Rebuilding A Wrecked 1967 Chevrolet Camaro SS Part 7

Its looking sick!!! Were getting so close to getting this body repaired and back to original specs! Although this car is built a bit different than most, its still a pretty straight forward process and we are making some amazing progress. Our game plan is to focus on the body of the 1967 Camaro for now and maybe even move onto the paint job next. After all thats said and done well start to work on the LT4 engine swap. This build is going to be unreal when its all done and we are happy to share the entire process! Thanks For Watching!!!


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  1. Sam Tarek

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    you speak a lot

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  3. William Robinson

    William Robinson4 dagen geleden

    Was hoping that hood was actually a roof panel for the camaro...

  4. Sean Carter

    Sean Carter6 dagen geleden

    100,000 likes an pops should get the car..... he deserves it 100%....

  5. Sean Carter

    Sean Carter6 dagen geleden

    100,000 likes an pops should get the car..... he deserves it 100%....

  6. Sean Carter

    Sean Carter6 dagen geleden

    100,000 likes an pops should get the car..... he deserves it 100%....

  7. Dorian Craig

    Dorian Craig7 dagen geleden

    looking good

  8. michel blom

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    You Guys should definitly do a AMG build!

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    О чую рідну мову. Привіт зі Львова...

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    Russisch ??? Da, net

  11. Spyros M.

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    Should have went with genuine body panels

  12. Yup

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    I think you guys also do interior swap between parts Car Camero and 1967 Camaro SS that should be epic and also the first video on the NLpush with the interiors swap between these two cars maybe you should like this idea

  13. Eugene Rosenbloom

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    Your dad wants a G-wagen :) And for you to finish and sell most of the cars :)

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    ХА-ХА мерседес Квадратный как бобик)) Батя огонь.

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    That A7 exhaust truly is god awfull

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    Pops rule. Батя красавчик.

  17. king uzumaki413

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    My dad had one of them can't belive i still remember

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    I just learned you guys real names, so hi Simin and Elezar 😁

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    Another great video. Keep working on that Goonzquad TV show!!

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    Ok serious question here, a week ago was on a road trip through Tennessee and all that rain made us detour through Atlanta to Pigeon Forge. We were in your neck of the woods, how much would you charge for a ride in the Lambo or one of the Ferraris? Would've made my 10 year old's year.

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    Translation : build a g wagon next and give it to me amd my wife

  22. Noah LaManna

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    My dad used to watch these guys before he passed away, I used to watch them and always wanted to see them rebuild a classic and restore it to its former glory, really nice to see them finally doing this

  23. Besnik Shaini

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    Way you allwayse saying original goonsquad garage do you have a nother fake garage haha 😂

  24. Jason Swift

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    I would be replacing all the electrics on that Audi as well, they are prone to having multiple electrical issues over all the models over the years.

  25. carlos torres chano

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    I think that beautiful camaro would look epic in Candy Apple Red a classic color for a classic car

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    Billy teaching Thomas about cars Thomas response: meow 😅😅😅

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    I don’t know what your dad said. But I hear what he’s saying. He’s proud of his boys !

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  29. Londani Theophilus

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    The tail pipes on the A7 are ugly. Remove and put the stock tail pipes

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    U guys are all wrong.

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    Papa wanted G Wagon.😂.Bobik.😂

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    Great Job!!! Thank You... :-)

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    I choose gun metal color on this thing👍

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    Nardo grey is the perfect color

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    Dang son, pops wants a G-wagon.

  36. Matthew Hensley

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    Still think matte black with gloss black stripes would look great

  37. LCD consultant

    LCD consultant12 dagen geleden

    When will you guys figure it out. Everything in that car is trash. They built that car with trash to sell it. I bet there is not even oil in that rear end. That play you saw was proof enough, it's junk, The missing screw on the rear end should have been a give away. Open it up and see. Open that cover of that transmission and look. Oil pan on engine. I bet its all junk. We want to see the look on your face when you see it. All those parts are junk. You wont be saving them for future builds.

  38. Dmytro Popyliushko

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    Looks like your parents wants a G wagon ))

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    Paint the Audi A7 Nardo Gray!?!?!?!?

  42. Rudy Rogmans

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    I love seeing pops in the build videos. He is getting more and more comfortable in front of the camera. Great addition to the channel along with the rest of your family.

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    G wagon for Pop's!

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    only idiot waste money and buy new rimm audi shit.

  45. Matti Virta

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    i love you guys! cheers from greece


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    part 7 of me thanking you for doing a classic car :)

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    Chaps, you are in a unique position of having this priceless heritage. For 99.9% of population what you are doing with the cars is black magic and well beyond their wildest dreams capabilities. I think you should be able to handle learning to speak, read and write in Russian and Ukrainian no problem, you are a pair if bright lads after all and it would be a shame not to take advantage of your heritage. Keep up the good work.

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