Rebuilding A Wrecked 1967 Chevrolet Camaro SS Part 6

Its go time!!! All of the parts needed to repair the damages of this 1967 Camaro SS are finally here! We are super excited to see how these parts are going to be replaced and how much of a difference it'll be from the newer cars were used to. We know it'll definitely be a challenge but this is what we like. After all of the repairs are made, were mainly going to focus on the LT4 engine swap and getting this thing driving around! Thanks For Watching!!!


-Instagram: goonzquad


-P.O. Box 37
Rossville,GA 30741


  1. Sean Carter

    Sean Carter6 dagen geleden

    100,000 likes an pops should get the car..... he deserves it 100%....

  2. Sean Carter

    Sean Carter6 dagen geleden

    100,000 likes an pops should get the car..... he deserves it 100%....

  3. Sean Carter

    Sean Carter6 dagen geleden

    100,000 likes an pops should get the car..... he deserves it 100%....

  4. R Brown

    R Brown7 dagen geleden


  5. Daniel Ramirez

    Daniel Ramirez9 dagen geleden

    cocaine is a hell of a drug

  6. Zach Lewis

    Zach Lewis9 dagen geleden

    These series and swing the parts that they are throwing away and don’t know about makes me cringe, doesn’t know about aerospace brakes, moser rear winds and axles, chip foose, or really anthing

  7. J Hill

    J Hill10 dagen geleden

    Simeon... LOL... "Been Done This". This is why we love you guys so much. My 85 year old mom was listening in while I was watching and she is a big stickler for proper grammar and she had to chuckle a little.. She commented how are so down to earth and good guys. Even when you are doing you pod casts and being yourselves... Thank you for that..

  8. Jason Swift

    Jason Swift11 dagen geleden

    You guys better get in Ben from V-tuned to straighten the chassis rail and build it up to suit the new engine swap.

  9. Jason Weiss

    Jason Weiss11 dagen geleden

    Always love the "Ebay parts that almost looked OEM". Most body parts you buy off Ebay are complete China junk.

  10. Penthouse Exclusives LLC

    Penthouse Exclusives LLC11 dagen geleden

    Whoever payed for that build got scammed

  11. Andrew Ferguson

    Andrew Ferguson12 dagen geleden

    Great Job!!! Thank You... :-)

  12. David Wall

    David Wall12 dagen geleden

    Those are Chip Foose wheels, maybe if you contacted him about your build he would donate a new set to ya'll! Never hurts to try, chip used to do the TV show "OverHaulin", check it out.

  13. Matthew Hensley

    Matthew Hensley12 dagen geleden

    Couldn't really find anything about putting copper pipe between the brake pads but from looking there are some high end brakes pads that have copper in them supposedly to keep them from overheating so

  14. robert Zaske

    robert Zaske12 dagen geleden

    Big job ahead Wish you guys a lot of luck.

  15. storm twine

    storm twine12 dagen geleden

    You guys should really square off that cab before you you replace panels The windscreen cracking shows me the pillars are now out of square Do all the pulling and squaring while everything’s on there still so it all comes as one

  16. Rob Pitney

    Rob Pitney13 dagen geleden

    Very first engine swap? S2000?

  17. dswiss14

    dswiss1413 dagen geleden

    My dads favorite car I wish this was a giveaway

  18. Amun Osiris

    Amun Osiris13 dagen geleden

    give me a car mine is crap I'm poor lost job in pandemic ;[

  19. Jp BassSenior BassSenior

    Jp BassSenior BassSenior13 dagen geleden

    That’s one cool TOM 😁

  20. Roger Thaine Sr.

    Roger Thaine Sr.13 dagen geleden

    Enjoying the Classic Rebuild.

  21. braeden F

    braeden F13 dagen geleden

    part 6 of me thanking you for doing a classic car :)

  22. Richard Resendez

    Richard Resendez13 dagen geleden

    These are the real metal car not plastic car parts

  23. Richard Resendez

    Richard Resendez13 dagen geleden

    Foozie Chip Foose

  24. Gliselle Rodriguez

    Gliselle Rodriguez13 dagen geleden

    U can help me I buy Chevy sonic 2015 when I drive take time to turn off but do know what wrong with the car readdy change the park plug and the top in the tap

  25. slaphappy813

    slaphappy81314 dagen geleden

    you should ask chip foose to come in and lay some sick graphics down on that car!!

