Rebuild A Wrecked 2020 Tesla Model X Part 7

This is major!!! We finally are back to work on the 2020 Tesla model X. After waiting on parts for quite some time, we finally have everything we need to get this sucker back together. The most important pieces were the frame rails and we got them completely installed for good! This build is going to be super epic when we get to the surprises we already purchased! Cant wait to show y'all how it all turns out! Thanks For Watching!!!


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  1. Ed Wilko

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    Such an amazing cool build get well and fixed soon. Crash nar dude not a re-bar, you put rebar in concrete he he he Nice welds 👍👏

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    name of music 6:00

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    Keep up the good work guys. 😎👍

  4. Colefinney 1234

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    does your tesla have supercharging?

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  6. Kusuma Wijaya

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  10. Josh Carlisle

    Josh CarlisleMaand geleden

    @goonzquad technical portal shows proper installation of replacement parts. Please look these up. Welding should be done right after glue is put on bcs once glue cures and you add heat to it you break down the glue properties making the glue weak

  11. Itz Alex and Amber

    Itz Alex and AmberMaand geleden

    778 hp 2020 Tesla Model X Performance Models It's powered by dual electric motors producing a combined 778 hp and 841 lb-ft of torque, with power going to all four wheels via a single-speed, fixed-gear transmission. With Ludicrous Mode enabled, a 0-60 mph time of just 2.7 seconds is possible.

  12. Patryk Mlacki

    Patryk MlackiMaand geleden

    You boys gotta fix that screen so that you can turn the traction control off 👍

  13. Sterling Stauffer

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    Simeon probably needed some weight reduction to get more hp

  14. Rick Lake

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    Is Pops not the coolest dad ever? All other dads out there take notes!

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  17. Casey and Breelyn

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    i literally just googled 2020 90d tesla horsepower and it says 518 horsepower, so idk what google you guys are using lmfao

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    Please don’t put black rims on it do something else a good looking set of chrome rims

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    I like goon squad videos but I am not interested in Tesla build What happened to ss

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  23. Igor Ferdycz

    Igor FerdyczMaand geleden

    I'm wondering ... is this legal to drive such decompleted car even without numer plates in US ?? In Europe it's a ticket fot this and it's really big ....

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    hello pigMaand geleden

    When you guys want to make 2nd Tesla as a Electric Generate Trailer ? The concept is very simple, the trailer is to recharge the battery while it been pull by the 1st Tesla car. When 1st Tesla running out of battery power, switch the cable to connect to trailer battery and trailer recharge the 1st Tesla battery while been pull.

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    Almost OEM never drop from any build. XDD

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    KEITH LUMPKINMaand geleden

    Really enjoyed your videos guys keep up with the great work 💪👷👍

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    Usually we listen to the engine sound.... Now it's music... EV are not that good in the end.

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    Glad to see you back fixing cars again

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    Fr I feel like we all genuinely care about y’all not just the builds. I just hope my mans is okay with whatever the surgery was for :/

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    2020 Tesla is 450 Horse Power

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    @John Stedman thanks for the info appreciate it

  46. John Stedman

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    The actual given names of the Goonquad duo are regularly published in these Comments. The elder married presenter in nicknamed 'Billy' but is really Eleazar. His younger brother, occasionally addressed as 'Simon', is in fact Simeon. Their real names are a reflection of the Ukrainian roots of the family.

  47. DixonSwe

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    259hp is ONE of the motors, the second one is 275hp with a combined AWD effect of 534hp

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    Regarding the two electric cars, there is an 'elephant in the room' that overshadows the potential success of the project. The key question is whether Goonzquad (or, more accurately, their computer expert) can create a 'workaround' that is able to subvert the extensive onboard and online security programs which surround and protect the complex Tesla software. While a partial temporary fix may be possible, Tesla routinely commits major resources into the protection and exclusivity of what it regards as its intellectual property. This car manufacturer has also established a tough reputation for opposing what it views (fairly or unfairly) as 'misuse' of its products. In this case, the two cars involved are the subject of a large and publicly accessible social media channel, and it is highly probable that Mr Musk's business will strongly react to any attempts to demonstrate that their security systems can be successfully 'hacked', whether partially or completely, temporarily or permanently. To a certain extent, Tesla's legal rights here may be curtailed by State or Federal Law in the United States of America, as they already have been in other jurisdictions in Europe and the United Kingdom, but that may be a time consuming and expensive process with an uncertain outcome. Goonzquad may have a battle on their hands here, and it is not a contest that can be won with mechanical skills or humour.

