Rebuilding A Wrecked 1967 Chevrolet Camaro SS Part 5

Its out!!! We finally yanked out the junkyard engine that our 1967 Camaro SS came with and getting everything ready for the new one to be swapped in. The new supercharged LT4 engine and transmission is going to be absolutely outrageous once its installed and then we even plan on building it a bit more! Were super excited to be taking on this type of project and here soon we should have it ripping around! Thanks For Watching!!!


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  1. German Ed. Leal Nino

    German Ed. Leal Nino12 uur geleden

    How bad of a crime is insurance fraud?

  2. Charles Hawkins

    Charles HawkinsDag geleden

    Are you ever got that 1966 on motor running in that car yet the other car you had got the motor out of have you ever got that motor running 626 Alana Camaro the 1967 Camaro you ever got that motor running for that car yet

  3. Charles Hawkins

    Charles HawkinsDag geleden

    WW2 engine running yet and what do when you put in that 1966 azion at 1966 on 1960

  4. Alexus Bester

    Alexus Bester4 dagen geleden

    All you gents need to keep eating is nuts, have a jar in your garage where you guys just go grab every 20 min (a handful)

  5. Nathan Larmore

    Nathan Larmore7 dagen geleden

    Rebuild it for the next project

  6. PT

    PT8 dagen geleden

    What brand suspension was that?

  7. India Charlie Alpha

    India Charlie Alpha8 dagen geleden

    at last

  8. Yup

    Yup9 dagen geleden

    I think you guys also do interior swap between parts Car Camero and 1967 Camaro SS that should be epic and also the first video on the NLpush with the interiors swap between these two cars maybe you should like this idea

  9. iflydachoppa

    iflydachoppa9 dagen geleden

    If you want to smooth out your skidsteers' movements turn the rpms down as lows power will allow. The controls will be nice and butter..allowing for more precise control inputs (:

  10. ebgb68ebgb68

    ebgb68ebgb6811 dagen geleden

    What brand control arms and shocks are you using ?

  11. Chance Smith

    Chance Smith11 dagen geleden

    Black and red and on the interior do back with red stitching

  12. Luke Tanner

    Luke Tanner12 dagen geleden

    Y’all have the cutest family

  13. Autistic Auto

    Autistic Auto12 dagen geleden

    That tranny is more than likely junk. besides you want to put an 4L80 in it anyways a lot stronger than the 4l60's

  14. Matthew Hensley

    Matthew Hensley12 dagen geleden

    How about matte black and gloss double stripes with red accents

  15. Life with Lilah Marie

    Life with Lilah Marie12 dagen geleden

    Cars looking better, and better

  16. Life with Lilah Marie

    Life with Lilah Marie12 dagen geleden

    Cars looking better, amd better

  17. Adrian GoodBuffalo

    Adrian GoodBuffalo13 dagen geleden

    Tuna, peanut butter, are good sources of protein. Just don't over due it.

  18. kevin auman

    kevin auman13 dagen geleden

    I say all black with two ghost stripes so that you can only see them when you're real close or when you hit the right angle, that or stick with the all black theme and do flat black stripes now that would be sharp!

  19. Scott Brown

    Scott Brown13 dagen geleden

    what happened to the other German Shepard dog?, I see a Poodle looking thing now

  20. Karol Koper

    Karol Koper13 dagen geleden

    My opinion all black will awesome

  21. RageBot

    RageBot14 dagen geleden

    I’ve always liked the idea of matte black paint with a yellow vinyl stripe outline idk if there’s a term for that but the outline of the stripes are the only color

  22. TheDangerous0665

    TheDangerous066514 dagen geleden

    Just wondering where your Doberman puopy has been? We miss seeing that cutie.

  23. JC

    JC14 dagen geleden


  24. James Dalton

    James Dalton14 dagen geleden

    What auction did you buy this Camaro from.