  26. kris gendreau

    kris gendreau14 dagen geleden

    Steel braided brake lines need a rubber outside coating on them to be dot approved, those don’t look like they have that coating so that’s why it says off-road use only

  27. Jimf

    Jimf14 dagen geleden

    stainless steel brake lines all say "for offroad use only" ....they are perfectly safe. You just have to keep an eye on them.

  28. Topher Min

    Topher Min15 dagen geleden

    Man you need to address why your neck looks like that it's gotten to the point where it can't go unnoticed

  29. Pieter Steyn

    Pieter Steyn15 dagen geleden

    Chip Foose should be there when the boys are done with the build......dang son!!!! That would be epic😁😁

  30. Jake Gorby

    Jake Gorby15 dagen geleden

    You should sell those copper pieces on your website he’s a builder they want a Pay for it

  31. Bob White

    Bob White15 dagen geleden

    Paint it Tennessee Orange!

  32. 6Hanibal6Lecter6

    6Hanibal6Lecter615 dagen geleden

    That looks like a scrap rear end minus the moser diff cover to me, to be honest….

  33. Caelan MacRury

    Caelan MacRury15 dagen geleden

    You guys should do an interior swap from the new comaro to the old one

  34. JailGuide

    JailGuide15 dagen geleden

    I would do more diligence on that VIN. @ 13:39 I can see that the backup lights are incorrect. The SS would have had the backup lights underneath the rear bumper. The taillights would have both red lenses. Possible one of the prior owners cut out the lower valance...? But, its the wrong setup.

  35. Tony Neises

    Tony Neises15 dagen geleden

    5 spoke is classic wheels for those old cars, I really like those wheels, but this is yours, build how you like it. 😁👍

  36. Pete

    Pete15 dagen geleden

    I bet this is gonne be their first and last classic car project 😂

  37. Kusuma Wijaya

    Kusuma Wijaya13 dagen geleden

    yeah, more scam in there..

  38. Ruac Woensdregt

    Ruac Woensdregt15 dagen geleden

    Id rather trust a politician then the scamero

  39. varnliche

    varnliche15 dagen geleden

    An airstream renovation would be fun to watch

  40. Vinay Sharma

    Vinay Sharma15 dagen geleden

    I want you guys to work on an wrecked G-wagon. Love from India.

  41. HexNutNicky

    HexNutNicky15 dagen geleden

    Get hooker headers and a Corsa exhaust.

  42. Ed Wilko

    Ed Wilko15 dagen geleden

    Sick with 5 spokes on classic cars anything else looks a bit well naff. Awesome animals in the shots 🥰 must of been a hill billy hick maintained car. Ive never in 26years of working on cars seen copper pipe used as brake pads 🤦‍♂️just plain dangerous no wonder it got crashed.

  43. Jayden

    Jayden15 dagen geleden

    Billy's Crocs lookin like they already have 45,000 miles on em lol 😂

  44. Are Pricy

    Are Pricy15 dagen geleden

    weld wheels are beautiful wheels really give it the race car look

  45. Curtis Jackson

    Curtis Jackson15 dagen geleden

    solid content fellas 💯

  46. Hayden Townsend

    Hayden Townsend15 dagen geleden

    Those break lines are extended but should be street legal because most lifted vehicles have to have them anyway

  47. Dan Currier

    Dan Currier15 dagen geleden

    do more talking and don't do much repairs in videos need to change it up better content.

  48. charlie luna

    charlie luna15 dagen geleden

    Man I take that LS and make 800 hp out of it

  49. Speedy Barron

    Speedy Barron15 dagen geleden

    I bought Z28 body with a motor 350 Holly cooperator I need interior for Z28 Camaro

  50. Billy Bob Thornton

    Billy Bob Thornton16 dagen geleden

    5 spokes are for American muscle

  51. Gaijin

    Gaijin16 dagen geleden


  52. De3terYT

    De3terYT16 dagen geleden

    I bent my moto wheel /rim

  53. De3terYT

    De3terYT16 dagen geleden

    And I fix it took 2d to get right

  54. Nathan Stollenwerk

    Nathan Stollenwerk16 dagen geleden

    Can I visit y’all for a little bit

  55. jerry henderson

    jerry henderson16 dagen geleden

    Unless you plan on switching to independent suspensionor something I would stick with that axle . It looks like a Ford 9-inch , and that's pretty much the best you can get .

