheels (some people call this “the Four Finger Reset”) Keep the brake and buttons pressed until the screen comes back on. This could fix the screen issue

  69. Salty_ Spudson

    Salty_ SpudsonMaand geleden

    Put an army trix exhaust on the off-road Tesla…..

  70. Andre Bateman

    Andre BatemanMaand geleden

    We need to get Uncle Rich (Rich Rebuilds) down there... Can't wait to see the final product.

  71. Justin Hammonds

    Justin HammondsMaand geleden

    Dudeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!! 😂 Love you guys 😂

  72. terry hicks

    terry hicksMaand geleden

    That was the best video yet.looked like you all was having a blast.

  73. German muscle

    German muscleMaand geleden

    Yall should have a build off on honda civics

  74. Mister Ginger

    Mister GingerMaand geleden

    It's so cool that they can drive with out a front.

  75. Jeannette Cappas

    Jeannette CappasMaand geleden

    You turn the screen off and on their is two buttons on your steering wheel just hold them both at the same time

  76. все будет хорошо

    все будет хорошоMaand geleden

    Guys u thinking this cool??? Absolutely not this is stupid like kids Stop playing please that is not good u doing enough

  77. Steven Noblin

    Steven NoblinMaand geleden

    Put some 100 MPH duct tape on there and send it!

  78. amit rattu

    amit rattuMaand geleden

    This was by far the best Goonzquad video I’ve ever watched

  79. N Chaud

    N ChaudMaand geleden

    Señor 🤣🤣🤣

  80. Mark Mawson

    Mark MawsonMaand geleden

    The screen probably went the way it did because of all the electronics you disconnected from the front of the car and why it was only showing the rear cam view

  81. Jennifer Karbs

    Jennifer KarbsMaand geleden

    Did y’all quit on the Camaro

  82. JaeRituals

    JaeRitualsMaand geleden

    Y’all should use both of the Tesla’s

  83. Nicklas Lindqvist

    Nicklas LindqvistMaand geleden

    Boys, we have been telling you all the facts know for 4 weeks! Either you have become very less smart or you guys are just trolling? Dont see why since ppl are getting tired of the content and you not responding... Get it right for once now. We are so many that have been trying to help you with the right info on these two cars. You are mixing it all every video!!! Starting to think that you guys are really serious and doesnt relly know shit about Teslas. When you actually said in this video "We could probably set it into Ludocrismode.....when the screen(MCU), is fixed..."....#facepalm. You dont even have a Performance!! Its like saying you would put the pedal to the floor in a school bus and expecting the nitro to set in....Was really happy to see you starting on Teslas, but this turns out to be the most emberassing series you´ve ever made. And this is coming from me who has been a fan for many years. It hurts saying this to you! :(

  84. Rory Roxburgh

    Rory RoxburghMaand geleden

    Video is a laugh a minute absolutely hammering that thing.

  85. Jelsick

    JelsickMaand geleden

    Shoe laces 🤣🤣🤣

  86. Crypt Keeper

    Crypt KeeperMaand geleden

    Who’s watching these clowns 13 year olds.

  87. David Kelm

    David KelmMaand geleden

    Just ls swap it lol 🤣

  88. Marlon _

    Marlon _Maand geleden

    Wow really

  89. Landry Sampson

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  90. Will B

    Will BMaand geleden

    If you are going to be in the market for a used Tesla, be careful where you get it. 😁

  91. Will B

    Will BMaand geleden

    "Set up properly". Yes.....relatively speaking 😂

  92. Corsa D opc

    Corsa D opcMaand geleden

    Love your vids for 3 years but this is a shit build

  93. thatkidtrev

    thatkidtrevMaand geleden

    you guys should create your own game

  94. Sefa Alptekin

    Sefa AlptekinMaand geleden

    Türkçe alt yazı lütfen 🤗

  95. Jonathan Clive

    Jonathan CliveMaand geleden

    This is by far the quietest goonzquad video.

  96. Nef

    NefMaand geleden

    You boys are so crazy and funny all along.

  97. Paul Vaso

    Paul VasoMaand geleden

    This gotta be the first video that i dislike. U should start reading more of the comments people make. Ofc they wont read this one but ...

  98. squawk VFR

    squawk VFRMaand geleden

    If there is an open recall, fix the Tesla and then let the dealer do the recall repair, free of charge.

  99. Diane Rachel

    Diane RachelMaand geleden

    Not on a salvage title car

  100. Craig Blackmon

    Craig BlackmonMaand geleden

    Sometimes I don't think you guys are very bright, your young and dumb side comes out., as we all have had those moments. Those cars are to delicate for go off road and those battery under carriage is to easy to puncture. God bless you guys though you guys do do so stuff even though some things are not to bright but over all yall do it over all. Getting into these electric cars was a smart idea cause this seems to be the future and learning how to fully repair them and know them will be vital for these days.

  101. Tesla & Tech

    Tesla & TechMaand geleden

    Stop messing the model x up man. I need that!

  102. darren newbold

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  103. Mike Davis

    Mike DavisMaand geleden

    Y'all lost me on this one. The $$ has gone to your brains. Time to grow up a bit! I'm still going to watch you guys, but you're coming across as spoiled irresponsible children.

  104. Adam Riegle

    Adam RiegleMaand geleden

    Sneak up on some lions and cheetahs lmao