Rebuilding A Wrecked 1967 Chevrolet Camaro SS Part 4

This is wild!!! We are finally back on our first classic car rebuild and we got something super epic in stores for this thing! The classic car came with a hefty amount of damage but we already ordered all of the parts we need and it should be a pretty simple repair process, we hope. Also the Camaro came with a super sketchy junkyard motor that was missing a ton of components. Instead of working with the old truck ls engine, we decided get something much better!!! We bought an entire 2018 Camaro ZL1 parts car and were going to do some swapping!!! Thanks For Watching!


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  1. Dustyr Wuehler

    Dustyr Wuehler2 dagen geleden

    It’s be awesome to retrofit the dash into the 67 with the seats. Lotta work but the end result would be a one in a kind

  2. Lonzo Smith

    Lonzo Smith2 dagen geleden

    chassis swap

  3. cesper

    cesper4 dagen geleden

    Banyak bicara

  4. Keyna Purvis

    Keyna Purvis5 dagen geleden

    19:12 GSD inspects to make sure you are doing your job lol

  5. Devyn Sheets

    Devyn Sheets6 dagen geleden

    Swap the new interior into the old car🤔

  6. Leeebs

    Leeebs6 dagen geleden

    Surprised how many people don't either pave or concrete their driveway.

  7. Yup

    Yup9 dagen geleden

    I think you guys also do interior swap between parts Car Camero and 1967 Camaro SS that should be epic and also the first video on the NLpush with the interiors swap between these two cars maybe you should like this idea

  8. Brayan Madrid

    Brayan Madrid9 dagen geleden

    Imagine putting the zl1 interior in the ss, classic on the outside, modern in the inside


    TONY NAVARRETE9 dagen geleden

    Fit the dash in the old school

  10. TheMrLaze

    TheMrLaze11 dagen geleden


  11. Kenneth Scott

    Kenneth Scott11 dagen geleden

    Most record drivers go up under the car and put them in in any gear of The Den part where they can load the car

  12. Kenneth Scott

    Kenneth Scott11 dagen geleden

    Did you check see you up under the car that if somebody doesn't have it in park he's got a neutral safety switch on the transmission

  13. William Robinson

    William Robinson11 dagen geleden

    Use the irs. You can drag race with it and you get a unique build that can handle like the car it's parts came from.. you have to use the IRS.

  14. Trevor Taylor

    Trevor Taylor12 dagen geleden

    That flag on the fence always makes me think a trucks turned up.

  15. Matthew Hensley

    Matthew Hensley12 dagen geleden

    I've underappreciated the numbering of these videos and the fact the title always has the car and year after seeing other channels rebuilding vehicles that don't do this.

  16. Shawn Schiller

    Shawn Schiller12 dagen geleden

    Wanna see you guys rebuild this wrecked camero

  17. Rolo Brown

    Rolo Brown13 dagen geleden

    I just want the complete dash and console!!!

  18. Kusuma Wijaya

    Kusuma Wijaya13 dagen geleden

    clean all old paint and rust, ang make 1967 blue one like old camaro

  19. Richard Patnode

    Richard Patnode14 dagen geleden

    This channel has become more hyp and less substance.

  20. TheStebbi200

    TheStebbi20014 dagen geleden

    3:07 do you guys se the car in the background i am 100% sure its a nissan 350z or a 370z i want to see a rebuild on that car😍

  21. nemanja simovic

    nemanja simovic14 dagen geleden

    what happens to the audi, when you will do it?


    GHOST SQUAD14 dagen geleden

    I would be concerned the steering wheel airbag would blow shifting out and into park again! Did you 1. Remove battery 2. Unplug side seat airbag. 3. Touch positive and negative battery cables together for 15 to 30! Seconds, wait about 40 minutes. That should unlock the SDM safety diagnostic module for airbags, 4. Attatch battery cables, foot on brake, and start? The Park shift solenoid or park neutral safety switch could be the problem But you have a airbags deployed, still plugged in?

  23. lubiatty1

    lubiatty115 dagen geleden

    i think ABS break line is broken (front missing) so it wont start at all.

  24. M O Z

    M O Z15 dagen geleden

    Y’all sold the blue zl1🥲 whyyyyyyy

  25. driving games for kids taxi🚘

    driving games for kids taxi🚘15 dagen geleden

    My phone went off for 5 days the first day I got my phone on stretcher goonzquad🏎🏎🎥 you guys are awesome

  26. Tony Downs

    Tony Downs15 dagen geleden

    Love the German Shepard shop dog!

  27. will stovall

    will stovall15 dagen geleden

    2 words: Holley Terminator

  28. Kevin Arrington

    Kevin Arrington15 dagen geleden

    Is their gonna be a Blower on this thing?

  29. Raheem Hines

    Raheem Hines15 dagen geleden

    Hey y'all should use the steering wheel too......

  30. JCSedit's

    JCSedit's16 dagen geleden

    I won't that fast 102mm 🤣

  31. Trini Jr Gaming&Vlogs

    Trini Jr Gaming&Vlogs16 dagen geleden

    U doing the new aged interior too

  32. Victor N. Uribe

    Victor N. Uribe16 dagen geleden

    Not going to lie I thought that you guys lived by "you win some and you lose some" . After the tesla builds I thought that you had moved on with new builds. Respect for coming back better than ever with the impossible.


