Rebuilding A Wrecked 1967 Chevrolet Camaro SS!!!

Our first classic car!!! This has been something a lot of you guys requested for the longest time and now it is finally time! We have been looking for the perfect wrecked classic and we finally found one! A 1967 Chevrolet Camaro SS that was built to the teeth and that came to a very unfortunate end! However, this is not the end of this car! We are going to bring it back to life and it'll be better than ever!!! Thanks For Watching!!!

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  1. Mad Mod Mechanics

    Mad Mod Mechanics4 dagen geleden

    Chip foose would be upset

  2. Ricky Avila

    Ricky Avila4 dagen geleden

    How much y’all want for them rims I’ll take them!!!???

  3. Daniel

    Daniel5 dagen geleden

    Car guys who don't know who Chip Foose is, my mind got blown 🤣🤣, guys show some respect to your OGs please 😉👍

  4. Felix Rotger

    Felix Rotger7 dagen geleden


  5. Guillermo Castillo Jr

    Guillermo Castillo Jr8 dagen geleden

    FOOSE Wheels. Those wheels are custom made by Chip Foose Design in Southern California.

  6. Brayden White

    Brayden White11 dagen geleden

    y’all should do a foxbody build or an old 67 mustang

  7. brian bruhm

    brian bruhm12 dagen geleden

    That damage is easily repairable AMD and Dynacorn make all the panels you'll need. The shifter is original for a 68 the 67 had a different shifter also the 67 SS had either a 350 small block or 396 big block engine. (P.S. the piece above the shifter is not a factory piece.

  8. Microwave

    Microwave12 dagen geleden

    69 Camaro looks hella.

  9. Anderson Silva

    Anderson Silva12 dagen geleden

    U guys are so young, chill out on the cocaine man

  10. Scott Symonds

    Scott Symonds13 dagen geleden

    whats with that Foosey stuff? is that Walmart? YEE HAW!

  11. Scott Symonds

    Scott Symonds13 dagen geleden

    Aliens must have built this???

  12. slaphappy813

    slaphappy81314 dagen geleden

    that comaro had upwards of 80-100k dropped into it nice purchase!!

  13. slaphappy813

    slaphappy81314 dagen geleden

    those chip foose wheels are from the mind of one of the best car builders/designers in the history of america.

  14. bryan diel

    bryan diel15 dagen geleden

    Y'all never heard of Chip Foose from Overhaulin?!?! Those are his signature wheels!!

  15. Denis Ovharov

    Denis Ovharov16 dagen geleden

    Парни смотрю вас ни хрена не понимаю но очень интересно

  16. Kylie Wanninger

    Kylie Wanninger16 dagen geleden

    game idea: take a drink every time they say the word dude

  17. Phoenix Black

    Phoenix Black16 dagen geleden

    Original as possible it won’t be, but a nice resto-mod you could make it. Also, what you are looking at is called pro-touring. Parts are endless for these cars, so have fun with it.

  18. Cameron Bowen

    Cameron Bowen18 dagen geleden

    To buy a 1967 camaro with a 350 in Australia is $120,000 aud

  19. flyinguitars

    flyinguitars18 dagen geleden

    The guys were trolling ...Pininfarina ....."Rebuilding A Wrecked Ferrari 458 Spider"...they laughed and said...Its got a funny name on the side ..Preafreeoria ....

  20. Buynselln

    Buynselln18 dagen geleden


  21. Buynselln

    Buynselln18 dagen geleden


  22. Peter Ness

    Peter Ness18 dagen geleden

    what language are they speaking,really need subtitles

  23. arcangelmicheal1

    arcangelmicheal118 dagen geleden

    Are you really this brainless/clueless?

  24. MrFireman164

    MrFireman16418 dagen geleden

    Polyester primer is thick like filler but is sprayed out of a gun. If you want the body laser straight you are going to have to use it over the whole car.

  25. Lance Martinz

    Lance Martinz18 dagen geleden

    Line Lock 🔐

  26. Author_Ken

    Author_Ken18 dagen geleden

    The dialogue is intolerable. I'm out of here.

  27. MoCHa

    MoCHa18 dagen geleden

    Your genuine enthusiasm for your projects shine bright, every time I watch one of your videos it makes me wana go out to my GC and just start banging 😂

  28. State Line

    State Line19 dagen geleden

    I had to come back to start from the beginning. As an owner of a 67 SS RS be interested to see what you do? EDIT: I came back to say I want to some Fooooozy wheels 🤣😂

  29. TokinCamel

    TokinCamel19 dagen geleden

    I'm 2 mins in. I got my "dude" fix, but I'm fiending for my "legit" fix. Sorry guys but I have needs.

