Rebuilding A Wrecked 2020 Tesla Model X Part 13

Our first official test drive!!! We finally got our 2020 Tesla model x about 90% complete and it is turning out amazing. This build has definitely been quite that challenge but we are still enjoying every bit of it. After getting almost all of the original parts back on and piecing it together we are now starting to throw some aftermarket parts at it! This Tesla is definitely going to be one of a kind and super epic once its all done! Cant wait to show y'all!!! Thanks For Watching!


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  1. Sterling Stauffer

    Sterling Stauffer19 uur geleden

    I hate being late for a video

  2. Abdulaziz

    AbdulazizDag geleden

    I like the original steering wheel better

  3. Mincraft Pe

    Mincraft Pe4 dagen geleden

    21:34 I think Billy name is Just mentioned for the first time on this channel 😂😂

  4. Gary Ammerman

    Gary Ammerman8 dagen geleden

    Have you guys ever seen Simon get his hands dirty, or is it just me thinking Pops is the only one that gives Billy a hand? This is really the Billy and Pops show (plus cast of Mom, wife, sister and dogs and cats)...Simon too busy with his jaws (must have to ice them down after every vid).

  5. JSpencer89

    JSpencer8912 dagen geleden

    There's a v-cut for the glue tube that puts on the glue for the windshield better.

  6. Dzg93

    Dzg9314 dagen geleden

    Do you guys like sell the cars or do you keep it?

  7. Guillermo Andres Godoy

    Guillermo Andres Godoy14 dagen geleden

    Keep Shinning Gonzquad! THE BEST CHANNEL IN THE WORLD! Hello from Guatemala

  8. yurunning

    yurunning15 dagen geleden

    We need a pop shirt

  9. eldoctorexxl

    eldoctorexxl17 dagen geleden

    Moooooorrrrrrreeeeeee videos whit Dad please

  10. F A

    F A17 dagen geleden

    Listen......the future of goonzquad is a tv show. No question, you guys have everything. I have no idea how to make it happen but you need to find the hook up and cash in, you deserve it.

  11. görüntü sende

    görüntü sende18 dagen geleden

    ne konuştuğunuzu anlamasam da videolar süper :) türkiye den selam

  12. Go Rex Go

    Go Rex Go18 dagen geleden

    I did not know that Pops and Mom are from Eastern Europe.

  13. Devin Jones

    Devin Jones19 dagen geleden

    Paint the wheels black

  14. DemoScottGaming Lounge

    DemoScottGaming Lounge19 dagen geleden

    Wonder if we will ever get to see them complete the helicopter build. Also if I where you I’d just take that 3M tape off and put something stronger on there bc on a hot summer day that 3M will peel right off and you’ll loose your carbon fiber

  15. darrynkushman1

    darrynkushman120 dagen geleden

    Their Mom Cooks Tasty Meals , That is what gives them Energy . Healthy Food

  16. sl production

    sl production22 dagen geleden

    The Channel came so far

  17. Jere Vikki

    Jere Vikki22 dagen geleden

    You should wrap the front Tesla logo RED!!!

  18. markmtnfn6

    markmtnfn623 dagen geleden

    I've never wanted an electric car but you boys are sure making me rethink that!

  19. New York's Finest

    New York's Finest23 dagen geleden

    You guys should do a 03-06 Silverado ss build in the future

  20. Cre8it Group

    Cre8it Group23 dagen geleden

    Your dad is a wealth of information. How about a cut for "what does Pop say".

  21. Mooching Around

    Mooching Around24 dagen geleden

    Great to see dad getting more involved, he is a dude and he is legit 😎

  22. Matthew Black

    Matthew Black24 dagen geleden

    I like eat everything too pops.

  23. joe4lily

    joe4lily24 dagen geleden

    Love that thumbnail of the Tesla parked in front of the gas pump hilarious.

