Rebuilding A Wrecked 1967 Chevrolet Camaro SS Part 3

This is starting to look like a sketchy one!! We are digging into our 1967 Chevrolet Camaro and we are noticing some pretty crazy things! First thing thats getting taken apart is the damaged areas which seem to be in a lot better condition than expected! The side that took the collision consist of only a few structural panels that we ordered for an amazing deal. The front end also is getting dismantled because we noticed that the engine thats currently in it looks like someone switched out and left us with a truck engine. Still doing more investigations but we got some bigger plans now! Thanks For Watching!!!


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  1. William Liladrie

    William Liladrie3 dagen geleden

    👌🏽 thanks for a the great content!

  2. Potato

    Potato7 dagen geleden

    iron block..give it some boooooost

  3. William Robinson

    William Robinson11 dagen geleden

    At least you have the vin number. Really as long as you don't misrepresent the car at sale you can build a camaro into whatever you want it to be starting at the VIN. Can't wait to see this beast done...

  4. Eric Yero

    Eric Yero11 dagen geleden

    Nice build guys and great drinking game as well.👍 take a shot 🥃every time they say dude, sucker and man lol

  5. Aaron Rhinehart

    Aaron Rhinehart12 dagen geleden

    18in UsMag u111 rambler polished rims with y’all’s preference of tires would look killer with that black paint

  6. Kusuma Wijaya

    Kusuma Wijaya13 dagen geleden

    this is not rebuild but build from scratch and upgrade with oem

  7. downhillskier7

    downhillskier714 dagen geleden

    Car never ran with that engine as the loose motor mounts the engine would knock itself to death. Cut wires no notch cross member equals auction dump

  8. RageBot

    RageBot14 dagen geleden

    I may be new to the channel but I been looking through these comments to see if anyone else realized my mans is wearing crocs

  9. Honey_VEE8

    Honey_VEE815 dagen geleden

    So if you all don’t have any plans for the motor, I would take that off your hands for my ls swap new edge 🙂

  10. Danny Wanny

    Danny Wanny15 dagen geleden

    Were the parts OEM or aftermarket

  11. Carter Thrash

    Carter Thrash16 dagen geleden

    When y’all finish this Y’all need to get a Dodge Charger and then you can make Dom’s charger

  12. ForeverOnRoad

    ForeverOnRoad18 dagen geleden

    “I probably thought we were gonna pop on a bucket of bondo there dude” 😂😂😂😂

  13. Copenhagen Snuff

    Copenhagen Snuff18 dagen geleden

    Anybody got a dude counter

  14. Alex Olivas

    Alex Olivas18 dagen geleden

    A lt1 motor would be lovely in that thing

  15. Steven Plaskett

    Steven Plaskett20 dagen geleden

    Just buy a new shell dont waste any hours on that smashed body. You can order up a new straight shell.

  16. Ryan Robbins

    Ryan Robbins22 dagen geleden

    This dude shit is out of control

  17. Nasser 00

    Nasser 0022 dagen geleden

    In my opinion keep her to your self or a gift for your old man , because she’s a beautiful

  18. Jaimão careca

    Jaimão careca23 dagen geleden

    Hm.. we can't see the last video, it's private

  19. David Daniels

    David Daniels23 dagen geleden

    Dude can you say Duuuude a thousand more times

  20. ozzy kimble

    ozzy kimble23 dagen geleden

    do not trust eye balling the front k member. once that engines out you better measure it and make sure its still straight 1/8in difference is fine. if you dont make sure its still centered nothing will bolt back up right.

  21. Timothy Herweynen

    Timothy Herweynen24 dagen geleden

    You boys are so positive! I would be devastated to be ripped off like that.

  22. Galen Caudill

    Galen Caudill26 dagen geleden

    Just take off whatever parts. Haul the rest to the landfill. Garbage.

  23. chiquilin_194

    chiquilin_19426 dagen geleden

    Looks like it says 4.8 on the block right under the driver side cylinder head

  24. charles vane

    charles vane27 dagen geleden

    Put a dart big m in it that would be sweet

  25. Jared c

    Jared c27 dagen geleden

    The old cleetus McFarland scam 😂

  26. Quintin the amazing HD

    Quintin the amazing HD27 dagen geleden

    Hell Elephant

  27. John Kelly

    John Kelly28 dagen geleden

    This whole car needs to come apart and the body completely stripped. You’re probably in for some more surprises.

  28. Fbi-kustomz LLC

    Fbi-kustomz LLC29 dagen geleden

    LS engines are 100 times better than a LT engines stronger and will take more abuse

  29. Cpt.Blueberry

    Cpt.Blueberry29 dagen geleden

    You guys should procharge the new engine!

  30. naveen mittal

    naveen mittal29 dagen geleden

    Pls rebuild this car. I m a big lover of this SS . Pls rebuild🙏

  31. Ronald C. Cooper Jr

    Ronald C. Cooper JrMaand geleden

    You need to check with Cleveland Power & Performance On your new engine they can hook u up with turn key set up

  32. Jaimão careca

    Jaimão carecaMaand geleden

    I think in those old American cars, the entire front pop's of from the fire wall.

