Rebuilding A Wrecked 1967 Chevrolet Camaro SS Part 8

This is wild!!! We finally starting tearing into the quarter panel on the 67 Camaro and we found some crazy things! Its was tough just finding the original spot welds and then we found out someone replaced it before in a very hectic way. However were not going to let this slow us down, we decided to go ahead and tear it completely apart and install it the proper way. Also we added an super epic mod to the 2020 Tesla Model X and it looks insane! Thanks For Watching!!!


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  1. 13ullet

    13ulletDag geleden

    They added all the bondo because they wanted to add as much weight as possible for the new LT4 motor. 😂

  2. [PR] Kefi3

    [PR] Kefi33 dagen geleden

    1:46 daaaaaang son! - Thomas 😂😂😂😂

  3. SweetDickWillie

    SweetDickWillie3 dagen geleden

    I love seeing pops & ma dukes!! ❤️Love this family!!!! God Bless!!

  4. William Robinson

    William Robinson4 dagen geleden

    The gold color is actually bronze. Old way of joining tin together was to Fuze the panels with oxygen and acetylene and bronze brazing rods.. when done right it is very strong and doesn't usually require all that filler... that car has a crap ton of plastic. I think I would start with a whole new body...

  5. Tony Washington

    Tony Washington5 dagen geleden

    I tell you what I ain't neva going back after this. Had be dying😀😀😀😀, how can you not love these dudes.

  6. Chris Nettles

    Chris Nettles5 dagen geleden

    Hey guys. Absolutely love your videos. The bronze you're finding in the 67 build is probably a coat hanger and oxygen and acetylene braze/ solder. We used to do that back 30 years ago. Much respect.

  7. Brian

    Brian5 dagen geleden

    Teska wheeks look awfull imo tho :(

  8. X_A_L_A_N_X

    X_A_L_A_N_X6 dagen geleden

    You guys should try and find the old owner of this car and try and get the story behind that car, I feel like it’ll be really interesting

  9. Sean Carter

    Sean Carter6 dagen geleden

    100,000 likes an pops should get the car..... he deserves it 100%....

  10. Sean Carter

    Sean Carter6 dagen geleden

    100,000 likes an pops should get the car..... he deserves it 100%....

  11. Sean Carter

    Sean Carter6 dagen geleden

    100,000 likes an pops should get the car..... he deserves it 100%....

  12. Leeebs

    Leeebs6 dagen geleden

    That kid should have been named Dang, that way you could say, Dang Son!

  13. Darrell Bounds

    Darrell Bounds7 dagen geleden

    Back in the day people would bondo the seams to make it look good 👍

  14. Nef

    Nef7 dagen geleden

    That dealer is full of shit..... all they really need is the Vin number of the donor car and all that info gets programed into the new computer.

  15. Navin Persaud

    Navin Persaud7 dagen geleden

    Tesla looks wicked bros...

  16. Rod G

    Rod G8 dagen geleden

    Alot of brazing on that car

  17. Cavan Jordan

    Cavan Jordan8 dagen geleden

    I'm watching on a rainy Monday morning in New Zealand :) I'm loving this series - can't wait to see how this beast turns out!

  18. TheAXO92

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  19. Alf Gjelsvik

    Alf Gjelsvik8 dagen geleden

    no no no tose weel is not possbel

  20. Yup

    Yup9 dagen geleden

    I think you guys also do interior swap between parts Car Camero and 1967 Camaro SS that should be epic and also the first video on the NLpush with the interiors swap between these two cars maybe you should like this idea

  21. Caleb Lenard

    Caleb Lenard9 dagen geleden

    That gold stuff y’all talking about is braze it bonds thin metals together thin metals that can’t be welded

  22. Almstlegal Garage

    Almstlegal Garage9 dagen geleden

    Back at it again working on the BOGMARO

  23. Vineil Singh

    Vineil Singh9 dagen geleden

    Pops: daang son 😂😂 first time i heard him say that.

  24. Eric Snow

    Eric Snow9 dagen geleden

    Looks like the panels were brazed together.

  25. BikeLife 416

    BikeLife 4169 dagen geleden

    those wheels look sick 🔥🔥👌👌

  26. Lhey Motovlog

    Lhey Motovlog9 dagen geleden

    The sand paper that They found inside the panel make me laugh,and Billy used it.,😂

  27. Andy Robinson

    Andy Robinson9 dagen geleden

    The "gold stuff" is brazing. Like soldering for bodywork, probably using a bronze rod which is why it is gold. Like Pops said, it is an old technique but using bronze instead of lead and copper. Brazing uses a flux coated bronze rod and oxy-acetylene torch for the heat. The joins were always overlapped and the bronze would flow between the steel panels. Basically another type of welding but it has the advantage that it doesn't rust.

  28. Pierre Labbe

    Pierre Labbe9 dagen geleden


  29. Simone Ceglia

    Simone Ceglia9 dagen geleden

    italian fan why don't you make an abarth?