  78. John Stedman

    John StedmanMaand geleden

    @Gabby G Agreed. My own view is that the Rich Rebuilds NLpush Channel (and others) have already exposed the questionable behaviour of Tesla, and so Goonzquad seem to be going down a well-trodden path that is no longer very entertaining. The problem is a common one for Content Creators, who are trying to maintain the interest of viewers who often have short attention spans and who usually thrive on fresh stories of conflict and drama. GZ would benefit by shifting their emphasis to focus on a variety of original content that would attract a wealthier demographic, which in turn could generate much higher rates of advertising income from YT. Now in their sixth year, the brothers have established their brand, the most attractive features of which are its diversity, immediacy, the dynamic between the presenters, and strong 'Family Values'. Now they need to leverage this reputation by applying their intelligence, learning proactive management skills, and focussing on scaling up their social media presence in a rapidly evolving marketplace.

  79. Gabby G

    Gabby GMaand geleden

    @John Stedman Gotcha, yeah I misunderstood the angle you were coming from. Agree wholeheartedly though, I’ve had my expectations set very low with this particular series of builds because Tesla does have a reputation for disabling various vehicle features on rebuilt or “project” cars. I can easily see an end result where, even fixed up with all new parts, these two vehicles are rendered nearly useless based on restrictions from the company to avoid any case of liability. Fortunately for these guys, the content they create along the way will be lucrative enough that even if the vehicles are made to be worthless it likely won’t impact them much. I just hope they are open about dealing with it if/when it happens, as it would give good warning to others that they need to be sure to fully do their due diligence before investing a significant amount of money into a salvage Tesla project.

  80. John Stedman

    John StedmanMaand geleden

    @Gabby G Thank you for your response to my comment. However. you appear to have misconceived the direction and substance of my argument vis a vis the questionable behaviour of Goonzquad in this specific case. It is the vehicle manufacturer which holds all the cards in this matter and will seek to restrict the freedoms of Goonzquad if they so choose, by using various types of computer software manipulation. It is therefore Goonzquad who are placing themselves in the firing line in this case, as a target for Mr Musk's business. Tesla may well seek to limit or remove certain features of these two cars if, in their judgement, operators of those vehicles are taking and publicising actions that could or will lead to safety concerns, offences regarding intellectual property rights, or any other outcomes which could conceivably have negative impacts upon the reputation or profitability of the manufacturer. Goonzquad has a standard business model which is largely based on repairing damaged vehicles and then demonstrating that the resulting projects are functional and entertaining when used in public locations, and Tesla would appear to have the ability to thwart this ambition in the case of these two cars. Goonzquad knew, or should have known, that this type of risk was real. The prudent preliminary action for Goonzquad to have taken would have been to limit or control such threats by carrying out thorough research before purchasing Tesla products, and from what is being said this necessary form of Risk Management was not done. Now in their sixth year of trading, and with considerable standing in the social media world, Goonzquad needs to protect their Brand by becoming more aware of the international business world and its machinations, warts and all. Attitudes such as "hoping for the best" have no place in such cases.

  81. Gabby G

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    If there’s a legal battle to be fought here, it will be brought on by someone like Rich Rebuilds or the like. These boys won’t fight that hard over these Tesla’s that will likely rarely be used once the video series is completed. That’s not their forte, they aren’t the “right to repair” Calvary and they won’t act as such as it isn’t a priority to them.

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