  33. FJ. Tovar

    FJ. TovarMaand geleden

    That camaro is going to be sick dude. also There are some pages that can be useful for finding parts, about all, body parts and accessories even a body :

  34. Braxton Whitley

    Braxton WhitleyMaand geleden

    The Robinson r22 helicopter needs fixing, when are you gonna post about it

  35. Ed Wilko

    Ed WilkoMaand geleden

    Whoop still gonna be a great build, the iron blocks can still give you 700hp guys just needs a decent rebuild with part the alloy blocks just lighter.

  36. Levi Teller

    Levi TellerMaand geleden

    Hit up Texas speed and performance for a built engine

  37. robert coffin

    robert coffinMaand geleden

    also, wearing clogs in the shop is a sure way to lose your toes if anything heavy is dropped on your feet. seems like safety is a joke to you 2 Bozos until you experience traumatic amputation and the blood and severe pain it will cause!

  38. robert coffin

    robert coffinMaand geleden

    can you say, BONDO BUCKET! also, good luck getting the new sheet metal to line up! i'm gonna die laughing watching! if the stuff you ordered is made anywhere except in the USA it will NOT fit or line up!

  39. Johnny Robinette

    Johnny RobinetteMaand geleden

    Most likely by the way it looks. The person that had it took the front part of the chassis and everything out and replaced it with another one

  40. Josh Evans

    Josh EvansMaand geleden

    Iron block doesn’t suck as long as it’s gen 4 you can make 1000hp turbo’d like everyone else has said throw some Texas speed parts on it and ride out

  41. NAS

    NASMaand geleden

    why dont you put the drive train or engine of that tesla parts car to that camaro .. it would be awesome.. a classic car that is electric and modern

  42. Rene Provencher

    Rene ProvencherMaand geleden

    Get an engine from Motion Race Works. Vice grip garage Derek ran a drag car with their engine. It was bullet proof.

  43. Rene Provencher

    Rene ProvencherMaand geleden

    FOOSE WHEELS. Come from onf of the biggest customizes in California. Very well know, had it has a TV show that redoes cars in a week? Beautiful cars. He is amazing. He started out like you guys a lil bit but not on u tube! 😁👍

  44. Ken Bell

    Ken BellMaand geleden

    Guys when you get done with that car every body an there brother is going to want it dont fill bad about the scam you got the prize in the end you gust set back an watch be proud of what you got been dealing with theys old cars 50 years doing 69 chevelle right now just have fun it's a great toy love watching you guy👍

  45. Schlum99

    Schlum99Maand geleden

    Great attitude guys, let’s bring this girl back to life even better.

  46. Allen Jennings

    Allen JenningsMaand geleden

    A iron block is good for boost

  47. Mihai Edward

    Mihai EdwardMaand geleden

    Hellcat swap it

  48. macgse

    macgseMaand geleden

    you guys check the trim tag on the drivers side, left of the master cylinder on the cowl? lots of info at:

  49. Gamaliel Hernandez

    Gamaliel HernandezMaand geleden

    @15:18 Croc down!!! Should’ve had the 4x4 on Lmao 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  50. Patryk Mlacki

    Patryk MlackiMaand geleden

    That positivity boys💪 it’s contagious

  51. KELLY Ashton

    KELLY AshtonMaand geleden

    Uggaduga Bolts Bwahaha

  52. Ken MacInnis

    Ken MacInnisMaand geleden

    Why not return it to a BBC 396? I've been building big blocks for years, and would offer assistance.

  53. Sean DeBottis

    Sean DeBottisMaand geleden

    Everyone said it, Texas Speed!

  54. Igneale

    IgnealeMaand geleden

    Soooooo many dudes... you guys are like 200 dudes per minute.

  55. Jason Finlan

    Jason FinlanMaand geleden

    Quit crying scammed. You don't buy a car like this without damage directly from the seller without doing your research better yet from a salvage auction.

  56. Joshua Martinez

    Joshua MartinezMaand geleden

    Hellephant engine please

  57. G00R00

    G00R00Maand geleden

    This is a merguez

  58. Brien Golden

    Brien GoldenMaand geleden

    LT4! #ALLDAY #330 #SalutefromOhio

  59. LisbethSalander14

    LisbethSalander14Maand geleden

    For some drag racers the engine is worth more than the vehicle. My step dad use to drag race a 1969 El Camino, and when he went to sell it no body wanted the car, everyone wanted the engine. He was able to sell them separately. He was able to actually sell the engine for almost twice the amount someone bought the car for

  60. Ivan

    IvanMaand geleden

    Hellcat swap

  61. Slimypeople48

    Slimypeople48Maand geleden

    take a magnet to the rest of the body, if they used a tub of bondo to cover the rust holes on one side the other is probably the same (if you care)

  62. Casey Anderson

    Casey AndersonMaand geleden

    More like a 200 dollar ls!! LoL

  63. Nathaniel Mays

    Nathaniel MaysMaand geleden

    Hey Goonzquad. I would like to get your old LS motor that you took out your wrecked Camaro.

