Rebuilding A Wrecked 2020 Tesla Model X Part 10

Next step is to take it to the paint booth!!! As we move right along with the 2020 Tesla Model X build, we are getting more excited to share with you guys all the aftermarket parts we already ordered! This build is gonna be so epic and we cant wait to get it finished. Also we had a huge opportunity pop up and we couldn't resist but go take a look at it! A potential farm property?! Thanks For Watching!!!


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-P.O. Box 37
Rossville,GA 30741

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  1. Ana Reyes

    Ana Reyes5 dagen geleden

    Is that chew on the Raptor dash? 🤢

  2. Ed Wilko

    Ed Wilko13 dagen geleden

    Self seeded from bird poops weed plants 👍👏😁

  3. Sterling Stauffer

    Sterling Stauffer13 dagen geleden

    Goonzquad: lets crack this whindshield open

  4. Lalo Roman

    Lalo Roman15 dagen geleden

    Sheeshh I see my boy straight looking at weed plant

  5. Lannes Carter

    Lannes Carter18 dagen geleden

    If the NARCs havent visited yall yet, I wonder how long before they do?

  6. Jordan Bowen

    Jordan Bowen18 dagen geleden

    What happened to the other properties you guys have bought?

  7. JB Cepeda

    JB Cepeda19 dagen geleden

    what happened to the inflatable paint booth?

  8. Chris Sullivan

    Chris Sullivan20 dagen geleden

    Should drive the craptor around that farm.

  9. Aimie Postma

    Aimie Postma20 dagen geleden

    yeah this would be nice for you guys to rip arround in

  10. Angel Morales

    Angel Morales22 dagen geleden

    Yessss y’all should get this land !!!

  11. Sterling Stauffer

    Sterling Stauffer24 dagen geleden

    I hate being weeks late to an upload☹️

  12. High Life Records 305

    High Life Records 30525 dagen geleden

    Get the land

  13. ace spades

    ace spades25 dagen geleden

    i know a weed plant when i see one. i was wondering if they were going to talk about them 😂

  14. Hikumsuto POL-20

    Hikumsuto POL-2025 dagen geleden

    Use it to generate income

  15. tctwg1

    tctwg127 dagen geleden

    Commercial property, new house with garage, possibly more land, sounds like your stretching too much and too fast right now.

  16. VortechBand

    VortechBand27 dagen geleden

    Setup a weekly/monthly 1/4 mile event with bars & snacks on the side at that property. Should be some nice side income :)

  17. PAM

    PAM28 dagen geleden


  18. Anthony Gragg

    Anthony Gragg28 dagen geleden

    Funny when the windshield cost what my car does

  19. martin henri

    martin henri28 dagen geleden

    just go for it . life is to short.

  20. BikeLife 416

    BikeLife 41629 dagen geleden

    Do it up boys 👌👊👍

  21. ironman12328

    ironman1232829 dagen geleden

    Why Buying a farm, to test your Cars. Do it like Cletus Macfarlane and search for an Abandoned Race/Mile Track... Test it there...

  22. Brynn’s fishing

    Brynn’s fishingMaand geleden

    With the new property I recon you should buy some recked Atvs or dirt bikes and build a track

  23. VisitMyShack

    VisitMyShackMaand geleden

    Nice 👍🏼

  24. LeRoy Raatz

    LeRoy RaatzMaand geleden

    better smoke some of that stuff, make sure it's HEMP.LOL

  25. Dad Life Gaming

    Dad Life GamingMaand geleden

    The boys are making big moves, congrats guys!!

  26. Tim satori

    Tim satoriMaand geleden

    Go for it if i could afford it you you guys could bring the property up to top notch soil and and do cattle and organic farming

  27. Israel Vazquez

    Israel VazquezMaand geleden

    Do it buy the property it will only go up in value if u can get it now at a decent price

  28. Crystal Hiner

    Crystal HinerMaand geleden

    Oh yes boys buy the farm land so many thing you can do and look like a health land.

  29. john keets

    john keetsMaand geleden

    Hell yeah buy the the field and have a lot of fun as well great 👍video 👍📹.

  30. Tarharqa Ta Seti

    Tarharqa Ta SetiMaand geleden

    Hemp can be grown on poor soil and can also be used to clean polluted soil. Great channel

  31. D k

    D kMaand geleden

    Buy it Boyz 😉🤙😀

  32. David M

    David MMaand geleden

    Buy the Farm then contact Stradman for his original design plans for his house. Lol

  33. Chris ravensword

    Chris ravenswordMaand geleden

    2:25 did anyone notice he said hop into the trunk lol

  34. Gilbert Asamani-Ayeh

    Gilbert Asamani-AyehMaand geleden

    Hey guy's which camera do you use?