  30. Best blackout Videos

    Best blackout Videos9 dagen geleden

    its called BRAZING its brass fusing metal,, thats is a quick easy cheap weld, used on cars guns metal ect....

  31. mysterious gaming entertainment

    mysterious gaming entertainment9 dagen geleden

    Just delete the chrome

  32. Joshua Wesley

    Joshua Wesley9 dagen geleden

    Yall should recreate the 67 Camaro bumblebee from TF4

  33. Norman Tatlock

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  34. mike

    mike9 dagen geleden

    The gold is brass from brazing. Old school. Acetylene torch and brazing rods.

  35. Luke Hawley

    Luke Hawley10 dagen geleden

    I’m begging you that when it’s time to paint the camaro you go with black cherry paint. It’s very difficult to get correct but the end result is sooooo good.

  36. Devin Jones

    Devin Jones10 dagen geleden

    Need to get the windows tinted

  37. barret thompson

    barret thompson10 dagen geleden

    should get the body sand blasted!! that way you can find any hidden nasties..

  38. Isaac skillings

    Isaac skillings10 dagen geleden

    Did anyone else here “that’s my good ole son right there”

  39. Cyrus Johnson

    Cyrus Johnson10 dagen geleden

    You guys should fix a burn damage car

  40. paul ezay

    paul ezay10 dagen geleden

    He'll yeah pops

  41. paul ezay

    paul ezay10 dagen geleden

    He'll yeah pops

  42. Jonathan Blackwheel

    Jonathan Blackwheel10 dagen geleden

    What's that song at 16:35

  43. RainerZimmermann

    RainerZimmermann10 dagen geleden

    DUDE DUDE DUDE for god's sake please tone down the DUDE DUDE DUDE!

  44. J RL

    J RL10 dagen geleden

    Brazing versus welding …the braze had a lower melting temperature and reduces distortion of the panel …back in the day acetylene was used and heat input was difficult to control for welding the brazing offset the distortion and weld residual stresses. The Mig process has replaced this with lower heat input welds and limited distortion. Thanks for all you do. Gods peace

  45. Amun Osiris

    Amun Osiris10 dagen geleden

    y'all got too many cars give some away

  46. Dana Harsh

    Dana Harsh10 dagen geleden

    The gold color on the old repairs looks like it was brazed.

  47. 8joejames8

    8joejames810 dagen geleden

    The gold looking stuff is bronze. The panels are brazed together with a torch and bronze brazing rod.

  48. hankus253

    hankus25310 dagen geleden

    Looks more like brass than copper.

  49. Fred Larracuente

    Fred Larracuente10 dagen geleden

    Pops looking after his boys. Got to love the guy. Great progress guys!

  50. Michael Mauro

    Michael Mauro10 dagen geleden

    Put the new style tail lights on her!!!!

  51. The Guy From WI

    The Guy From WI10 dagen geleden

    Not really diggin those wheels TBH...

  52. darrynkushman1

    darrynkushman110 dagen geleden

    front inner skirts

  53. T Hman

    T Hman10 dagen geleden

    The amount of power going in you guys should consider a roll cage

  54. Harrison McCullough

    Harrison McCullough10 dagen geleden

    Those repairs are Brazed. Brass rod and flux and a welding torch.

  55. Pentti K. Huttunen

    Pentti K. Huttunen10 dagen geleden

    pops is super cool the main man :)

  56. Damian Zuniga

    Damian Zuniga10 dagen geleden

    Do you guys have a website for vehicles for sale?

  57. Charles Eballa

    Charles Eballa10 dagen geleden

    baby ❤️😍

  58. Intense Pein

    Intense Pein11 dagen geleden

    idk why but I get this sense of joy whenever I see pops helping out! It's so wholesome

  59. Jason Swift

    Jason Swift11 dagen geleden

    I'd cut out all that rust on the inner fender linings and the boot panels

  60. grant blum

    grant blum11 dagen geleden

    These guys have gotten weird since I stopped watching a year ago when they were only doing super Cars .

  61. Niemme

    Niemme11 dagen geleden

    Drinking game 'dude'

  62. RHINO

    RHINO11 dagen geleden

    I would suggest to replace the other quarter panel as well at this point. I know it's a lot more work but you can guarantee it's on the other side as well.

  63. UPbuild

    UPbuild11 dagen geleden

    Enjoying the Camaro build, really looking forward to seeing what you guy do to it. Tesla looks so much better on those new wheels 👍👍

  64. CAMMED Motorsports

    CAMMED Motorsports11 dagen geleden

    I commented about a year ago about pops coming in saying Dang Son would be Epic and finally they are doing it.--- Cool.

