Rebuilding A Wrecked Jet Boat Part 2

This is going to be a tough one for sure!!! We finally lifted this boat up to get to the bottom of the hull to see what insane damages this thing has. Of course we brought in some heavy equipment to lift this sucker up. As soon as we found the perfect set up to work underneath this thing, we absolutely went to town. The fiberglass repairs this thing needs is just absolutely crazy, but I dont think it'll be too much of a problem! Hopefully soon this thing will be back on the water, ripping!


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  1. scott saliger

    scott saliger20 dagen geleden

    You guys need to order a gel coat repair kit also all fiberglass boots have a gel coat and when it drys its glass slick

  2. william webster

    william webster21 dag geleden

    ah filler, oh well

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  4. Will PRATT

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    I only just noticed how many times they say dude

  5. Korbelkiller

    KorbelkillerMaand geleden

    It looks like it fell off the trailer and slid down the road to me

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  7. Steve Maddox

    Steve MaddoxMaand geleden

    You guys channel is so fun to watch you guys are not scared to tackle any job to get what you need or want


    LT. SHADOWMaand geleden

    Why didn’t y’all just get some flex tape woulda worked great

  9. Lhey Motovlog

    Lhey MotovlogMaand geleden

    Pops is the Master of all😃.,He know what's the best😍.,

  10. Realguy36ntn

    Realguy36ntnMaand geleden

    Simon hope you get back to 100% soon. So good to see your pops helping you guys. It’s always great to see your videos. Never know what you guys will be into.

  11. Sterling Stauffer

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    I hate being late for an upload😡🙁

  12. Brianna Walsh

    Brianna WalshMaand geleden

    What are you guys going to do with the semi in the backyard?

  13. SxmTech

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    I always say it, Pops is the real MVP. God Bless Pops. Love to see him in the vids just being around is cool.

  14. Nick Oberg

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    *flex seal tape*

  15. Lee Cavazos

    Lee CavazosMaand geleden

    Im not apart of your team dont want to be your hacking my phone

  16. PMW

    PMWMaand geleden

    I love the fact that you guys just jump into a project and give it a go, but I think I would let the pro's handle this repair. I think your going to get some water penetration after it sits in the water for a while. It should hold for a summer but watch out for it next year boys!! Your going to do some swimming at some point,,,,

  17. Les Learning

    Les LearningMaand geleden

    Dude. rebuild the cylinder on big bertha. You guys can do it on the cheap. Check out Watch Wes Work on how to do it.

  18. Jason Gardner

    Jason GardnerMaand geleden

    How the hell do they not know they need gel coat.

  19. James Mace

    James MaceMaand geleden

    Dude I really like your videos dude. But dude you gotta stop with dude every other word dude. Please dude.

  20. Ford Mercury

    Ford MercuryMaand geleden

    It may be a bit late to mention this, but when you lay down fiberglass, for strength you will want to lay down each fiber sheet at 90*, +45*, -45* and 0 degree angles. This will give you the best strength chance for that repair. I know this is a bit late, but if you ever run up a bar and may need to do the repair again, and or repair a new section, these different angles will give you the best strength out of your fiber composite material. Cheers!

  21. Francis Street

    Francis StreetMaand geleden

    Hey fellow Dudes, perhaps you need to contact Phil Swift and get a butt load of “ Flex Seal”!

  22. The Rx7 roadie BURPLE RX7

    The Rx7 roadie BURPLE RX7Maand geleden

    Bet that trailer was fun going down the road with all that weight right on the back end

  23. Connor K

    Connor KMaand geleden

    lol spray paint instead of gel coat? Is this a joke to you guys?

  24. Go Leafs Go

    Go Leafs GoMaand geleden

    Wow, a lot of hate on for the boys in the comment section? I think its the content actually, boats just seem to aggravate the snot out of people. Please someone share the "Break Out Another Thousand" joke or the always hilarious especially when you hear it for the 685th time that day; "Best two days in a boaters life is the day they buy their boat and then the day they sell their boat".....

  25. Vern Daley

    Vern DaleyMaand geleden

    Gotta fix both divots or you’re looking for more trouble.

  26. Ariana Sanchez

    Ariana SanchezMaand geleden

    I’ll say dude with you all day long!

  27. Ariana Sanchez

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    Let’s be friendssssss

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    If I had a dollar everytime they say dude I would make Jeff bezos look poor

  29. Domo Capz

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    8:00 lmao what🤣

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  31. mike oswald

    mike oswaldMaand geleden

    What?! No boat rotisserie? 😉

  32. Robert McCall

    Robert McCallMaand geleden

    Fix the forklift boys....

  33. Recreation Time

    Recreation TimeMaand geleden

    Flex glue problem solved

  34. Far Bm

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    5:05 billy Hat-off .. Billy without a hat

  35. Far Bm

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    They dont give hearts to comments °.°

  36. William Robinson

    William RobinsonMaand geleden

    Should probably add some gel coat to that hole in your hull..