  35. Carter Bolton

    Carter BoltonMaand geleden

    Get the farm

  36. Nukumai Wiki

    Nukumai WikiMaand geleden

    WOW....hope noone goes and raids their space now that they exposed the plants out there lmfao.

  37. david hammell

    david hammellMaand geleden

    Thomas on the box looking Majestic AF. Lol

  38. Giggle Bear Vlog

    Giggle Bear VlogMaand geleden

    Make circuts dude

  39. sensrule09

    sensrule09Maand geleden

    Hemp is not the same as proper cannabis plants lol it's practically worthless to smoke so many people thinking they're gonna smoke that plant and get stoned 🤣

  40. Manne Sjölund

    Manne SjölundMaand geleden

    Build a race track!

  41. Brandon Johnson

    Brandon JohnsonMaand geleden

    Hey uhmm, where did you say that farm was again?!?! Lmao

  42. Jean-Luc Picard

    Jean-Luc PicardMaand geleden

    use Tesla referral code "sergei87115" to get 1000 free supercharger miles

  43. brandonburchell8

    brandonburchell8Maand geleden

    A farm “build” would be sick!!

  44. Knight Swarm

    Knight SwarmMaand geleden

    Please could you guys give us a update of the New headquarters, i would love to see how plants in the back yard have grow, how big the chickens are now and how the house is holding up after all the renovations.

  45. 2rueblue

    2rueblueMaand geleden

    If you are seriously thinking on that farm mow the place yourself in a couple of weeks and you will have your deposit from the clippings.

  46. Eugene Elkin

    Eugene ElkinMaand geleden


  47. Patryk Mlacki

    Patryk MlackiMaand geleden

    Hemp tree lmao

  48. Patryk Mlacki

    Patryk MlackiMaand geleden

    Definitely buy it !! Can never go wrong with getting some nice farm property

  49. Josue Serrano

    Josue SerranoMaand geleden

    Call Jesse and Jaden lawn services they'll get the job done....but they are in Houston Texas

  50. Brian Gallagher

    Brian GallagherMaand geleden

    How many "Plants" did you guys take with you!! LMAO

  51. sensrule09

    sensrule09Maand geleden

    It's hemp useless to smoke.

  52. Marquise Thomas

    Marquise ThomasMaand geleden

    They're gonna build a farm for "Simon" to live on with the puppy 😂

  53. Chuck’s RC Habit.

    Chuck’s RC Habit.Maand geleden

    Hey boys use your drone to check the property.

  54. Michael Lo

    Michael LoMaand geleden

    Welcome to Goonzpeed Raceway!

  55. Tom Martinez

    Tom MartinezMaand geleden

    Build a Go Kart racing track on the farm, lots of fun and a money maker with the right promotion.

  56. CaliBoy

    CaliBoyMaand geleden

    I shouldn’t have checked you guys.

  57. Jeremy Anderson

    Jeremy AndersonMaand geleden

    Endless content with a property like that.

  58. Alan Zolotoff

    Alan ZolotoffMaand geleden

    Put in a 45 acre go cart track lol 👍👍👍

  59. joeyj8675

    joeyj8675Maand geleden

    Do it, with 47 acres you guys can do so much with.. Buy and do it..!!

  60. It'syeeOLEDskoolFurry

    It'syeeOLEDskoolFurryMaand geleden

    If you get a small bunch of GOATS. they would "MOW" the land there naturally. JUST be prepared for some goat dookie.

  61. cpgixxer

    cpgixxerMaand geleden

    Before this video gets started I wanna mention we just dropped the brand new goonzkush, cultivated by your boys daaaaaaang sonnnnn

  62. Brian Dolan

    Brian DolanMaand geleden

    Definitely need a huge burnout pad!!

  63. Klocko Gaming

    Klocko GamingMaand geleden


  64. meso06

    meso06Maand geleden

    Buy it its good for your bank and future.

  65. Otto Van Huyssteen

    Otto Van HuyssteenMaand geleden

    Start a farm Duuuuddeeee, rain makes corn corn makes whiskey

  66. kole jahn

    kole jahnMaand geleden

    Buy the farm!!!

  67. James R. Epstein

    James R. EpsteinMaand geleden

    What happened to the property up on the hill?

  68. 123karismith

    123karismithMaand geleden

    Don't forget the helipad on your farm.....oh, you probably forgot you bought that helicopter. (First world problems)

  69. TheDemobus/Auto creator's

    TheDemobus/Auto creator'sMaand geleden

    has water, electricity, hemp plants a trailer and a bush hog sounds like a good deal

  70. Kera _PL

    Kera _PLMaand geleden

    Dig a Pond

  71. julianff1

    julianff1Maand geleden

    Farm is money waste, better buy apartments near your home and rent them. Better way to safe ur millions

  72. mathi3295

    mathi3295Maand geleden

    Buyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy 😎😎😎😎

  73. Samuel Dave Himbing Mecenas

    Samuel Dave Himbing MecenasMaand geleden

    Hemp Property! Dannnngggg Sonnnn! Im high!🤣🤣

  74. John Suga'r

    John Suga'rMaand geleden

    Container house?

