Rebuilding A Wrecked 2020 Tesla Model X Part 4

This was our only hope! As we tear this Tesla down as much as possible, we start looking for replacement parts to get this sucker fixed. We quickly notice that parts are nearly impossible to find so we started doing some thinking. A parts car is going to be the quickest way to get all the parts for this build and also be able to have extra parts left over to do other epic things. This build is definitely a game changer but were super excited to take this thing on! Thanks For Watching!!!


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  1. Emma Novinger

    Emma Novinger3 dagen geleden

    I’m not trying to be disrespectful but I am wondering how you just have all the money for these cars? I’m trying to get into rebuilding too.

  2. Coltin Kinney

    Coltin Kinney6 dagen geleden

    Can’t stand watching anymore. Dude. Someone lmk when they stop this “dude” shit

  3. Brabbitster

    Brabbitster13 dagen geleden

    Most dude in a video

  4. Ed Wilko

    Ed Wilko14 dagen geleden

    Much better put together than my 2017 Mercedes E350

  5. Future Gaming

    Future Gaming26 dagen geleden

    The new performance model x is called (plad) not (played)

  6. Kusuma Wijaya

    Kusuma Wijaya27 dagen geleden

    tesla , this dude have two tesla on garage

  7. Kusuma Wijaya

    Kusuma Wijaya27 dagen geleden

    good, progress is legit

  8. jocknomore

    jocknomore28 dagen geleden

    Dude! Dude? Dude! Dude?

  9. JAKE - YT

    JAKE - YTMaand geleden

    what is the song called? 17.52

  10. Jean-Luc Picard

    Jean-Luc PicardMaand geleden

    use Tesla referral code "sergei87115" to get 1000 free supercharger miles

  11. mattia russo

    mattia russoMaand geleden


  12. Tessie Rideaux

    Tessie RideauxMaand geleden

    The brainy uganda spatially pull because gemini endosonographically handle failing a deranged hardboard. tenuous, unhealthy carp

  13. Derek

    DerekMaand geleden

    @goonzquad a wide body kit would look amazing on this 😍🤤🤤🤤🤤

  14. james lucas

    james lucasMaand geleden

    Dude every 10 seconds is bloody anoying lol

  15. GreenFlame

    GreenFlameMaand geleden

    you guys probably would have been better off fixing the parts car

  16. Salemdxb

    SalemdxbMaand geleden

    I hear Some pronounce "PLAID" as "PLAYED" and others pronounce it as "PLAAD". Which is right?

  17. dmart 360

    dmart 360Maand geleden

    Roll cage / tube chassis and off-road tires

  18. Ryan McCoy

    Ryan McCoyMaand geleden

    The way he said Plaid LOL

  19. Patryk Mlacki

    Patryk MlackiMaand geleden

    Off-road Tesla build

  20. Gamingwith JSH

    Gamingwith JSHMaand geleden

    2030 Goonzsquad: rebuilding a wrecked A380 Airbus

  21. Ayden Haselhorst

    Ayden HaselhorstMaand geleden

    Speaking of parts car, what happened to the custom super car build

  22. Serkens Delice

    Serkens DeliceMaand geleden

    “Dude” is just flying lol

  23. Alan mark Encabo

    Alan mark EncaboMaand geleden

    Hope you build that white truck

  24. Geoff Lee

    Geoff LeeMaand geleden

    I want to see a lift kit and turbo on that JD tractor.

  25. DeepHorizon

    DeepHorizonMaand geleden

    When they said "it's been 3 years since we built the kit car" i felt very very old

  26. Rohan Johnson

    Rohan JohnsonMaand geleden


  27. Martin

    MartinMaand geleden

    Can you guys please show how to fix the small dent in the hood? I have the exact same on my car and want to fix it at home.

  28. Ima Starboy

    Ima StarboyMaand geleden

    on the Tesla, gold theme / rose gold theme / or some kind of carbon fiber wrap for the brakes (maybe not real carbon but a good looking wrap that u could fabricate around the brakes maybe get couple other carbon fiber pieces.

  29. Jim Leffingwell

    Jim LeffingwellMaand geleden

    Tie his hands and he couldn't talk and does the other guy have any other word he uses but Dude ?????

  30. Moe’s Garage

    Moe’s GarageMaand geleden

    Hey would you sell the right side doors? Please reply ❤️

  31. [PR] Kefi3

    [PR] Kefi3Maand geleden

    Me: be careful that no oil spill on you Me now remembering: ITS ELECTRIC THERE IS NO OIL

  32. JPRamon68

    JPRamon682 maanden geleden


  33. JSmooVE3990

    JSmooVE39902 maanden geleden

    Correct me if I'm wrong but the dual motor long range + is more powerful then the 90D isn't it?