  37. Marlon Green

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  38. T W

    T WMaand geleden

    Thanks for reminding me to never buy anything from yall 🤯🤷‍♂️😅😅

  39. 32775jason

    32775jasonMaand geleden

    You turn on the fan before you start the motors to get any gas fumes out from Where the motor is

  40. Max Marx

    Max MarxMaand geleden

    This took me back to my time when I was at Catalina Yatchs working on 42fters.

  41. Howard Meyers

    Howard MeyersMaand geleden

    Wear is vido 3

  42. Me Me

    Me MeMaand geleden

    put your life jackets on when you put in the water 😀😀😀

  43. Nice guy Tim

    Nice guy TimMaand geleden

    Keep up the great work

  44. Claire Gardner

    Claire GardnerMaand geleden

    Hi Guys Really like your new boat. Can't wait to see you Do A FULL THROTTLE CRASH STOP, YOU'LL LOVE IT!!! As it is a jet drive you can go from full throttle ahead to full throttle astern with no pause Really looking forward to seeing that. Make sure your bilge pump is working first.

  45. A҉n҉g҉r҉y҉ ҉Y҉a҉n҉k҉ R҉C҉

    A҉n҉g҉r҉y҉ ҉Y҉a҉n҉k҉ R҉C҉Maand geleden

    I certainly hope you guys researched how to correctly repair a fiberglass boat hull... That patch in no way will hold.... It needs to be repaired both on the inside and outside of the bottom layer of hull by first removing the ski locker from the inside and machining and grinding down to the bottom... Then tracin back to the last of where the main damage area is and then grinding down the entire length of the hull and using "Marine Grade" and NOT automotive grade reinforcement strips of mat... Bare minimum of four in this case after seeing more closely where the damage is... In my professional opinion, I would use 6 strips and run them the full length of the hull to displace the force of the impacts from water and waves.... If you don't IT WILL blowout and leak badly and do more damage than originally occurred......

  46. Matti Virta

    Matti VirtaMaand geleden

    repair boat after fiberglas has sandin paint gelcoat, and then buffing paint. same resin uses but adding to resin colour paste thats all, not good paint primer and top paint, not keep longtime, glassfiber need use same resin and colour adding to resin then have longlife good paint cover.

  47. Matti Virta

    Matti VirtaMaand geleden

    minimum layer in boat glassfiber have if boat have 4 meter long minimum layer glassfiber need 4 layer ,if boat have 8 metert long minimum layer have 8 layer this is hand rule to how many layer need add boar under. 30 feet sailboat glassfiber have more than 30 layer minimum tichnes have about 1 inch. but all factory made more lot.

  48. Matti Virta

    Matti VirtaMaand geleden

    lot better repair boat have take off engine all liguid, oils,water etc. and then skip boat 90 degree and can easy repair underboat all. wery dangerous if hoist big bertha and go under boat. bertha hydraulic can broken some time if have bad lucky and men stay under boat accident.

  49. Matti Virta

    Matti VirtaMaand geleden

    why not has painted big bertha yet. you say before you paint this beauty fine, this not have beauty fine now.

  50. cheapasstech

    cheapasstechMaand geleden

    You can rename Gradall to GrabAll

  51. Moto Dipper

    Moto DipperMaand geleden

    I can drink to how many times they say “dude”

  52. ril850

    ril850Maand geleden

    I'm skipping these until the Tesla or Camaro come back.

  53. Charlie Glines

    Charlie GlinesMaand geleden

    If your launching in freshwater, gel coat or spray paint will do. But in salt water you need gel coat and 3 coats of marine paint to prevent buildup of barnacles and scum that make a noticeable difference in the boats speed

  54. Aamy Bains

    Aamy BainsMaand geleden

    Great work 👍 dannggg son🤣

  55. ChickenUnnget

    ChickenUnngetMaand geleden

    My gf mad that we haven’t got to see the complete finished product of the house with all the furniture inside, she wants one last video, if you could!

  56. Anand Vinjamuri

    Anand Vinjamuri18 dagen geleden

    You have a girlfriend?

  57. Bradford Robinson

    Bradford RobinsonMaand geleden

    Sorry dudes, after watching this video, I realize you don't have an F'N clue what you are doing. If it was as easy as stuffing so fiberglass mat and resin into the hole the Insurance co would never have totaled the boat. This is a major hull repair with delamination of the fiberglass and needs to be feathered back insuring the delamination is eliminated and repaired properly as it is structural to the hull. It's clear you are not boaters as the previous boat you worked on is sitting uncovered and growing green shit. Wish you the best and hope you can swim as this project is going to end at the bottom of the lake.

  58. Darrell Roeters

    Darrell RoetersMaand geleden

    Caulk wheels boat can slide forward.

  59. nevno2005

    nevno2005Maand geleden

    They turn the boat side way..