  25. Barrett Stanford

    Barrett Stanford14 dagen geleden

    Y’all should build the motor and put it in a single cab short bed classic gmc or chevy truck and make a shop truck out of it

  26. Meteor_YT

    Meteor_YT14 dagen geleden

    i think you guys might have just found the "cool pops" :)

  27. Goosse Performance

    Goosse Performance14 dagen geleden

    Hey boys make sure you put that sound mat on the the inside of the cab not the engine bay , keep up the the good work

  28. INfinityCrank

    INfinityCrank15 dagen geleden

    heyy next project r34 plzzz

  29. Brady Adams

    Brady Adams15 dagen geleden

    Ls in a helicopter………….

  30. Hector Cheves

    Hector Cheves15 dagen geleden

    Bro just do the two white stripes please I know it would look sooooo good man I feel him on that level for sure!!!!💯🔥💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥

  31. Ed Wilko

    Ed Wilko15 dagen geleden

    Love you cats coming to inspect your handy work, such a great build defo not cost effective for a insurance company or a shop to fix it but for you guys no issues. "Hold my beer, Ive got this" 👍😁👏

  32. Fakherddin Youtube Channel

    Fakherddin Youtube Channel15 dagen geleden

    I think you guys should leave a little chrome here and there since it is a classic muscle car just to give it that authentic look maybe like the door handles locks and window trims at least

  33. Trenton Summers

    Trenton Summers15 dagen geleden

    Y’all should rebuild a 2021 tahoe

  34. charlie luna

    charlie luna16 dagen geleden

    Yeah should run the hid away head lights on the camaro

  35. Dave Bettey

    Dave Bettey16 dagen geleden

    Old Classic Muscle car with a hidden Modern engine and interior? One of a kind.. British Metallic racing Green with white stripes. ? Something different than black, Red or Blue.. Great vid again lads. Keep up the Great work.

  36. Josh Schultz

    Josh Schultz16 dagen geleden

    I think your going to want to go with a better transmission. Your going to want it upgraded with better parts to handle the power so you might as well upgrade the trans as well. Awesome to see you guys working on the old stuff.

  37. EvoTechBuilt *****

    EvoTechBuilt *****16 dagen geleden

    I would have put a ball mount on the forks then used the machine to lift the engine out with a strap. No point of engine hoist when you have a machine with forks unless your in a tight spot !

  38. Steve Breezy

    Steve Breezy16 dagen geleden

    Love watch their content, nice little family business. I like how they got their dad in the video helping. They got it from their papa. 🙏🏾💪🏾👌🏾

  39. Bj Hoffner

    Bj Hoffner16 dagen geleden

    Haha love pops Dannnnng son it’s almost out!!

  40. Stratos

    Stratos16 dagen geleden

    3,000th comment

  41. Tanner Smith

    Tanner Smith16 dagen geleden

    Do these guys rail a line of coke before making a video dear god they have too much energy for it to be enjoyable, going back to cleetus now

  42. FFN_PracticeKid

    FFN_PracticeKid16 dagen geleden

    0:34 cat wangs to fix cars too 🤣🤣

  43. Riding with Braff God

    Riding with Braff God16 dagen geleden

    I want to be just like you guys 😉

  44. JeepersCreepersClub

    JeepersCreepersClub16 dagen geleden

    Hell yeah! Put that ls out of the old camaro in the xj, that would be awesome

  45. Lee Avison

    Lee Avison16 dagen geleden

    Pops puts a smile on peoples faces every time , His smile beams around the world , So awesome

  46. Genifer Teal

    Genifer Teal16 dagen geleden

    Just going off the title here. Back in the 90's I bought a brand new Mustang LX 5.0 it was totaled with 300 miles on it. All original. The hatch glass was broken. This allowed water into the gas tank. Then when people tried to start it (at junk yard) water was pushed into the engine. I honestly believe this is why no one bought it, because it wouldn't start. I guess I took a gamble without realizing it. Put that engine in an early Capri. Was able to run 1180s on that motor with heads and a supercharger. at some point we had the motor apart and when turning it we could see two places where the oil rings left a groove on the cylinder wall. It didn't really matter much. we could feel it when rotating the engine by hand but otherwise the engine performed. Not sure what's going on here but if it's just a little water in there and it ain't too bad don't worry about it. A lot different but one time I bought a used transfer case for a 73 F250. The junkyard pulled it out of a 55-gallon drum full of water. I dried it out put it back together and ran it that same day. Water can cause a lot of problems but it doesn't have to.