  34. amit pagare

    amit pagare2 maanden geleden

    You should make the model x 2020 you should

  35. curtis wilcock

    curtis wilcock2 maanden geleden

    You Gave the second Tesla a good wash it will buff the damage out 😏 on a serious note it will do what you need it too do for the parts and is the roof the same for the 2016-2020 I guess it will be and making more memories with pops I like it ☺️ and the second Tesla wide body large wheels lowerd 🤔 that would sick

  36. Nolan Laupp

    Nolan Laupp2 maanden geleden

    At like 10:10 it sounded like he said the n word 🥴

  37. allenochi

    allenochi2 maanden geleden

    Parts car for our parts car

  38. clong126

    clong1262 maanden geleden

    When you get money and decide to try out cocaine

  39. C Splashwatercrook

    C Splashwatercrook2 maanden geleden

    Thanks guy's the goblin is nice but would you build a ULTIMA RS

  40. Lokey Playz

    Lokey Playz2 maanden geleden

    I wonder how much these guys pay for insurance

  41. Tech481

    Tech4812 maanden geleden

    Let’s see a video on the wrecked parts pile😂

  42. dustsmoke

    dustsmoke2 maanden geleden

    Can't buy parts for a tesla? Guess I won't ever own a tesla.

  43. Jaymason Filter

    Jaymason Filter2 maanden geleden

    Motor swap is a must take the better choice

  44. Zachary

    Zachary2 maanden geleden

    Baja Tesla

  45. Dylan

    Dylan2 maanden geleden

    you should strip the tesla How cool would that be, a stripped fully working tesla make it just moter and frame

  46. Dino Sore

    Dino Sore2 maanden geleden

    I reckognised those mirrors on the kit car from the 08-14 Honda CBR 1000RR 👌🏻 they always flop around though 🤨

  47. John Garza

    John Garza2 maanden geleden

    Junk Yard Dave has a back side for you telsa

  48. Royce Ardery

    Royce Ardery2 maanden geleden

    Love the videos but you use DUDE way too much lol its funny.

  49. Frostback Garage

    Frostback Garage2 maanden geleden

    i upgraded my soap

  50. Cash 76

    Cash 762 maanden geleden

    I don't think the word "can't' is in these guys vocabulary! They just keep expanding their boarders.

  51. Akiyl 1/16

    Akiyl 1/162 maanden geleden

    Song at the end???

  52. Ryan Johnson

    Ryan Johnson2 maanden geleden

    Broke ass car guys: Man I wish I had a shop and a lift so I didn't have to work on my car on my back in the dirt. Goonzquad boys: Forget clearing some space in our shop and using the lift. We'll fix this Tesla on our backs in the dirt.

  53. Tim Stubbs

    Tim Stubbs2 maanden geleden

    What's up with the helicopter

  54. Matthew Hancock

    Matthew Hancock2 maanden geleden

    Turn it into an off-roading Tesla!

  55. S.kapisan kapi

    S.kapisan kapi2 maanden geleden


  56. Plio

    Plio2 maanden geleden

    Music Parts: 2:17 7:59 11:26 17:51 22:39 _

  57. Harambe Reincarnate

    Harambe Reincarnate2 maanden geleden

    Classic Car EV Conversion?

  58. hasanaydin22

    hasanaydin222 maanden geleden

    This sensor will tel you tha you are upside down if you turn over 😁😁😁😁

  59. Legend17

    Legend172 maanden geleden

    make the parts car convertible lol

  60. David Kelm

    David Kelm2 maanden geleden

    Next project raising a sunk navy ship ⛴🚢😅

  61. Forrest Maners

    Forrest Maners2 maanden geleden

    Give it away

  62. Alex rickett

    Alex rickett2 maanden geleden

    Put a combustion engine in it would be so sick

  63. tig brown

    tig brown2 maanden geleden

    Please do an old square body build in the future. Good work as always!

  64. Lanti.3

    Lanti.32 maanden geleden

    Ouuu do you have braces? If so that’s why I was wondering why you sounded like that lol.

  65. Laszlo Gaspar

    Laszlo Gaspar2 maanden geleden

    Just like new

  66. With DaeDae PøéȚýÁņğ

    With DaeDae PøéȚýÁņğ2 maanden geleden

    Or do a 2jz swap Tesla

  67. With DaeDae PøéȚýÁņğ

    With DaeDae PøéȚýÁņğ2 maanden geleden

    Buy a Citi golf MK1 and do a classic build

  68. JUAN

    JUAN2 maanden geleden

    WINNING BID $28250 dlls

  69. Robert Zamora

    Robert Zamora2 maanden geleden

    2016 and 2020 parts for Tesla are all the same for model x

  70. Blanca Guevara

    Blanca Guevara2 maanden geleden

    Hey y'all should fix the parts car to so y'all can. Have to Tesla's

  71. evlqueen

    evlqueen2 maanden geleden

    Y'all just keep leveling up.

