Rebuilding A Wrecked 2020 Tesla Model X Part 14

Now its testing time!!! We finally got most of this once destroyed Tesla Model X back together and we couldn't wait any longer to do some ripping. We ended throwing the rest of the carbon fiber on it and then we took care of a few other little issues it had. After all that we finally installed a custom tow hitch and pulled a few thing around! This thing is super wild!!! Thanks For Watching!!!


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  1. Тарас

    Тарас4 dagen geleden

    I think Tesla is not for towing


    GHOST SQUAD9 dagen geleden

    Coming next on goonzsquad- witch car grenades and catches first! Dude And possibly blows up!!! We don't know!!! Just wait, we will see, no mods untouched straight from the manufacturer, Dude place your bets, witch one blows up first?

  3. Paul Hamilton

    Paul Hamilton9 dagen geleden

    It's really interesting to see you guys rebuild one of these copart wrecks. I wonder if you could give us an idea how a salvage title affects the sale price in the end. You guys are definitely doing a great job but what does a buyer think of a salvage title? Have you run into any problems with that? Great work, Great videos, Thanks.

  4. F A

    F A13 dagen geleden

    How is sis liking the gladiator?

  5. Tae Lew

    Tae Lew14 dagen geleden


  6. OutOfNameIdeas

    OutOfNameIdeas14 dagen geleden

    Tesla. Yauch. So boring.

  7. Amanda Buffington

    Amanda Buffington16 dagen geleden

    I saw you today in-the white lambo at the battle field took a pic

  8. rich kemp

    rich kemp17 dagen geleden

    Surely lowering the tow hook wood be silly!! Just move it over and brace around it.

  9. rich kemp

    rich kemp17 dagen geleden

    Does every car get finished 100% or are there wires that you don’t know where they go to so you just leave them?

  10. Reverse_Aid 07

    Reverse_Aid 0717 dagen geleden

    Everyone gangster until goonzquad pulls up with a big boat with a Tesla

  11. B Patel

    B Patel18 dagen geleden

    Sister be like damn Tesla is done but where’s my Audi haha

  12. joel garsia

    joel garsia19 dagen geleden

    Damm brother In-law

  13. nate kennison

    nate kennison19 dagen geleden

    Suggestion for the parts car: use the motor, battery, and electronics to swap into a tiny lightweight sports car like the atom, Lotus Elise, or a miata. tiny low weight car with a monster electric drivetrain... might make sub 2 second 0-60

  14. pgk7974

    pgk797421 dag geleden

    20:30 What is the song name.

  15. Ohioguy

    Ohioguy21 dag geleden

    Good work, I heard Tesla's actually tow pretty well. Here is a Model 3 pulling an airstream.

  16. Jair Ramos

    Jair Ramos21 dag geleden


  17. Baba Tunde

    Baba Tunde22 dagen geleden

    Get the hellcat version of the challenger

  18. sl production

    sl production22 dagen geleden

    Let’s go

  19. Doc

    Doc22 dagen geleden

    Hello goonzquad sister. 😗

  20. darrynkushman1

    darrynkushman122 dagen geleden

    Razor Blades is a huge tip , You guys always finish the Job nicely

  21. David S.

    David S.22 dagen geleden

    I miss the links to the audio tracks that are featured in the videos

  22. David B 396V8

    David B 396V822 dagen geleden

    1:21 Poor Thomas! 😄

  23. Abhinav Kumar

    Abhinav Kumar22 dagen geleden

    Their sister's smile is so similar to Billy's!

  24. Jonny Wilson

    Jonny Wilson22 dagen geleden


  25. Bobby gallahorn

    Bobby gallahorn23 dagen geleden

    wrecked lambo Urus next

  26. Kayden Rohlik

    Kayden Rohlik23 dagen geleden

    A 30lb jug of r22 refrigerant is like 700 dollars 😂

  27. David Everitt

    David Everitt23 dagen geleden

    I know its only because the suspension isn't fixed, but I think it looks better slammed with that carbon fiber kit.

  28. Marlon Green

    Marlon Green24 dagen geleden


  29. #MechanikNaprawiaipokazuje #UTurbomechanika

    #MechanikNaprawiaipokazuje #UTurbomechanika24 dagen geleden

    tesla ładnie odpicowana

  30. Demonized SniperMaster636

    Demonized SniperMaster63624 dagen geleden

    What is the new build

  31. josh mwaniki

    josh mwaniki24 dagen geleden

    What’s the song on 9:36?

  32. SAADY-S 786

    SAADY-S 78624 dagen geleden

    The Lamborghini just looks so 🔥on the back of the Tesla

  33. Jacob Payeur

    Jacob Payeur24 dagen geleden

    Poor mustang😩

  34. Lewis Buckle

    Lewis Buckle24 dagen geleden

    Now do the trailer wiring so that it hides up in the cavity with the panel on

  35. Boikot lsrail

    Boikot lsrail24 dagen geleden

    Armytrix gonna hate you guys! 🤣

  36. Shuaib

    Shuaib25 dagen geleden

    I don't like the asymmetric B pillars design on the tesla

  37. CC Rider

    CC Rider25 dagen geleden

    Who’s that pretty blonde 👱‍♀️ at 10:20 ?? Anyone know ? Is that Billy & Simons sister ? She don’t look like Billy’s wife.