  65. Knightmare

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  66. Allen Johnson

    Allen Johnson11 dagen geleden

    Gotta black the windows out on the tesla

  67. Cherryjar Productions

    Cherryjar Productions11 dagen geleden

    oh silly siri Should've read gold/brass color she's from Australia you know sometimes she do not get the translation right😱

  68. Cherryjar Productions

    Cherryjar Productions11 dagen geleden

    How are you hard-working guys? Back in the day when I was doing pipeline work we would use brazing rod/Oxy acetylene torch to connect sheet metal or thin pieces of has that gold/brads color

  69. Ronald Moparornocar

    Ronald Moparornocar11 dagen geleden

    It's called brazing....that was the technology we had at the time mig and Tig came years later..... something some don't know how to do just like leading up's now called tinning......and these guys do better jobs than alot of registered shops out there.....yea they have money and they earn it....why you think it's ok to be an asshole and put out the statements you do is because you haven't been punched in the mouth for saying can go ahead and talk tough on line and think you are Barney bad ass...... your not..,....and society is getting tired of the disrespect and your additude....and it's only a matter of time and you WILL be put in your place and you WILL learn respect and it means someone does their research they can find out who and where you are.... it's called a program called PEGASUS....look it up......can put a person at your front keep up your disrespectful posts

  70. Jeffery Powell

    Jeffery Powell11 dagen geleden

    old school were braized on when replaced

  71. Jeffery Powell

    Jeffery Powell11 dagen geleden

    boy is he hyper

  72. cook's customs

    cook's customs11 dagen geleden

    Definitely an older repair, brazed in panels is a dead giveaway.

  73. william williams

    william williams11 dagen geleden

    OMG, those are the Ugliest Rims i have ever seen. WOW.

  74. Frank Buck

    Frank Buck11 dagen geleden

    It looks like they Brazed the seams on the quarter panel.

  75. Timo Home

    Timo Home11 dagen geleden

    Hey guys I seen this and thought of The Tesla, we know you love exhaust Sound . And This Actually sounds good . I did not know some of them had speakers on the outside , I'm thinking of a new diff build or an upgrade.

  76. Noe D. Martinez

    Noe D. Martinez11 dagen geleden

    Hey Goonzquad, Noah here from Texas. Yeah man those are some sick tires on that tesla. great job. Camaro is starting to take shape. cant wait to see it complete. I just acquired a 79 formula that i want to rebuild.

  77. Peeter Kaljula

    Peeter Kaljula11 dagen geleden

    Hot tubs are so expensive in US? In europe u can get top notch wooden one for 2 grand.

  78. Juanjose Agurto

    Juanjose Agurto11 dagen geleden

    Sigan así los sigo a full desde Argentina me fascina reparar autos 👍

  79. Adam B

    Adam B11 dagen geleden

    You have to do an old 1967 Ford Shelby Mustang 🐎

  80. KidoGameplay

    KidoGameplay11 dagen geleden

    Make the mustang electric already got a parts Tesla

  81. conundrum conundrum

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  82. TheSloth

    TheSloth11 dagen geleden

    Thomas being taking things like he owns the place 😂

  83. Who knows

    Who knows11 dagen geleden

    Pops Rocks! Dang son! 😂😂

  84. Daniel Demarest

    Daniel Demarest11 dagen geleden

    Yup it definitely takes hours to look up a wiring diagram… idiots

  85. James Ritter

    James Ritter11 dagen geleden

    I love when you're father is involved with your builds that is awesome guys a good family bond is worth more than anything

  86. codie

    codie11 dagen geleden

    All i got to say is dammmnnn that tese is the cleanest one ive seen 👀💯

  87. Throat Auger

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    Official dude count for this video is 59

  88. Scott Burchett

    Scott Burchett11 dagen geleden

    Watch u with my wife she said ezekeal every body is talking about tight pants on ! Tight pants on jimmy fallon ! Lol

  89. Herbert Leggieri

    Herbert Leggieri11 dagen geleden

    Those welds is called a brazing. It's a mild weld we did in shop class with a torch and a brazing rods. And if you're going to solder those wires. They have shrink tube with solder in them. So all you have to do is put the wires together and heat up the shrink tube. The solder melts bonding the wires and you got a good cover with the shrink tube.

  90. Jeremiah Ddungi

    Jeremiah Ddungi11 dagen geleden

    Wait you have a son named Oliver awwwwwww

  91. John Stedman

    John Stedman11 dagen geleden

    Oliver is their sister's new baby.


    BUDDY LIGHT11 dagen geleden

    I would just change the intake and put a 4 barrel carburetor on it.

  93. kirk Shotton

    kirk Shotton11 dagen geleden

  94. yurunning

    yurunning11 dagen geleden

    You guys need to do more classic cars!

  95. william cottam

    william cottam11 dagen geleden

    Hey, that looks like someone used brazing rods to weld those panels together I think they use a blow torch and feed in the brass rods.

  96. George Doan

    George Doan11 dagen geleden

    Brazing will just melt away with a torch. just heat it up an wire brush it off

  97. J Walker

    J Walker11 dagen geleden

    Yall should use carbon fiber wrap to delete the chrome

  98. SWITCH7425

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  99. camadoria

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    those wheels are alpina style|:P

  100. Tyler Riley

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    That my dream car 1967 Camaro

  101. Elix Cada

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    Put your tesla a stealth wrap.. That will gonna be epic