  47. Jorge Leal

    Jorge Leal16 dagen geleden

    Im trying to rebuild a 67 impala any tips on where i can find parts ?

  48. Chris

    Chris17 dagen geleden

    Bros, the reason you're crashing later is because that food and V8 has a TON OF SUGAR!!

  49. jerry henderson

    jerry henderson17 dagen geleden

    The original engine was made out of steel , the new one is aluminum isn't it ? I highly doubt that it's heavier .

  50. Matti Virta

    Matti Virta17 dagen geleden

    camaro have beauty good engine and idiot boys swap this to shit engine, this engine have easy cheap repair and little boys not newer need better engine anywere.

  51. Jonny Wilson

    Jonny Wilson17 dagen geleden


  52. Barira Ahmad

    Barira Ahmad17 dagen geleden

    When you are done with the engine and other mechanical stuff, you should paint it in the bumbulbe colours like satin black and yellow. That would look amazing.

  53. Curt Cox

    Curt Cox17 dagen geleden

    Me and my buddies started a Facebook group called Hoonsquad. We made a local car group for our small town. So far we only have 33 people. But I'm happy with that

  54. Rob Hoffman

    Rob Hoffman17 dagen geleden

    Where's the young guy,your original partner?

  55. Timothy Herweynen

    Timothy Herweynen17 dagen geleden

    I love how pops is now more involved in your car builds.👍🏻

  56. Joey Erwin

    Joey Erwin17 dagen geleden

    Gloss black paint, satin black stripes with red outside pinstripe

  57. Street Chaos

    Street Chaos17 dagen geleden

    Black with matte black stripes!

  58. brian carle

    brian carle17 dagen geleden

    I couldn’t even get past the intro, way too much drama.

  59. cody chandler

    cody chandler17 dagen geleden

    How much y’all want for them heads

  60. Anthony Marshall

    Anthony Marshall17 dagen geleden


  61. JA Vlog Gamer

    JA Vlog Gamer17 dagen geleden

    Hold up what happened to yall other puppy that yall had at the new house?

  62. Bryant Anderson

    Bryant Anderson17 dagen geleden

    phantom black stripes to keep the all black would be awesome.

  63. Nayborhoodp

    Nayborhoodp17 dagen geleden

    Pops funny as hell 😂😂😂😂

  64. Savage gaming

    Savage gaming17 dagen geleden

    Dude your next project should be a 1970s dodge charger

  65. UseHer Friendly

    UseHer Friendly17 dagen geleden

    Noticed yall painted the engine bay before fitting the new engine

  66. Paul k

    Paul k17 dagen geleden

    Dang son someone scammed you guys.

  67. Tiffany Nordin

    Tiffany Nordin17 dagen geleden

    3:13 was the dog alone and loose?

  68. coco Boo

    coco Boo17 dagen geleden

    Junk yard swapped out the engine

  69. Big Vony

    Big Vony17 dagen geleden

    Can you say. Cocaine plus Red Bull plus monster😬😬😬😬😛😛

  70. Pentti K. Huttunen

    Pentti K. Huttunen17 dagen geleden

    many things are wrong in this car, this is really piece of s*it. Im sure the engine turns out to be ruined as well..