  30. J R

    J R20 dagen geleden

    It has to be me but are they acting stupid or they just stupid

  31. ALaw2294

    ALaw229420 dagen geleden

    I HATE that steering wheel 😂

  32. Ott Motorsports

    Ott Motorsports20 dagen geleden

    I thought this looked interesting but you guys are idiots.

  33. Jacob Corvin

    Jacob Corvin20 dagen geleden

    yall should try and find the previous owner. maybe he or she will have some paperwork that could help.

  34. TheROCKTOO

    TheROCKTOO20 dagen geleden

    Not only because of the wheels, I mean the bumpers and the paint job , I believe it’s a Chip Foose design

  35. Aviation Dan

    Aviation Dan21 dag geleden

    make it dom torreto fast

  36. swadlinboi

    swadlinboi21 dag geleden

    And actually my camera on my samsung note 10 plus is much better than GFs camera on her Iphone. Iphones are crap for cameras.

  37. swadlinboi

    swadlinboi21 dag geleden

    Wheels look like ones on this 68 camero.. also foose is Chip Foose Overhaulin.

  38. Baby Bush 95

    Baby Bush 9522 dagen geleden

    Maybe you guys could put some old school Cragar's on it

  39. The Best Silver Stacker

    The Best Silver Stacker22 dagen geleden

    You need to turn that Cringe meter down a bit Wow you self's car guys you don't know who Chip Poose is Wow ...lmfao ...

  40. Paulo Ferreira

    Paulo Ferreira22 dagen geleden

    All I heard was "dUdE". Good video, loved it, keep up the good work

  41. Timothy Herweynen

    Timothy Herweynen24 dagen geleden

    Maybe get in touch with Chip Foose, he could definitely help you get it going.😂

  42. Timothy Herweynen

    Timothy Herweynen24 dagen geleden

    How could they not know Chip Foose?! Maybe it was just their sense of humour?

  43. Liae Siufanua

    Liae Siufanua29 dagen geleden


  44. dehan wijerathne

    dehan wijerathneMaand geleden


  45. Vincent Brewer

    Vincent BrewerMaand geleden

    I don’t think it will wash out them scratches gonna need more like buffing lmao I’m interested in what y’all boys do with it

  46. Juan Pablo Liparoti

    Juan Pablo LiparotiMaand geleden

    You guys don't know what Pininfarina is and now you don't know who Chip Foose is either? ... You need to go through Discovery Turbo for a while

  47. lil VovanU

    lil VovanUMaand geleden

    I want to see a Mercedes-Benz or BMW guyss please make it happen

  48. Joshua Phelps

    Joshua PhelpsMaand geleden

    Motorcycle rotors?????

  49. Joshua Phelps

    Joshua PhelpsMaand geleden

    How are y'all Car Guys and you don't know who the f*** Chip Foose is.

  50. gamerman lowery

    gamerman loweryMaand geleden

    You guys should paint it a emerald green with white race stripes

  51. Schlum99

    Schlum99Maand geleden

    Chip Foose commenting on this channel...are you kidding me!!

  52. darktidus69

    darktidus69Maand geleden

    say 'dude' one more time!

  53. Russell Little

    Russell LittleMaand geleden

    where is the camero

  54. Ken Barrett

    Ken BarrettMaand geleden

    When your talking put you hands in your pockets


    PAUL ZOULAMISMaand geleden

    Paint it 🌈. It's ok to come out ta closet boys...

  56. pinnen

    pinnenMaand geleden

    the holy graale

  57. Nicolas Berube

    Nicolas BerubeMaand geleden

    SS means Super sport

  58. Aaron Bradley

    Aaron BradleyMaand geleden

    if you do sell it how much would you sell it for i want it

  59. Lilybet1975 Mells

    Lilybet1975 MellsMaand geleden

    Everyone who does this car stuff know's who FOOSE is boy's lol x

  60. Patrick Carr

    Patrick CarrMaand geleden

    Huh.... just stupid or disrespectful??? Sorry Chip !!!!!

  61. Tfo L

    Tfo LMaand geleden

    It has a supercharged 6.0 in it

  62. TheHolydiver35

    TheHolydiver35Maand geleden

    Leave the car BLACK it is sexy as is

  63. Owen Bernhardt

    Owen BernhardtMaand geleden

    I like Mustang do a old like 67 68 Mustang

  64. RepeatYourself

    RepeatYourselfMaand geleden

    Wow. These guys are annoying to listen to.