  24. Eduard Avanesov

    Eduard Avanesov24 dagen geleden

    Couple of tricks fellas, cut a v into the tip of your urethane, that’ll allow you to lay it out taller for proper grab. Also you should be using a 3M urethane primer prior to applying , windshield and car side . Good job though

  25. Sam Jarman

    Sam Jarman24 dagen geleden

    does your dad do voiceovers for adult films? I'm sire I've heard those moans somewhere before...

  26. Гудименко Пётр

    Гудименко Пётр24 dagen geleden


  27. Peter Broesen

    Peter Broesen24 dagen geleden

    No, you are not 100% finsihed with the room interior, you have crack in one of the roof windows

  28. Pentti K. Huttunen

    Pentti K. Huttunen24 dagen geleden

    dad is super cool man

  29. Hawer

    Hawer24 dagen geleden

    No superchargeing is comming

  30. Mohammed Monis khan

    Mohammed Monis khan24 dagen geleden

    Elon Musk, if you're watching this you gotta be hiring these guys👌👌✌️

  31. Charles Eballa

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  32. jimmyg

    jimmyg25 dagen geleden

    Love how your dad is more involved. RESPECT and HONOR to your dad is lovely to see.

  33. Bill Axberg

    Bill Axberg25 dagen geleden

    I think it’s awesome how you have your pops on. I lost my dad this year and I would give anything to have time with him again. Cherish your pops.

  34. JB mectronic

    JB mectronic25 dagen geleden

    Cant wait to hear the sound of it from the armytrix exhaust, oh wait....

  35. Jair Ramos

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  36. Leonard Howell

    Leonard Howell25 dagen geleden

    From not even knowing how to plug in a Tesla to absolute experts in 14 videos! That's awesome but not as awesome as every single personality, doginality and catinality in the videos! Keep up the awesome work guys and I absoultely cannot wait to see that chopper in the air!!

  37. M M

    M M25 dagen geleden

    That's one good father you got there! Supports his son's! Love the videos guys keep em coming! GOONZQUAD 2022!

  38. Wileri

    Wileri25 dagen geleden

    Gotta love the comments “pops” has when going for a ride

  39. Jason DePinto

    Jason DePinto25 dagen geleden

    What’s is that thing he wears around his neck/shoulders

  40. Arch

    Arch25 dagen geleden

    awesome Pops is back !!

  41. MAPRTX

    MAPRTX25 dagen geleden

    NOW WHAT .................PARK IT

  42. Ken Ry

    Ken Ry25 dagen geleden

    Mình rất thích tesla, nhưng ở Việt Nam chưa mở bán

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  44. Pierreson Hong

    Pierreson Hong26 dagen geleden

    did you test if it supercharges

  45. Lg!!! !

    Lg!!! !26 dagen geleden

    Pops is a gangster

  46. Prince Oranusi

    Prince Oranusi26 dagen geleden

    They have the sauce

  47. Dewald Hanekom

    Dewald Hanekom26 dagen geleden

    Why oh why???? Subtitles????

  48. Joshua Mapp

    Joshua Mapp26 dagen geleden

    Keep the car in jack mode if you’re going to lift it off the floor, this goes for all bagged cars, it puts strain on the bag system and could rip a bag or mess up the compressors, model x’s do have some suspension issues so heads up on that I didn’t get any issues till about 125,000km, they fixed the issues in the newer 2019-2021 suspension so a nice upgrade would fix it and make it more efficient.

  49. Matthew Blancher

    Matthew Blancher26 dagen geleden

    lol pops riding in the Tesla made my day. Really happy to see you guys enjoying your builds together

  50. Marlon Green

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  51. Shawn S

    Shawn S27 dagen geleden

    i absolutely love that pops, came out of his shell, i really enjoyed seeing the interaction with the camera, was so awesome!! i love this family so much!!

  52. Kusuma Wijaya

    Kusuma Wijaya27 dagen geleden

    pap is so happy, and test drive is love it

  53. Luka tomažič

    Luka tomažič27 dagen geleden

    the sensor in the falcon door is not glued on (it came loose).