  75. Griffin Dickard

    Griffin DickardMaand geleden

    Someone else see the other model X in the backgroud their is 2

  76. 420 420

    420 420Maand geleden

    mow the plants down and leave them, then make a compost tea and spray it over the mowed down vegitation... FEED THE SOIL @goonzquad

  77. 420 420

    420 420Maand geleden

    @9:00 that is definitely hemp or a super sativa dominant strain👍

  78. 420 420

    420 420Maand geleden

    those tanks hold nutrients which is disappointing... u are supposed to grow with the land aka #notill

  79. Ford33coupe

    Ford33coupeMaand geleden

    Hope you aren't stretching yourselves too thin. There can be a point of no return. I am more interested in the commercial property build. Need a place to put your cars and keep them clean. Hot cars in the dirt doesn't make sense to me. Love your channel!

  80. 420 420

    420 420Maand geleden

    smoke um if u got um👍👍

  81. Anthony Outlaw

    Anthony OutlawMaand geleden

    The boiz found some dank

  82. BillBoard Hits

    BillBoard HitsMaand geleden

    yes guys buy it fedup see car builds i would rather this content for a little while

  83. Matti Virta

    Matti VirtaMaand geleden

    when boys make fly licence ready and build helicopter and buy old piper,cessna,crumman tiger, or somethink real plane and build . this make money and have interesting more than build shit idiot truck

  84. Matti Virta

    Matti VirtaMaand geleden

    this land can build own airplane/helicopter airport. and test track at car. but boys not newer can be farmer hahahaha not can. only big garage and change old car new parts have boys skill only. not can build anythink classic car and own frame car or bodywork all, only can cgange body parts wery easy job.

  85. SZEW3

    SZEW3Maand geleden

    Buy a space shuttle next

  86. Rick T

    Rick TMaand geleden

    buy property next to water only so many spots buy it and hold sell in 20 years better than putting money in the bank

  87. Robert Lee

    Robert LeeMaand geleden

    This is an awesome idea I think it would be cool asf

  88. Daniel Garbuzov

    Daniel GarbuzovMaand geleden

    Rustic Modern would be sick

  89. Fernando Villanueva

    Fernando VillanuevaMaand geleden

    Should build a drag strip or some to test ur builds

  90. Sanjay Mohan

    Sanjay MohanMaand geleden

    Waiting for Model X dance

  91. Skiridr22

    Skiridr22Maand geleden

    Let’s cultivate some medicine yo 🤣🤣🤣

  92. Tyrone Kearney

    Tyrone KearneyMaand geleden

    Keep in mind the business property you can always rent that out that's a minimum 4 grand a month the renter is responsible for paying the water bill lights I would buy the farm and rent the business property out you got the building going up money in the Bank

  93. Skiridr22

    Skiridr22Maand geleden

    Getting me some new gears

  94. Tyrone Kearney

    Tyrone KearneyMaand geleden

    I don't know what the price is 4 7 Acres if you can acquire property since only the most intelligent thing that you can do even if you just buy the property to keep use your head property ownership Is wealth that will bring you to a grand total of three properties the farm Leisure Mountain Resort if you're going to build a barn / house 100 back 200 perfect size for home shop in storage of all Vietnam Don't Be Crazy by the farm

  95. jdawg3712

    jdawg3712Maand geleden

    Hot damn!! Those Duke boys mite be goin in da weed Biz!! Next time ima comin thru I can git me sum'a dat good Goon Gaja'! This channel bout ta blow thru da roof!! YeeHaaw!🤠

  96. Willard Thomas

    Willard ThomasMaand geleden

    I’ve been watching your channel for a couple months and you two build all those cars and truck when will you be building a real truck that raptor looks like a piece of crap i mean it is a very ugly truck y’all got all those high dollar cars so y’all need to fix a good looking truck

  97. tadiwa farakezi

    tadiwa farakeziMaand geleden

    Go Kart Track

  98. lfilson

    lfilsonMaand geleden

    One of my clients has 33 acres in LaFayette with running water. We're currently designing a hydro-electric powerplant. He's going to be getting $700 per month in "free" electricity, and what he doesn't use they will pay him for when it goes back into the grid. The whole hydro plant is going to cost less than 10k. Buy property with that potential then you can not only not need the grid but have it pay you.

  99. ESA

    ESAMaand geleden

    Thomas the Hellcat was trying to read Model X Windshield towards the end of the video...LOL!!

  100. boyce1204

    boyce1204Maand geleden

    You can lease out acres to farmers to make some money on the side.

  101. tonymayo1973

    tonymayo1973Maand geleden

    I would rather watch you build something on the land