    EVAN MAYES16 dagen geleden

    Ayooo u have more cars in the back I seen a 350z or 270z idk but rebuild that

  34. War Machine

    War Machine16 dagen geleden

    When are you going to do another video of the helicopter.

  35. Claydough18

    Claydough1816 dagen geleden

    Y'all hand motions and energy gives me crack head vibes.

  36. Silent Cinema

    Silent Cinema16 dagen geleden

    doooooood crazy doooood maaaeeen dass dooooooooood

  37. Tyler Valdez

    Tyler Valdez16 dagen geleden

    Redo that car

  38. Jason Swift

    Jason Swift17 dagen geleden

    The engine will be stuffed after that type of crash.

  39. Jonny Wilson

    Jonny Wilson17 dagen geleden


  40. mike sarrazin

    mike sarrazin17 dagen geleden

    That would be pretty cool if you could get the factory Remote start to work and then throw the zl1 Interior in to that 67

  41. vice city

    vice city17 dagen geleden

    Hope that thing came with a can opener

  42. BatterUpICT

    BatterUpICT17 dagen geleden

    Looks like it got tossed off the transporter!


    GOOD_SOLDIER17 dagen geleden

    So much talking for nothing.. get to the point


    FUNKYMAN17 dagen geleden

    Waiting for a sheeeewwwwheeeeee shirt

  45. ronnie pinson

    ronnie pinson17 dagen geleden

    You sure can learn a lot of things from these young guys great show.

  46. Rusty Clayton

    Rusty Clayton18 dagen geleden

    Dont like the hype tbh but love the project tho

  47. Sanket Suresh Walunj

    Sanket Suresh Walunj18 dagen geleden

    Along with the engine, you guys can use the dashboard and centre console as well. Love the video guys. Keep going.

  48. jose montoya

    jose montoya18 dagen geleden

    14k seems extremely expensive for that car . Specially been a auction car


    REDNECK RHYMES18 dagen geleden

    I use viper for my alarm and remote start it’s really nice and not bad in price

  50. Squishy Sack

    Squishy Sack18 dagen geleden

    I'm surprised CarMax didn't sell this car on their lot as-is. Their inventory is in worse shape than CoPart's since this "pandemic" started...

  51. MrRoyalwalker

    MrRoyalwalker18 dagen geleden

    Smart move use that new ss motor 💯

  52. Richard Nottelmann

    Richard Nottelmann18 dagen geleden

    45600 miles

  53. Anthony Gragg

    Anthony Gragg18 dagen geleden

    Interior swap would be super super cool, putting the 2018 in the old one. I’m not sure if it’d work though

  54. Anthony Gragg

    Anthony Gragg18 dagen geleden

    I’m pretty sure the remote start is just pretty much you hitting the button and it’s just locking the doors but the locks send a pulse to the motor and starts it. I’m probably wrong tbh but that’s what’s I’ve hesrd

  55. Anthony Gragg

    Anthony Gragg18 dagen geleden

    The owner of the camaro just happy to see his car being used and not getting crushed

  56. Joseph Ortiz

    Joseph Ortiz18 dagen geleden

    3:05 awwww look at my baby just collecting dust so sad 😞

  57. Tahir Usman

    Tahir Usman18 dagen geleden

    Do it up after the 67!

  58. J speed gonzalez reyes

    J speed gonzalez reyes18 dagen geleden

    ZL1 interior complete will look nice in the classic body 👌 😍

  59. Obwan Kenobi

    Obwan Kenobi18 dagen geleden

    Id just reuse the column and maybe even the whole dash (wit some mods) in the 67 . It would be nice yo have the 67 with all that stuff the 3018 had in its dash

  60. ahmad alteneiji

    ahmad alteneiji18 dagen geleden

    make the 2018 Camaro body in to a big go cart pleeeeeeeeeeez

  61. Luis Pacheco

    Luis Pacheco18 dagen geleden

    So you're taking off the Hotchkiss kit to put on a lesser quality big mistake

  62. Sqad cars

    Sqad cars18 dagen geleden

  63. The Rx7 roadie BURPLE RX7

    The Rx7 roadie BURPLE RX718 dagen geleden

    Let’s hope it didn’t oil starve when rolling over and over, I’m guessing the engine cut as soon as it hit

  64. Chevy Racer

    Chevy Racer19 dagen geleden

    31,050 He was darn close Nice job.

  65. Chevy Racer

    Chevy Racer19 dagen geleden

    I like to buy the seat belts. Driver and pass If y'all don't use them.

  66. Ivan Burns

    Ivan Burns19 dagen geleden

    I mean I would kept the ls but that's me

  67. Ryan Johnson

    Ryan Johnson19 dagen geleden

    I'd love the console for my '70 Chevelle are you guys selling that?

