Rebuilding A Wrecked 2020 Tesla Model X Part 8

We finally got the front end of this Tesla Model X coming together!!! So far the process has been pretty smooth and we are getting super close to getting this Tesla painted! We do have a good bit of body repairs here and there, but for the most part this thing is turning out nice! We cant wait to have it all finished up so we can do some competing against the Jeep Trackhawk! Stay tuned and thanks for watching!!!


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  1. Muhammad Hamad

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    Do not ever sell this one please, add it to your Viper Garage. This thing is timeless.

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    I hate billy 💯

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    Elon: bye bye supercharging

  7. BadHunter s

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    Your pops is funny with carbon fibre bumper piece 😎👌

  8. JB Cepeda

    JB Cepeda19 dagen geleden

    Take that A-pillar piece off the parts tesla, and make the parts tesla the first TESLA RAT ROD

  9. Mysterious Ghost

    Mysterious Ghost20 dagen geleden

    that door gap being so close is actually pretty common on Tesla's from the factory funnily enough lol

  10. Brandon LaRue

    Brandon LaRue22 dagen geleden

    How it works when you say cuss word how old are you how old are you okay let's sleep now I think you should have a rainbow Tesla instead

  11. Brandon LaRue

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    How old are you

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  13. Colefinney 1234

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    Did you make sure to change the black Tesla’s fender camera and put it on the grey Tesla fender

  14. Colefinney 1234

    Colefinney 123425 dagen geleden

    He said the fender needs to get realigned but that is one Tesla body gap

  15. Memphess Bommarito

    Memphess Bommarito27 dagen geleden

    Happy bday!! Ik im late but finally catching up on the vids! Anyways, I wish I could afford that trackhawk because that thing is an absolute dream of mine to own one day!!

  16. fine China 999

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  18. Tyrel Mittelstaedt

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    Lost the carbon lip on my C63 AMG like 2-3 days after I had it installed to a tire on the freeway somebody kicked up

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    Whats are you spraying 1st in trackhawk before washing?

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    I hope you had a happy birthday! And a happy Father's day with POPS!

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    use Tesla referral code "sergei87115" to get 1000 free supercharger miles

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    They should get a JDM R34 that will be awesome hope they can do it that will be cool you can do so much with A JDM CAR

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    severe depression but watching your videos makes me wanna get up and get something done. Can't thank you guys enuff.

  32. rgbigdog

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    You always have to be on the lookout for them Road Gators aka blown retread tractor trailer tires on the highways.

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    I thought they were Twins. 🤔😂🤣🤷‍♂️

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    I’m feeling a set schedule….. Muscle car Monday, Tesla Tuesday, wateva Wednesday, trackhawk Thursday… a lot of random things going on at random times.. just a idea…

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    i’m wondering if this is a contest to see how many times they can say “dude” lol

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    @goonzquad if you wanted too, you can throw on the new refresh Model X front bumper for a cleaner & sleeker look. Should be plug & play.

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    Sorry to hear a road gator reached out and bit you. Use some flex additive in your clear if you don’t already it will slow down your dry time though.

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    Hey guys I'm huge fan and what happen to subtitles to this video cuz I'm deaf. If you can put it on I'll be forever grateful. Much appreciated and happy birthday billy.

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