  56. Bogus Lawyer

    Bogus Lawyer16 dagen geleden

    boys, you can find the gear ratio by either pyhsically counting the pinion teeth and the ring gear. also you can just mark the axle and rotate the axle and see how many rotations you get. easiest way is to count the teeth ring/pinion is your ratio

  57. Bob Sears

    Bob Sears16 dagen geleden

    You said it right - FOOz-ee wheels.

  58. jerry henderson

    jerry henderson16 dagen geleden

    Funny you said you have never done an engine swap before . The first video of yours I ever watched you were building a kit car . Did it come with the engine already installed ?

  59. Jelly B

    Jelly B16 dagen geleden

    Aww DUDE Wow DUDE Fire DUDE Yeh DUDE

  60. Anthony Hamby

    Anthony Hamby16 dagen geleden

    Swap the interior so it can have the controls and everything and you would have keyless fob

  61. Rick Stinnett

    Rick Stinnett16 dagen geleden

    I don't know if anyone said this already but they put the copper pipe pieces in the break calipers to keep the car from rolling what it looks like to me

  62. Coquito Glo

    Coquito Glo16 dagen geleden

    When ya gonna start working in the house again

  63. Kittipong Kanphet

    Kittipong Kanphet16 dagen geleden



    MR DAMNICK16 dagen geleden

    Loving the Camaro project. All blacked out with red ghost stripes would look absolutely amazing. Keep up the great work..... oh and that Vioer at 14 mins looking amazing like usual. Best car in the fleet IMO.

  65. IntelEstate Network, Corp.

    IntelEstate Network, Corp.16 dagen geleden

    What about a wiring harness? What do you do about that?

  66. Mickey Garcia

    Mickey Garcia16 dagen geleden

    The podcast channel is amazing. Can’t wait to see what other stuff you guys have for us. Really happy for that Camaro. I know for sure you guys will take care of it. Can’t wait to see it done. Maybe some candy apple red for it?

  67. Jay Kaye

    Jay Kaye16 dagen geleden

    Imagine ordering parts for your 1967 Chevrolet Camaro using your Tesla. What a world we live in... amazing!

  68. Screechlover 1

    Screechlover 116 dagen geleden

    Given the amount and thickness of filler on the right side of the car you would be wise to have the car media blasted. That would be why the left side is so wavy.

  69. Uncle Greg Bee

    Uncle Greg Bee16 dagen geleden

    The brakes is why he wrecked the mf

  70. David Hudick

    David Hudick16 dagen geleden

    Wear some gloves and eye protection please. That rust and glass.

  71. Screamin Eagle

    Screamin Eagle16 dagen geleden

    Just a suggestion, but see if the rear wheels from the donor car will fit the '67. They may look wicked on it.

  72. David Hudick

    David Hudick16 dagen geleden

    This seems like it could be a BIG PRICE build. I thinking over $100K

  73. IrishRuman

    IrishRuman16 dagen geleden

    You all need to check out SwapTime videos. He does custom wiring harnesses for a lot of cool projects. He is making one for my buddy.

  74. Paul Kerr

    Paul Kerr16 dagen geleden

    Can you do a nather Lamborghini ples

  75. The Weaver

    The Weaver16 dagen geleden

    Commercial property is taking FOREVER.

  76. DavGo

    DavGo16 dagen geleden

    Hey guys. lead was used instead of body filler back in the day. That’s why you have the weird looking lip on the new rear quarter panel. This video out by Eastwood:

  77. merealymu

    merealymu16 dagen geleden

    Internet café in the Tesla with Thomas the cool cat!! Can’t get much better than that!!

  78. westin funk

    westin funk16 dagen geleden

    call psi conversion for the engine and trans harness. It will work with the factory computer and those dakota digital gauges you have. you will need to add a power steering pump to that lt4. holley has a trick new front drive for that. please do not use that sound deadner in the engine bay! Love the progress!