  38. 조병호

    조병호25 dagen geleden


  39. Dave Smith

    Dave Smith25 dagen geleden

    Was that the Lockpicking lawyer...

  40. Colefinney 1234

    Colefinney 123425 dagen geleden

    Is the window in the top back broke

  41. Richard Pope

    Richard Pope25 dagen geleden

    Another Fine Job...

  42. Antarius Baugh

    Antarius Baugh25 dagen geleden

    A Breakfast Combo Kit 😂😂

  43. Alan Elizalde

    Alan Elizalde25 dagen geleden

    It ain't a goonzquad build, until you put a hitch on it

  44. Aiden and Julian

    Aiden and Julian25 dagen geleden



    FUNKYMAN25 dagen geleden

    Electric car, water?? Awesome!!!! 😂✊

  46. 8joejames8

    8joejames825 dagen geleden

    They make things for getting the runs down. At your paint supplier ask for paint planers.

  47. Vladimir Jukic

    Vladimir Jukic25 dagen geleden

    10:26 that is Billy wife or

  48. K. T.

    K. T.25 dagen geleden

    Guys, i like your videos, but your weight guessings are soo wrong. A Ford raptor doesn´t weight 7000 pounds it is only 5600 pounds and your boat NEVER had 5000 pounds. I own a Boat myself ( a 8m long Steel (!!) Cabin Cruiser) that weights 3,5 Tons (7700 Pounds). And by the way The trailer hitch isn´t from Tesla. it´s from a german Company called "Bosal Oris".

  49. luis gonzalez

    luis gonzalez25 dagen geleden

    When are you doing the helicopter video

  50. Jack Sloan

    Jack Sloan25 dagen geleden

    Check the thermal switch for your AC . It probably needs replaced

  51. KobalT

    KobalT25 dagen geleden

    Billy need to trust his welding game to test his work with a boat or lambo :D still we all know the boys are puting the best work :)

  52. N Watts

    N Watts25 dagen geleden

    You guys need to put I set of black wheels on that Tesla

  53. Paweł Szymański

    Paweł Szymański25 dagen geleden

    Feels wierd to hear a silent Goonzquad fly by :)

  54. Riejet Veenstra

    Riejet Veenstra25 dagen geleden

    I love this guys love peace

  55. kleemanjad

    kleemanjad25 dagen geleden

    What will happen with the second tesla? Build the burnt huracan..

  56. big earl

    big earl25 dagen geleden

    What's up ghaz

  57. Frank Leonard

    Frank Leonard25 dagen geleden

    even tho the tesla has the power to pull such load it cant stop it too well! thats pick up truck stuff! and that hitch was not designed to handle such loads! now welding on a hitch takes the temper right out of it! its great for a little 500lbs trailer dont pull big loads like that with it guys! its not worth it! you got plenty of big pullers there that can handle such jobs!

  58. Koen Veltman

    Koen Veltman25 dagen geleden

    Hey Goonz, I watch all your video and I like the merchandise you guys have, but I'm for the Netherlands and the shipping costs are way too much for me. I like support you guys but 26 dollars for shipping is too much for me, is there a way we can maybe fix this?

  59. Ice Green

    Ice Green26 dagen geleden

    Wide body de tesla 😎👍🏻

  60. Meshari Harbi

    Meshari Harbi26 dagen geleden

    Song at 20:30 ?

  61. Donald J

    Donald J26 dagen geleden

    You two guys are enthusiastic willing to learn and do things. I love seeing videos of bringing cars back to life. I happen to see the Ford pick-up video then the Ram for your epic! Keep doing what you do...maybe it will inspire other younger people to want to do something like this with their hands and learn some skills. Your Dad and Mom have to be so proud of you guys!

  62. Michael Yarmie

    Michael Yarmie26 dagen geleden

    That tesla looks like a dodge caliber.. How much does an 8 ball cost?

  63. sale havek

    sale havek26 dagen geleden


  64. 2GB gamer

    2GB gamer26 dagen geleden

    Duuuuuude 😂😂

  65. 2GB gamer

    2GB gamer26 dagen geleden

    New wheels

  66. Kusuma Wijaya

    Kusuma Wijaya26 dagen geleden

    yeayyy, legit rebuikding,, this one from many good that i like from goonzquad, they finish the job and make 100 percen OEM

  67. Daniel Geeslin

    Daniel Geeslin26 dagen geleden

    You guys should rebuild the other Tesla as well

  68. Moeen Abbasi

    Moeen Abbasi26 dagen geleden

    Pull Up Quite And Takeoff Quite ♠️

  69. simon w

    simon w26 dagen geleden

    Next up, 67 cadillac deville convertible !!

