Rebuilding A Wrecked 2020 Tesla Model X

Our very first all electric build!!! A 2020 Tesla Model X, this is going to be one of our crazier builds because of all the new technology this thing has. We are super excited to dive into this project and learn along with you guys. We cant wait to get it back to its original spec!!! This is going to be epic! Thanks For Watching!!!


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  1. Haych 123

    Haych 123Dag geleden

    Nah these two deffo been popping pills before the camera started rollin

  2. 551223

    5512232 dagen geleden

    I’m a technician at the Fremont factory in the model 3 line. It’s crazy seeing the car completely built after watching it being built part by part. The frame is literally pieced together. It’s welded, riveted and adhesived throughout the entire “frame”

  3. Daniel Johansson

    Daniel Johansson5 dagen geleden

    Is it Dudezquad?

  4. V E

    V E6 dagen geleden

    They talk way too much wtf lol

  5. Saamir Reece

    Saamir Reece10 dagen geleden

    damn.. yall say dude so much LOL, it's so funny!

  6. TechZone

    TechZone12 dagen geleden

    dude... DUDE... duuuude.. dududududududud dududududududuuddu dudududuuduuuu dudududududuu udududududuuuuuuuuude

  7. Themorden_boy

    Themorden_boy14 dagen geleden

    why ur neck soo tall

  8. ElCompaYaquiBarbas

    ElCompaYaquiBarbas16 dagen geleden

    Drop a Hellcat in that Tesla.

  9. MHA gaming & moto vlogS

    MHA gaming & moto vlogS18 dagen geleden

    Model x is faster than Urus

  10. Ed Wilko

    Ed Wilko19 dagen geleden

    Everything in the uk runs 250v with most goods using 210v and the house feeds are 415v. our cars dont take long to charge with 32 & 64amps. pumping out the battery cooling gulp

  11. Mvalson

    Mvalson20 dagen geleden

    I thought a Tesla was accident cautious .

  12. Steven Plaskett

    Steven Plaskett23 dagen geleden

    The jeep 4xe is a off road electeic

  13. Edson Francis

    Edson Francis24 dagen geleden

    Are all your talk has script? What an actor

  14. BabeRed Nelson

    BabeRed Nelson25 dagen geleden

    I wanna find someone who thinks they got the skills to turn my 04 mustang convertible into a fully electric car I CALL IT THE TESLASTINE PROJECT

  15. 1415Challenger

    1415Challenger25 dagen geleden

    lol, it seems like the car is just messing with you 😂 I loved at the end when the back door opened and then closed 😂 it’s acting kinda haunted ngl

  16. IM MNDZ

    IM MNDZ26 dagen geleden

    Imagine Tesla had a Tesla lock mode kind of like ICloud

  17. Scott Ard

    Scott Ard27 dagen geleden

    This is like the new Tiger King minus Carole Baskin. ... Holy crap..What could go wrong. I can't stop watching.

  18. Kusuma Wijaya

    Kusuma Wijaya27 dagen geleden

    i hope see this beuaty ride on road again.. love it U take tesla

  19. Robert Strickland

    Robert Strickland27 dagen geleden

    Where is this car from? There was a Tesla crash near Cloverdale, Indiana a while back.

  20. Mr. penguin

    Mr. penguinMaand geleden

    Yeah that thing was pretty wrecked dude

  21. Guardians Creed

    Guardians CreedMaand geleden


  22. Leonard Weeks

    Leonard WeeksMaand geleden

    I’m impressed, but does this guy drink like 10 cups of coffee before turning the camera on?

  23. Jean-Luc Picard

    Jean-Luc PicardMaand geleden

    use Tesla referral code "sergei87115" to get 1000 free supercharger miles

  24. Ken Brown

    Ken BrownMaand geleden


  25. Lazar Zivkovic

    Lazar ZivkovicMaand geleden

    22:10 bad cock? Really?

  26. Kamran Mughal

    Kamran MughalMaand geleden

    I am mising watch video last 1 year

  27. Kamran Mughal

    Kamran MughalMaand geleden

    Covid 19

  28. Kamran Mughal

    Kamran MughalMaand geleden

    Hi I am back

  29. Fares Alchouikh

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  30. Michael Wole

    Michael WoleMaand geleden

    you guys talk too much love you guys tho.

  31. C. Ö.

    C. Ö.Maand geleden

    Why would anyone fix this shit even people know that tesla is gonna make the car useless anyways?

  32. Robert Medeiros

    Robert MedeirosMaand geleden

    We only Tesla Model X but we fix it all in one day

  33. Aidan Holliday

    Aidan HollidayMaand geleden

    What happened to the helicopter and the custom super car builds

  34. Simplayer

    SimplayerMaand geleden


  35. AngelFix

    AngelFixMaand geleden

    get to work guys, talk too much!

  36. Peneal Million

    Peneal MillionMaand geleden

    Noo u should be a car geek No ev's shit.