  72. 梵太歲

    梵太歲2 maanden geleden

    2016 may had free supercharger for life

  73. Lyon

    Lyon2 maanden geleden

    tesla swap the jeep cherokee

  74. Jesse Keefe

    Jesse Keefe2 maanden geleden

    "Played".. LOL.. It's Plaid.. you know from Spaceballs? "They've gone plaid!"

  75. MR MECH 42

    MR MECH 422 maanden geleden

    Guys build a cyber truck 🛻 out of Tesla get into the future bud before others does

  76. Rishi Gandhi

    Rishi Gandhi2 maanden geleden

    Take the extra parts and sell them

  77. Hampton T

    Hampton T2 maanden geleden

    Check out my girlfriends Lifestyle Instagram @lifealittlebrighter Thank you for a like or even a follow! It means a lot

  78. Hampton T

    Hampton T2 maanden geleden

    Check out my girlfriends Lifestyle Instagram @lifealittlebrighter Thank you for a like or even a follow! It means a lot

  79. Adorable Bunny Rabie

    Adorable Bunny Rabie2 maanden geleden

    Why don't you fix both teslas??

  80. Daren Russell

    Daren Russell2 maanden geleden

    Put a hellcat motor in it 😂

  81. cameron plourde

    cameron plourde2 maanden geleden

    Totally need to build a tesla cart

  82. F_A_ LONDON

    F_A_ LONDON2 maanden geleden

    How many times did I hear dude keep up the great work amazing videos do a German car next please

  83. DemoScottGaming Lounge

    DemoScottGaming Lounge2 maanden geleden

    Ngl I thought they sold the kit car and even if they didn’t i totally forgot it was there

  84. Pathurr HMS

    Pathurr HMS2 maanden geleden

    Goonzquad "take leaf blower" Viper "are you kidding me?"

  85. Joseph Caratelli

    Joseph Caratelli2 maanden geleden

    Go kart conversion on the parts Tesla

  86. Gerardo Argumedo

    Gerardo Argumedo2 maanden geleden

    Y’all should do a zombie apocalypse theme would be epic

  87. David Roberts

    David Roberts2 maanden geleden

    Why not use the original buy as a parts car for the one with less electronic swapping? I mean yes way less content but definitely easier lol

  88. Stasi Karros

    Stasi Karros2 maanden geleden

    yall say dude way to much lol

  89. J_dv_

    J_dv_2 maanden geleden

    stop saying so much dude it really annoys me

  90. Jim Doyle

    Jim Doyle2 maanden geleden

    Wow 2 parts cars? If it were me I'd fix the 2016 first and sell that thing. Seems like it would be a quick and easy fix. Then fix the 2020 and sell it. Sell the remainder parts and try to get out of this without a huge loss.

  91. Daniel Martinez

    Daniel Martinez2 maanden geleden

    Yall should put an LS and off road 🤣🔥

  92. Jovany

    Jovany2 maanden geleden

    Dude the platinum needs some thicker tires🗣👀

  93. Timothy Crawford

    Timothy Crawford2 maanden geleden

    still waiting for you to donate that Goblin to me, it will go to a good home!!

  94. Goncalo Rijo

    Goncalo Rijo2 maanden geleden

    You treat cars with respect, and that is a great thing!

  95. Sean Signer

    Sean Signer2 maanden geleden

    Guys the old one I believe is older battery technology.

  96. Zdanek

    Zdanek2 maanden geleden

    The 2016 modelX suspension is completely different from the 2020 modelX suspension

  97. Dewald Hanekom

    Dewald Hanekom2 maanden geleden

    Why is it that people withe hearing problems have to wait for subtitles,....???😤

  98. Akshai Eldho

    Akshai Eldho2 maanden geleden

    What about Lamborghini parts car build ??

  99. Alan O

    Alan O2 maanden geleden

    Sell off the parts you don't need and Make a Tesla Powered Kit-Car...dual motor Cobra? Just a thought.

  100. Maxwell Parritt

    Maxwell Parritt2 maanden geleden

    How many times a minutes do they say dude

  101. MANCHAKA !

    MANCHAKA !2 maanden geleden

    Nothing sounds more stupid then super fire