  54. FaithfulMC

    FaithfulMC27 dagen geleden

    That carbon looks kinda weird, I don't like it

  55. Ernie Salonga

    Ernie Salonga27 dagen geleden

    What happened to the Nissan 370Z

  56. wazzup105

    wazzup10527 dagen geleden

    Wrap that Tesla logo up front for an even stealthier look.

  57. Toon The Goon of OCOV

    Toon The Goon of OCOV27 dagen geleden

    🤣🤣🤣 pops said he like everything

  58. kyle ore

    kyle ore27 dagen geleden

    25:15 hahah he said the name of his brother haha

  59. kyle ore

    kyle ore27 dagen geleden

    Nice paps you can start your own vlog

  60. G Hines

    G Hines27 dagen geleden

    #stopchromeblackout 👎🏾

  61. B6jfkmx

    B6jfkmx27 dagen geleden

    The best steering wheel on this channel by Aza! Damn it looks nice

  62. Typical Shampoo

    Typical Shampoo27 dagen geleden

    This is the best series so far!!!! I did tell you to do a Tesla model X a long time ago!!! so I want a like!!!! Or a Tesla!!!! My kids would die!!!! Best videos on NLpush!!!!💯🔥🐐✊🥰🙏😍🤡👀

  63. Nick

    Nick27 dagen geleden

    Your falcon doors just need to be re calibrated. When the door is all the way up, hold the down button from the inside of the car. Keep holding the down button and the door should start to close slowly. Once it gets close to closing press the door down to help it latch. When It closes keep holding the down button for 2 more seconds. Hope this helps

  64. Dominic Summonte

    Dominic Summonte27 dagen geleden

    Yeah DUDE

  65. Kevin Taylor

    Kevin Taylor27 dagen geleden

    Hey My old pal Yury! Worked with you at juniors brother.

  66. DW808

    DW80827 dagen geleden

    Great video as always! I love your dad being in the videos. Such a cool guy! He's a beast!

  67. TheRevalationNation

    TheRevalationNation27 dagen geleden

    Pops is the star of the show!!!

  68. Brian J

    Brian J27 dagen geleden

    Pops is so cool

  69. Andrew German

    Andrew German27 dagen geleden

    That brake you were feeling when testing is is regenerative braking I believe

  70. Ken Marlin

    Ken Marlin27 dagen geleden

    Let's all watch Billy eat! LOL Great shots!

  71. Sinishaw Tadele

    Sinishaw Tadele27 dagen geleden

    Am I the only one who keeps confusing who is who? 🤔 nice series

  72. Robert Beattie

    Robert Beattie27 dagen geleden

    I notice back door glass roof is crack 😳😳

  73. KinGTeraTino

    KinGTeraTino27 dagen geleden

    It’s pretty good to see Pops!! The cool thing about NLpush is these recorded moments u guys have with him are forever.

  74. Martin Hayward

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  75. Mário Filipe Augusto

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  76. Marshmallow Swirl

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  77. wpnaes

    wpnaes27 dagen geleden

    'Definitely that carbon fiber made it faster', Pops nervously, " Uh,Maybe because air not stopped the leed." Yeah, I'd be outta breath too Pops.

  78. GTO Dave

    GTO Dave27 dagen geleden

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  79. C. Eben Franks

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    R u guys Italian

  81. John Stedman

    John Stedman27 dagen geleden

    The family have a Ukrainian heritage.

  82. Byron Killinger

    Byron Killinger27 dagen geleden

    Please do more launch videos with Dad in the car. Love his facial response.

  83. Garry Ellett

    Garry Ellett27 dagen geleden

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    CPPC Tech27 dagen geleden

    My fav part is the dad test drive!!! PLEASE PLEASE try to always let dad in on the test drives lol. his reactions are my fav thing now! id give this 10 thumbs up if i could just for your dads reactions alone lol

  88. Travis Ash

    Travis Ash27 dagen geleden

    All fake !

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    bob d27 dagen geleden

    What a great idea having pops go for the test drive on the finished build! Id love to see his reaction for all the builds.

  90. Travis Ash

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  91. RA42

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  95. Travis Ash

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