  37. Sunthiran Moodley

    Sunthiran MoodleyMaand geleden

    Do a Mercedes Benz build

  38. JR Auto

    JR AutoMaand geleden

    Can’t wait for this build to start. 😁😎👍

  39. Hemank Saraogi

    Hemank SaraogiMaand geleden

    I stopped watching goonz because of no car content. Now i am back... love you goonz

  40. Peter Labiak

    Peter LabiakMaand geleden

    just put a good old V8 in it and be done with this electrical mumble-jumble lol

  41. Jordani Galvez

    Jordani GalvezMaand geleden

    Guys should do a Honda type r

  42. Adrian saeternes

    Adrian saeternesMaand geleden

    I have watched everything you guys have done but i have never seen you this hyped for any other car

  43. Jeremiah Brumby

    Jeremiah BrumbyMaand geleden

    The only NLpush channel where you hear “dude” in every sentence 😂 love the videos!

  44. Guardians Creed

    Guardians CreedMaand geleden


  45. Alberto Montano

    Alberto MontanoMaand geleden

    Does anyone else want them to build a good old school 50s, 60s or 70s American muscle car?

  46. Kevin Chen

    Kevin Chen2 maanden geleden

    hi goonzquad can you make a video From BMW i8

  47. theglowbear

    theglowbear2 maanden geleden

    Bobby looks and acts stoned in the last couple of videos. Many post that they are starting to disrespect their money and getting cocky. This could hurt their channel and income...time to go back to humble begging boys or your career will come to a slow hault!

  48. XXXT

    XXXT2 maanden geleden

    You should get the Tesla app there's summon

  49. XXXT

    XXXT2 maanden geleden

    Any test I don't have no results because I have a Tesla model x it doesn't have the exhaust heater

  50. GM

    GM2 maanden geleden

    I hope it won't explode

  51. Shamit M

    Shamit M2 maanden geleden

    Imagine getting a check engine light on a Tesla 😂

  52. curtis wilcock

    curtis wilcock2 maanden geleden

    Hell yeah this is dope loving this project

  53. dave mcmanus

    dave mcmanus2 maanden geleden

    "how do you mod this thing"... as far as I know, you don't. Tesla is the automotive analog for apple products. 100% proprietary, and like Apple, even after you buy it, it's not really yours because you're under an EULA that allows the actual owner of the software that runs it to withdraw use for a variety of reasons. Usually this includes trying to modify the software in any way. I could be wrong and I'm certainly not an authority on the subject, but that's my impression.

  54. dave mcmanus

    dave mcmanus2 maanden geleden

    "I've got a bad feeling about this" - Han Solo

  55. dave mcmanus

    dave mcmanus2 maanden geleden

    Not at all thrilled with watching a Tesla. I know a lot of people are thrilled, but I am NOT one of them, However, you boys always put out good content so I'll stick with you. I'm looking forward to the Camaro much more than this tech nightmare garbage.

  56. Axel Nord

    Axel Nord2 maanden geleden


  57. fkesti.

    fkesti.2 maanden geleden

    Tube chassis front end?

  58. [PR] Kefi3

    [PR] Kefi32 maanden geleden

    I wish goonzquad was my brothers ,I will have been the happiest person in the world, good luck with that tesla y'all we need prays after

  59. DaneMagic

    DaneMagic2 maanden geleden

    When it started leaking i think it was water damege 😳

  60. David Kelm

    David Kelm2 maanden geleden

    That's uh hella learnin curve

  61. Waxyraindrop446

    Waxyraindrop446 2 maanden geleden

    you needs to take @keneishner seriously it will happen

  62. Kapil M

    Kapil M2 maanden geleden

    You two guys are look like who have amazing future big robo and look for how its working.... 👍

  63. Levi May

    Levi May2 maanden geleden

    60 dudes by 7:20 🤣

  64. Gerard Aprilino

    Gerard Aprilino2 maanden geleden

    Finaly ev !!

  65. BluesriderDF

    BluesriderDF2 maanden geleden

    "Does it have a transmission?" "Do they have radiators?" Omg...

  66. Issam ABC

    Issam ABC2 maanden geleden

    As always guys love to see you bro's work together. Always positive ;o) keep up the great job guys (Big Fan here)

  67. Fosia Yusuf

    Fosia Yusuf2 maanden geleden


  68. Callie Kesterson

    Callie Kesterson2 maanden geleden

    If it doesn't already have it you need Ludacris mode. No not the rapper. Lol it gives you more power but it does suck the battery charge down. We test drove one a few years back (my daughter worked for Tesla) and it will take off like a rocket. :)

  69. Paul.

    Paul.2 maanden geleden

    Dude man dude oh dude man duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude 😂

  70. Jason O'Toole

    Jason O'Toole2 maanden geleden

    It must have just gotten its self driving license.