  71. II Bad Sport II

    II Bad Sport II17 dagen geleden

    This channel fell off

  72. Jose Chairez

    Jose Chairez17 dagen geleden

    This dude look like he hasn’t sleept in days 🥶

  73. Zach Martindell

    Zach Martindell17 dagen geleden

    if you're done by october, ride down to Biloxi, MS for cruising the coast! people from around the country come down for a week old school cars!

  74. Epyon 86

    Epyon 8617 dagen geleden

    holy shit ya talk so fucking much... 2mins of work 21mins of talking shit.

  75. Legend

    Legend17 dagen geleden

    Yall talk way to much💯

  76. Trigga Grippa

    Trigga Grippa17 dagen geleden

    The transmission is a 4L60E they are known for being garbage upgrade to a 6l80e n it’ll make that camera ride so much better

  77. Glenn Sweet

    Glenn Sweet18 dagen geleden


  78. ♨︎Alice moon♨︎

    ♨︎Alice moon♨︎18 dagen geleden

    Hi from Russia 🇷🇺 (Moscow City) …..

  79. Dan Castle

    Dan Castle18 dagen geleden

    Loving the build , mixing old school with new going to be epic, dude 😆

  80. shayne donnelly

    shayne donnelly18 dagen geleden

    Way to animated. Can’t watch more than a few mins without being completely annoyed

  81. Dragan Zeta

    Dragan Zeta18 dagen geleden


  82. Ethan T Guadalquiver

    Ethan T Guadalquiver18 dagen geleden

    0:01 rip engine 😂

  83. Brooke Fraser

    Brooke Fraser18 dagen geleden

    The boom mat goes inside the firewall.

  84. Dennis D'Cruz

    Dennis D'Cruz18 dagen geleden

    How about painting it matte black

  85. Cafrio_aKa_ Rio

    Cafrio_aKa_ Rio18 dagen geleden

    Ur talking too much more than actually building the beautiful beast bruh

  86. curtis wilcock

    curtis wilcock18 dagen geleden

    That’s amazing 😊 I’m loving this build the engine bad looks Clean now 😁 you cleaned it up nicely and ouch that ended badly for that engine medieval catapult right there yikes and that food looked great too pops having fun again with you guys loving the family time too.

  87. M. Hiersche

    M. Hiersche18 dagen geleden

    He Guys, why don't you use a dry ice cleaner?

  88. no yes

    no yes18 dagen geleden

    sixteen seconds ... NO. fail no sub no like

  89. Lavish Lex

    Lavish Lex18 dagen geleden

    The irony of wanting to be careful taking out this motor 🤣 glad you and pops are okay!

  90. Raghukrishnan Menon

    Raghukrishnan Menon18 dagen geleden

    1:21 did anyone else hear XJ or was it just me

  91. FXFRoadDriver

    FXFRoadDriver18 dagen geleden

    This is the best build yet hands down man

  92. David Blalock

    David Blalock18 dagen geleden

    When Pops said "Dang son" I busted out laughing. Side note. Every time I see that Helicopter sitting there in the background, I think "Mount some pontoons on them skids, a prop on that motor, and make a fan boat out of it!

  93. DIY JEFF

    DIY JEFF18 dagen geleden

    Lol @ pops!!

  94. Brandon Gathers

    Brandon Gathers18 dagen geleden

    Paint it gloss black with matte black stripes with pin strip around matte black stripes

  95. Phillip M

    Phillip M18 dagen geleden

    These foos are tweeakin


    KEITH LUMPKIN18 dagen geleden

    Subtitles please

  97. Austin Scott

    Austin Scott18 dagen geleden


  98. Bryan Crews

    Bryan Crews18 dagen geleden

    Sound proof thermal material goes inside the car.

  99. Jon Richardson

    Jon Richardson18 dagen geleden

    I swear Thomas knows he's a celebrity! And I know it's been said a million times but got to love pops .....Dang son !

  100. In money we trust Dollar bill

    In money we trust Dollar bill18 dagen geleden

    Almost got killed at end 😂