  70. Tim santisouk

    Tim santisouk26 dagen geleden

    Build urus

  71. JRRoberts

    JRRoberts26 dagen geleden

    No way that little Lincoln 140 mig welder has enough amperage output to get proper penetration on that 1/2'' plate.

  72. Brent Joshevama

    Brent Joshevama26 dagen geleden

    I don’t see why people would hit the dislike button 😤

  73. Keith Fogg

    Keith Fogg26 dagen geleden

    Not really into teslas there terrible car's

  74. Darryn Ruzicka

    Darryn Ruzicka26 dagen geleden

    Electric cars are shit. Move on.

  75. Selina Seng

    Selina Seng26 dagen geleden

    Can the tesla tow the Militarytruck?

  76. Stefan Egger

    Stefan Egger26 dagen geleden

    the rich always get everything for free because they need more money

  77. Caleb Seeburger

    Caleb Seeburger26 dagen geleden

    Will y’all ever do a boat build

  78. op clasher

    op clasher26 dagen geleden

    Make video on viper

  79. Neil

    Neil26 dagen geleden

    Pretty good trailer hitch...for something that was never intended for more than a bike rack!

  80. Visharad Joshi

    Visharad Joshi26 dagen geleden

    No chamfering before welds is a big mistake

  81. Pawel Ozga

    Pawel Ozga26 dagen geleden

    Guys please do a G wagen 63AMG if u find one and please put offroad tires on it

  82. Flabio Rivas 69

    Flabio Rivas 6926 dagen geleden

    Badass 🇲🇽💯

  83. Tayeab Hoseny

    Tayeab Hoseny26 dagen geleden

    14:38 look at the reflection of billy on the paint lol

  84. Muhammad Ron khan

    Muhammad Ron khan26 dagen geleden

    Build a Lamborghini Uris

  85. Charles Fralic

    Charles Fralic26 dagen geleden

    Do a price reveal

  86. Bob Simony

    Bob Simony26 dagen geleden

    @Goonzquad People Down here in Miami are Pullin Boats with Teslas All Day.. You Guys can Definitely Pull it off

  87. Tim Garrison

    Tim Garrison26 dagen geleden

    I haven’t you mention anything about rims and tires. Are you gonna do that on the Tesla too?

  88. Dark Abyss

    Dark Abyss26 dagen geleden

    Stupi EPA with there dumb regulations. All newer cars including mine have to use that new R-1234yf expensive ass shitty refrigerant because they think its hElpInG tHe EnViRoNmEnT. That refrigerant is ass and causes so many issues on cars condensers already and it does not blow as cold as the older style refrigerant. F the EPA!

  89. Garcansdad

    Garcansdad26 dagen geleden

    There is a small tool called run razor. It is a razor blade holder that can be adjusted to trim clear coat runs and sags. It works pretty well.

  90. Ricky Stehlik

    Ricky Stehlik26 dagen geleden

    Still gonna rebuild the parts car or sell it off as is??

  91. Dylan Woods

    Dylan Woods26 dagen geleden

    I’ve had my dealing with cutting blades, you’re best bet with that kind of metal is to get a Diablo blade, yeah they are expensive but you only need one and it’d woulda cut through that metal like butter

  92. frederic rike

    frederic rike26 dagen geleden

    You have got to get Pops to drive this with a trailer on it! He spent a career doing that and ask him how he sees it! the Tesla is heavy, has big brakes and a very low center of gravity- then throw in that rear view camera for monitoring your tow, etc- wow! FR

  93. JoeBarb JB

    JoeBarb JB26 dagen geleden

    Sooo, like dude what like language are you dudes like super yapping man. Far out groovy cool bitch in.and stuff.

  94. Dalton Watkins

    Dalton Watkins26 dagen geleden

    Lenox metal saw blades you will never use another brand once you try them

  95. Jonathan

    Jonathan26 dagen geleden

    @16:52 bro was legit mind blown 😂😂😂

  96. Michael Lambie

    Michael Lambie26 dagen geleden

    Have you reach out to Richie Rich

  97. John Stedman

    John Stedman26 dagen geleden

    The 'Rich Rebuilds' NLpush Channel responded in the Comments to the very first episode which Goonzquad uploaded in their current Tesla series, but no further collaboration has been mentioned.

  98. ItzAdvxncedsFxult

    ItzAdvxncedsFxult26 dagen geleden

    Don't forget that you need to install the pedestrian alert system that's required by the government. (and you can play funny sounds through that speaker) Here's a link to an eBay listing too! :D

  99. skeelo69

    skeelo6926 dagen geleden

    I had an important soccer match to watch in London....we won !!... however back to watching my Goonzquad afterwards ... I hope England win the final on sunday when they play Italy ☺☺☺

  100. Patrick Madigan

    Patrick Madigan26 dagen geleden

    It is nice to other family members driving your vehicles... =)

  101. Patrick Madigan

    Patrick Madigan26 dagen geleden

    You are showing more of your wonderful family... Was that your sister smiling? Very nice... =)