  79. Robert Dicks

    Robert Dicks16 dagen geleden

    I believe that is one of the cars from overhaulin the tv show staring chip foose

  80. hans hoogendyk

    hans hoogendyk16 dagen geleden

    You would think that with the number of cars that they have rebuilt , that the way to do a rebuild on a hi impact car is to strap it to the chassis machine and do a point check ( see if it twisted) then pull the damaged structure untill the inner structure complies to body manual specs, the way it's supposed to be done, in a unibody

  81. austin warner1243

    austin warner124316 dagen geleden

    Get black widow race venom 250 mufflers it would sound perfect on that car

  82. Dave Weber

    Dave Weber16 dagen geleden

    Maybe Derek from vice grip garage can help you all out? He can film, you guys can film.. it would be pretty “fire” lol

  83. Dave Weber

    Dave Weber16 dagen geleden

    For the love of everything holy, do not put wheels with more spokes.. 5 spoke wheels, like Kragars and those Foose wheels are a classic design.

  84. Rodney Jones

    Rodney Jones14 dagen geleden

    This needs to be the top comment

  85. Daniel Boskovski

    Daniel Boskovski16 dagen geleden

    Record some part of building a shop!! 👍

  86. Daniel Boskovski

    Daniel Boskovski16 dagen geleden


  87. gord1911a1

    gord1911a116 dagen geleden

    Super cool car, a mobile subwoofer platform at low rpm comes to mind =)

  88. talljeeper

    talljeeper16 dagen geleden

    Oh my gosh, what a turd car. I love your positivity....whew weee

  89. Everton Delfino

    Everton Delfino16 dagen geleden

    Do you know ECUs from Fueltech? They are the best for drag car.

  90. Keith Reilly

    Keith Reilly16 dagen geleden

    Chip is still building awesome cars today

  91. Sky Tiger

    Sky Tiger16 dagen geleden

    Yah I was thinking wow if you get that whole seem off the corner

  92. Gerlay9090

    Gerlay909016 dagen geleden

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  93. Cheryl Medina

    Cheryl Medina16 dagen geleden

    Appreciate this insight man I will definitely check him out, i have to start trad!ng

  94. MR Roland

    MR Roland16 dagen geleden

    Yep perfect buy!ng and trade!ng opportunity

  95. John Hannah

    John Hannah16 dagen geleden

    Since it is a 1967 Camaro you might want to think about some old achool slotted mag wheels...

  96. Brian, Sweeney

    Brian, Sweeney16 dagen geleden

    Nice 1 dudes 😎

  97. me me

    me me16 dagen geleden

    guys you have to change the colour of this car because the black looks ugly...

  98. Dane Hasselroth

    Dane Hasselroth16 dagen geleden

    Hey! First I have to celebrate yours channel that is one of my favorite channel. I have a tip for you. you take your part Tessla. And rebuilds one pickup with your other Tessla parts. I've never seen an electric pickup. Greetings from Sweden.

  99. Carlito's way

    Carlito's way16 dagen geleden

    You forgot to put your crocs on 4×4 mode before that windshield move

  100. TheRealOG

    TheRealOG16 dagen geleden

    Does anyone have any suggestions where I can buy oem or aftermarket rims on a budget?

  101. John Stedman

    John Stedman16 dagen geleden

    Try "Wheelbase" in the UK (search for their site "wheelbasealloys"). Or follow the new trend and fit aerodynamic wheel covers to your existing rims (but be careful if you have a highly rated brake setup, because adequate ventilation may be a problem). Try to avoid wheels made in China and the Far East unless you are certain that they are certified to be made to an internationally accepted safety and quality standard. In my experience, the very best wheels of all are made in Germany, to their mandatory TUV Standard, but they can be quite costly and you have to search around for deals and special offers. Tyres are at least as important to get right, the current leading international brands are Michelin and Toyo, and although the latter are made in China they are designed and manufactured to extremely high standards.

  102. Hans van Erdelen

    Hans van Erdelen16 dagen geleden

    Iin one word amazing project!!!

  103. Chris.meints Blackmail

    Chris.meints Blackmail16 dagen geleden

    Love this build would love to see it in a pearl color that is lighter something you guys haven't done. Keep up the great work.

  104. Deekshith Nayak

    Deekshith Nayak16 dagen geleden

    Finally chip foose.....#respect

  105. tjeerd stuiver

    tjeerd stuiver16 dagen geleden

    In dutch we call the previous owner a beunhaas

  106. Chuy Castillo

    Chuy Castillo16 dagen geleden

    Yeaah you already got plates for the model x