  64. Anthony Venesky

    Anthony VeneskyMaand geleden

    love your gusto it great seeing the nex gen getting excited working on cars

  65. tyler collins

    tyler collinsMaand geleden

    ZR1 swap would be disgusting lol

  66. Matt Parmer

    Matt ParmerMaand geleden

    The people that sold the lemon to you should be ashamed of there self and prosecuted

  67. Ramosss

    RamosssMaand geleden

    You guys should buy an LS427/570 engine and swap it into the Camaro, 570HP from factory, 6200 rpm, 540 FT-LB of Torque. It's a big boy! I think that an LT4 might be to much for a classic car. But that's only my opinion.

  68. Indiana Firewood

    Indiana FirewoodMaand geleden

    I'll take that motor if it's a 6.0l I need for my 4 door Silverado my lost oil pressure n I need it back together soon b easier to swap motors out

  69. Sterling Stauffer

    Sterling StaufferMaand geleden

    I hate being late for an upload😔

  70. Sterling Stauffer

    Sterling StaufferMaand geleden

    I wondered if it was a scam.

  71. Bigg Mike Mayne

    Bigg Mike MayneMaand geleden

    Mayne build the truck motor ......

  72. Miguel Morales

    Miguel MoralesMaand geleden

    Since its an iron block you guys can do like 60 lbs of boost

  73. Elliot

    ElliotMaand geleden

    You should Tesla swap it with one of the Tesla's you have!!

  74. Bobby C

    Bobby CMaand geleden

    Dang just dang

  75. andrew geary

    andrew gearyMaand geleden

    How much yall want for that engine. Yall are close I would love to have it.

  76. Da Schwede

    Da SchwedeMaand geleden

    swap the tesla in the camaro

  77. Erik Brummel

    Erik BrummelMaand geleden

    Where do I buy that gmc at

  78. Dark Days

    Dark DaysMaand geleden

    Need to put them crocs in 4x4 in the shop!

  79. Jerry Brown

    Jerry BrownMaand geleden

    Kinda came across ignorant with those wheels: "Look at these- 'fooo-see' ". You guys owe Chip Foose an apology. Have you really not heard that name?

  80. Tim Cole

    Tim ColeMaand geleden

    It's mindblowing they can rebuild a lambo but don't know what an MSD box is.

  81. Jay K

    Jay KMaand geleden

    I truly hope these gentlemen are trolling the viewers. They should know who Chip Foose is. FYI, He's hot rod royalty.

  82. James Carter

    James CarterMaand geleden

    Sorry I forgot to say "before you start the engines turn the fan on a minute or three then crank up the engines.

  83. James Carter

    James CarterMaand geleden

    Hi guy's just got done watching " video on twin jet boat. About the fan or blower it's job is to blow exhaust and fuel fumes from the engine compartment" have fun that boat have a Great summer. Jim C.

  84. Seth N.

    Seth N.Maand geleden

    That engine is still good for 800whp with some prep and gen 4 rods tbh

  85. Jason Stabler

    Jason StablerMaand geleden

    You should turn your jeep into a 6x6

  86. P C

    P CMaand geleden

    Guys, Randy from Auto Auction Rebuilds has a GTO he's going to put up for auction soon. Maybe that could help for the engine and transmission.

  87. Michael lemons

    Michael lemonsMaand geleden

    Man u all got to put a ton of work in to in

  88. William Reese

    William ReeseMaand geleden

    Hay there is a cast iron block I just seen on being used on a power nation show

  89. Alex Manuel

    Alex ManuelMaand geleden

    5.3 ls1 that’s what is in my truck and has good power for being stock in my truck

  90. Tim 2 Apple Cell

    Tim 2 Apple CellMaand geleden

    Aluminum blocks for weight balance worth $$cost, make a big difference in driving.

  91. Landon_vtec

    Landon_vtecMaand geleden


  92. Demon Frost

    Demon FrostMaand geleden

    You guys should team up with Texas speed and get a lsx and put twin turbos

  93. 4david8

    4david8Maand geleden

    Quit talking over each other and repeating what the other says. Other than that great content.

  94. kozanliibo66

    kozanliibo66Maand geleden

    Please swap the p100D motors in this car😂

  95. Michal Materzok

    Michal MaterzokMaand geleden

    Swap 2JZ 😂

  96. J Sol

    J SolMaand geleden

    Buttery biscuit camaro

  97. Conyers YT

    Conyers YTMaand geleden

    Do a LS 7

  98. Colton Thompson

    Colton ThompsonMaand geleden

    Nothing wrong with the iron blocks

  99. Vince MoBiLo

    Vince MoBiLoMaand geleden

    he look so high !!!

  100. Bill Vegas

    Bill VegasMaand geleden

    Put the batteries from the Tesla’s and make that Camaro electric hot rod!!

  101. dawson1220

    dawson1220Maand geleden

    Make it a badass daily. Y'all ain't got TIME for the other stuff

  102. NoMercy Evo

    NoMercy EvoMaand geleden

    Ditch the auto trans and go manual, I see this build being epic as hell !