  71. Ronin

    Ronin2 maanden geleden

    I took vodka shot every time they said "dude", i passed out in 5 minutes ;)

  72. Millstone Colognes

    Millstone Colognes2 maanden geleden

    14:56 got me laughing so hard

  73. Millstone Colognes

    Millstone Colognes2 maanden geleden

    Yo call up the dude who helped yall with the Audi

  74. Ghostly Hax

    Ghostly Hax2 maanden geleden

    If y’all like the self driving then you should check out the comma two. It’s a kit you can install in a ton of modern cars. It’s on par with Tesla’s autopilot.

  75. Sun Studio

    Sun Studio2 maanden geleden

    And the twins foolishness continues....😡 same sh1t repeated over and over just to increase the video time😡 just pretending to be extremely dumb to not know anything about any car.😡 OMG life is so unfair😡

  76. Adrian Rangu

    Adrian Rangu2 maanden geleden

    That's going to be epic

  77. Royal_Gaming

    Royal_Gaming2 maanden geleden

    rebuild a wrecked c8 corvette!

  78. Royal_Gaming

    Royal_Gaming2 maanden geleden

    please rebuild a urus, it will look insane!


    KASE BUNDRICK2 maanden geleden

    I just realized that you guys never did a price reveal on the new goonsquad headquarters and I think you should have.


    KASE BUNDRICK2 maanden geleden

    You guys should rebuild a old muscle car

  81. Joshua Wright

    Joshua Wright2 maanden geleden

    Sponsored by vossen aren’t you

  82. Peyton Elder

    Peyton Elder2 maanden geleden

    It is electric ⚡️ it is not gasoline that’s why there no tell pipe

  83. jake Jogret

    jake Jogret2 maanden geleden

    When are you continueing the boat build

  84. Marco Scomazzon

    Marco Scomazzon2 maanden geleden

    Billy’s face at 25:52 it’s priceless😂

  85. Cowboykilla831

    Cowboykilla8312 maanden geleden


  86. ubalze

    ubalze2 maanden geleden

    This thing is not a step....this is a leap for you! You need a lot of research, Tesla is not a is a computer on weels ! good luck ! i'm so exited!

  87. 7AK0B!

    7AK0B!2 maanden geleden

    Color charge the tesla ......something unique, since it is the first electric car on the channel.

  88. Dylan Jennings

    Dylan Jennings2 maanden geleden

    Man. Really hard to watch this video. You guys are just rambling nonsense now. Makes it hard to watch listening to you guys. Had to change the video after 3 minutes

  89. ferv

    ferv2 maanden geleden

    Cmon guys, just buy an official charger from tesla

  90. ferv

    ferv2 maanden geleden

    There is a back to the future Easter egg in this car, u can find it on NLpush, give it a try

  91. Wian Erasmus

    Wian Erasmus2 maanden geleden

    it would be cool to build a 4x4 tesla

  92. Indy76er

    Indy76er2 maanden geleden

    Y’all rebuild all these vehicles but can’t replace the side window in yer truck?

  93. Indy76er

    Indy76er2 maanden geleden

    Good luck getting parts

  94. Michael Maniacup

    Michael Maniacup2 maanden geleden

    "Daaaaang we got the whole car on right now dude, I don't even know how" CRAAAAACKS ME UP HAHAHAHA tesla shit bro

  95. Nicklas Lindqvist

    Nicklas Lindqvist2 maanden geleden

    Wait a sec…a wrecked P100D is expensive over there and a….Lambourghini is NOT?!?(or any of your other builds). I havent looked it up but have to belive you guys then. For example here, a crashed viper or GT500 is probably around 100k here in Norway, a used, but still spanking new P100D is almost the same or cheaper….This is in Norway. Yes we have govermental fundings on our electric cars from new, but still!!? I am a little dissappointed that you didn’t go for a performanceversion-tesla. Had 3 of them myself, first one TMS P85D. Daily driver now is a longrange model 3, and this a slooooow one in comparison to the P85 :( You guys are speedfreaks and should have gone for an performance! Still…gonna watch the rebuil. You will only loose supercharging, dont worry about what anybody else is saying, still a fully usable car. In 6 years with tesla, I might have supercharged 10-15 times. All other is charging at home and savings are MASSIVE! No lockout on the pc in car or any other bull! It is still, just a car! Even in Norway there is SO MANY used parts to get from the salvageyards. These will be a normal and smooth build :)

  96. Marlon Green

    Marlon Green2 maanden geleden


  97. Mad Safwan

    Mad Safwan2 maanden geleden


  98. silverstake88

    silverstake882 maanden geleden

    When the car is charging - a pump moves coolant around the battery cells. Tremendous heat is generated when charging and discharging batteries. Thus you have likely a broken pipe or torn hose connection.

  99. OneJoebear123

    OneJoebear1232 maanden geleden


  100. Mitchell Alderton

    Mitchell Alderton2 maanden geleden

    You guys definitely need to do a full exhaust and cold air intake! DAAAAANG SON!!

  101. Matti Virta

    Matti Virta2 maanden geleden

    not pretty dang cool car ,show poor men little prius or similar big shit not have beauty car. basic poor men car this show only.