  68. Gold Guy

    Gold Guy19 dagen geleden


  69. Biggie

    Biggie19 dagen geleden

    Love the fact the old man is there working with you guys

  70. Garrett Mcvittie

    Garrett Mcvittie19 dagen geleden

    That poor 370z just rotting away back thete

  71. Go Rex Go

    Go Rex Go19 dagen geleden

    Pops wearing a DEW rag, too funny. He looks cool!!!

  72. Old Vanturers

    Old Vanturers19 dagen geleden

    I think it’s the best build ya’ll have done.

  73. andry mashka

    andry mashka19 dagen geleden

    Engine been upside down? Spinning freely? Low oil inside? "Just do remote start"... I'm sorry, but this one is a parts only...If car got rolled over during working engine, where do u think all oil will go. And as oil is much thicker that water/coolant, rods, bearings, and rings either gonna rip head bolts off or, in this case, blew holes in pistons or broke rods in half ( freely spin). That's why every time they "just throw a battery and push a button" gives me an anxiety... Check all debris in intake Check oil Pop sparkplugs Check compression, leakdown test Check oil and coolant hoses, ignition and heads( valves) chains. Use endoscope to look inside in cylinder holes to see if there any debris, plastic, or broken valves. If everything is ok Than, and only than spin engine slow and manually, with out sparkplugs. Electrical will be nightmare.

  74. 24kgraham

    24kgraham19 dagen geleden

    @8:47... GO DAWGS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  75. chadj79

    chadj7919 dagen geleden

    There is usually a fuel cut of that cuts the fuel supply when in an accident. It can be re set.

  76. Ramzi Saidi

    Ramzi Saidi19 dagen geleden

    We would like to watching you building a supra mk4

  77. hotrod23 stamper

    hotrod23 stamper19 dagen geleden

    Who's here after they dropped a motor on the ground on surveillance camera and showed it on tik tok?

  78. Jorel Castro

    Jorel Castro19 dagen geleden

    Let me guess, wrecked from showing off at a car meet that risked lives

  79. Victor Robinson

    Victor Robinson19 dagen geleden

    Hook up a remote switch too the starter !

  80. Victor Robinson

    Victor Robinson19 dagen geleden

    Also quarter panels are available too !

  81. Victor Robinson

    Victor Robinson19 dagen geleden

    You need to order a book catalog from for parts for the Camaro, fenders hoods and various parts you need! Classic Industries catalog is free

  82. Daryl Ritchie

    Daryl Ritchie19 dagen geleden

    Does anyone believe this feminine host is into muscle cars? Fake

  83. Jeffrey Horning

    Jeffrey Horning19 dagen geleden

    Please rebuild a square body Chevy

  84. Dragan Zeta

    Dragan Zeta19 dagen geleden


  85. Jason Raven

    Jason Raven19 dagen geleden

    Throw the entire interior into the 67 old classic look with a whole modern twist On the inside

  86. Cloud Ryse

    Cloud Ryse19 dagen geleden

    This is the exact same thing I’m doing to my dads 96 mustang but mustang version lol . Got a 2019 gt donor but no funds to get it wrapped up and swapped yet . Similar story and all . The first donor car was stripped and I always got screwed from getting refunded . Someone through in a 2013 gt motor and transmission in a 2019 lol

  87. BerzekYt

    BerzekYt19 dagen geleden

    Can i have that camaro screen😅

  88. Kurt Sumthinorother

    Kurt Sumthinorother19 dagen geleden

    Heck man, don't need airbags with the 67 if you use the recaros

  89. Ernie King

    Ernie King19 dagen geleden

    You are definitely going to need the wiring harness from the doner car too for that engine.

  90. B-rad B

    B-rad B19 dagen geleden

    Arthur could rebuild it, no problem 😆

  91. Matt Casaderitten

    Matt Casaderitten19 dagen geleden

    Unless it was replaced at some point, the black hood insert is carbon fiber, not plastic. The inserts that didn't have a good enough appearance were painted mosaic black metallic, but it's still carbon fiber underneath. That part alone is worth a decent amount of money.

  92. wa7dane2007

    wa7dane200719 dagen geleden

    If it is up to me i will fix the Zl1

  93. fredgien

    fredgien19 dagen geleden


  94. Derrick Gregory

    Derrick Gregory19 dagen geleden

    Welcome back guys....This is a build I'll follow.

  95. Harold H

    Harold H19 dagen geleden

    It's always great to see your mom and dad on the show.

  96. Jack Suddeth

    Jack Suddeth19 dagen geleden

    hemi swap it

  97. Made Sanjaya

    Made Sanjaya20 dagen geleden

    Easy.. Hah... Just swap.. Really... Good luck with your easy..

  98. Jaquavis Young

    Jaquavis Young20 dagen geleden

    Not a 1967…looks like a 2016- 2018 ss camaro 🤨

  99. Jaquavis Young

    Jaquavis Young20 dagen geleden

    Actually the hood makes me think it’s a zl1 not a ss or 1le

  100. C _March

    C _March20 dagen geleden

    43,000 miles

  101. Mrslingshot 06

    Mrslingshot 0620 dagen geleden

    Dude it’s a zl1 not an ss