  65. Sterling Stauffer

    Sterling StaufferMaand geleden

    I hate being late to an upload😔

  66. Don Di

    Don DiMaand geleden

    when you try hard 2 look possitive..

  67. Michael lemons

    Michael lemonsMaand geleden

    Hope u dudes do something crazy with the car keep it fast and bad ass

  68. SkunkWorksGT

    SkunkWorksGTMaand geleden

    hahahahah "Foozy is pretty hilarious"..

  69. Charles Eballa

    Charles EballaMaand geleden


  70. PaullyToe Nobody

    PaullyToe NobodyMaand geleden

    Paint it yellow with black stripes


    HUZAIFAH PEERALLYMaand geleden

    What happen to the mustang 😭

  72. Derian Reyes

    Derian ReyesMaand geleden

    About timeee!

  73. J Sol

    J SolMaand geleden

    Mighty Car Mods have experience in standalone ecus (haltech) and electronic gas pedals

  74. J Sol

    J SolMaand geleden

    Lmaoo chip foose has entered the chat

  75. Al D

    Al DMaand geleden

    Take that shirt off Simon!

  76. Mr.T

    Mr.TMaand geleden


  77. Weaver H Christ

    Weaver H ChristMaand geleden

    You maniacs ought to call yourselves the Adderall Squad!

  78. Gavin Flood

    Gavin FloodMaand geleden

    Let’s see a Jdm car build rhd supra or rx7 or skyline rebuild would be sick to see

  79. Jesse Foulk

    Jesse FoulkMaand geleden


  80. Douglas Todd

    Douglas ToddMaand geleden

    Thought they were kidding at first

  81. Preston Hagler

    Preston HaglerMaand geleden


  82. bigblocklawyer

    bigblocklawyerMaand geleden

    Didn't realize Jeremy DeWitte was restoring old cars.

  83. Dennis Lagazon

    Dennis LagazonMaand geleden

    OMG! they dont know who is Foose the legend..😂😁

  84. Austin Elliott

    Austin ElliottMaand geleden

    Anyone have any idea the song they used during washing the car? Can’t get Shazam to figure it out 😑

  85. Peter Labiak

    Peter LabiakMaand geleden

    First few minutes of the vid and straight away I can tell this is not an original car. Some replica of some sort

  86. Billy Morris

    Billy MorrisMaand geleden

    Your right , I love these guys they are helluva mechanics and I'll bet after they get done with this video I hope they do look up Chip Foose they could learn alot from his old school designs. But Goonzsquad puts out awesome videos I've been watching these guys since day 1 and im extremely proud of these Tennessee boys

  87. Travis Studebaker

    Travis StudebakerMaand geleden

    I hope chip foose steals all your cars...

  88. Alex Manuel

    Alex ManuelMaand geleden

    Do not use 87 use 93 octane fuel

  89. Michael Fletcher

    Michael FletcherMaand geleden

    Who tf is foose. Am I high or old idek

  90. Kyle Pate

    Kyle PateMaand geleden

    As a U.S. Air Force service member, I really appreciated what the guys said at the beginning about Memorial Day. Thank y’all, it really made my day!

  91. Agiotéx

    AgiotéxMaand geleden

    I think you guys should use “fuel tech” eletotronic injection, it can be the brain of the car and control everything, injection, sparcs, lights, temperature, etc.. Fuel tech is a Brazilian product and i’m Brazilian too 🇧🇷

  92. hookinandbookin

    hookinandbookinMaand geleden

    so does mostly every car/truck have a rebuilt title then?

  93. raul franco araujo

    raul franco araujoMaand geleden

    Top, ótima escolha, um clássico americano.

  94. ProctoLogic

    ProctoLogicMaand geleden

    So cool you never heard of Chip Foose. The best designer in the world. lol

  95. Nickolas Watters- Tyson

    Nickolas Watters- TysonMaand geleden

    Do the airbrushed strips but the stripes are the words “goonsquad”

  96. Jason Price

    Jason PriceMaand geleden

    iPhone gets there camera from Samsung genius 🤣

  97. 38entamitc

    38entamitcMaand geleden

    Should restore a WRX STI. Thank me later. Or a new m3

  98. Willard Thomas

    Willard ThomasMaand geleden

    Please don’t do that murder out look every body does that and it looks like crap show the chrome

  99. Zachary Archbold

    Zachary ArchboldMaand geleden

    On most cars SS stands for super sport, on yours it stands for Super Smashed

  100. demon dms

    demon dmsMaand geleden

    I enjoy your content but please stop talking with your hands