  60. Brady and Austin

    Brady and AustinMaand geleden

    I love you

  61. 4david8

    4david8Maand geleden

    FIX THE LITTLE or you'll have a lot more problems with the fiberglass cracking

  62. Brian Saben

    Brian SabenMaand geleden

    She’ll float.

  63. Dewald Hanekom

    Dewald HanekomMaand geleden

    How many freeken days to we have still have to wait for the subtitles to be added??????

  64. Tony Stakis

    Tony StakisMaand geleden

    As a boat guy, I can tell you that you need to RESIN coat the whole bottom now!

  65. Gangster 404

    Gangster 404Maand geleden

    Below question - Why didn't they fill both holes at the same time? Because they half ass everything and the same reason they never fixed the big dent in the tailgate of the silver truck.

  66. Shit Head

    Shit HeadMaand geleden

    *very moist*

  67. 505zoom

    505zoomMaand geleden

    STOP RUSHING THINGS. Seriously, "oh we'll fix that one later because it's not dripping water"? Fucking morons.

  68. mrmadmike427

    mrmadmike427Maand geleden

    Buy some SMD SUN FLASH for your fiberglass needs

  69. Mohd Ridzuan

    Mohd RidzuanMaand geleden

    not everything is based on instinct and logic. there is a teacher out there somewhere. an a reason why they are called teacher. i stops watching this channel after the house build up.

  70. Dragan Zeta

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  71. Comirla Rares-Ionut

    Comirla Rares-IonutMaand geleden

    fix everything thats damaged properly as you fixed the one bellow just to be sure everything its fine and will last

  72. Verbruggen, Paul verbruggen

    Verbruggen, Paul verbruggenMaand geleden

    would it be an idea to use this product for the bottom of the boat ??

  73. Shawn Henderson

    Shawn HendersonMaand geleden

    Just asking do you pay you dad for all the help he gives you guys

  74. Michael Tessaro

    Michael TessaroMaand geleden

    Hey guys make your videos longer Love the new content

  75. David Mccormick

    David MccormickMaand geleden

    Definitely use a gel coat marine paint on your repairs! You don’t want to have to repair it again.

  76. Matthew Delgadillo and Austin farmer

    Matthew Delgadillo and Austin farmerMaand geleden

    I thought you guys name the truck big breath you


    AFTERKILLWEBACK - IDMaand geleden

    Rebuild home episode 92, . ...

  78. Larry Flynn

    Larry FlynnMaand geleden

    Hey comments section, chill. They're going to test it out and drive the boat like one more time before it gets pulled behind the garage. We've got a commercial steel building to learn about soon! Goonz, just keep the stoke alive on whatever you create and people will still tune in.

  79. Robert Gibson

    Robert GibsonMaand geleden

    Think you boys need to listen to alot of the comments before water testing! Im no fiberglass guy but seems like alot of fellas have good points on the repair and more that should be done before testing!!!

  80. Robert Gibson

    Robert GibsonMaand geleden

    Think you boys need to listen to alot of the comments before water testing! Im no fiberglass guy but seems like alot of fellas have good points on the repair and more that should be done before testing!!!

  81. Ardian Sejdiu

    Ardian SejdiuMaand geleden

    great patch great job

  82. john wheatley

    john wheatleyMaand geleden

    A badly bodged up boat by somebody that drinks too much coffee !!

  83. Darcy

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  84. Thirdy Yongco

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    * guys

  85. dabeetle

    dabeetleMaand geleden

    EPIC build :D check out Sailing Parlay Revival channel to all your fiberglass advice ! He is sick! :D

  86. Juan Cayo Azcarate

    Juan Cayo AzcarateMaand geleden

    Hey Guys, i’m a naval architect and yacht designer. Please carefully check the area of the impact for any DELAMINATION of the hull as it looks like the impact weakened the area arround the hole and water has been making her way inside the lamination. Also check if there is any crack on the inside structures. Repairing the hull safely is not a simple patching process like you are doing right now.

  87. LS4.8 Frank

    LS4.8 FrankMaand geleden

    There are some things you just don't half ass do. Patching a fiberglass hull of a boat is one of them especially if you plan on "beaching" the boat. You need to repair all of the holes, scratches and so forth and afterwards use a marine grade top coat or white gel coat in order for it to be proper. There is a reason why boats and so forth have a gel coat on them.

  88. Paul Gill

    Paul GillMaand geleden

    For the time it would to load it strap it down drive back and then unload would of been quicker driving it back 🤪🤙

  89. mrromantimothy

    mrromantimothyMaand geleden

    You Don't spray krylon on there Billy it's supposed to say" flex sea"l on the can lol

  90. Bartus

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    Can i get a ‘dude’ counter?

  91. Mitchell BARNES

    Mitchell BARNESMaand geleden

    Please pimp the heck out of that trailer during the rebuild.... side marker lights and underglow neon!!!

  92. FreedomsLegacy #FREEDOM

    FreedomsLegacy #FREEDOMMaand geleden

    I wonder when big bertha is gonna get a new coat of paintt😅

  93. John Stedman

    John StedmanMaand geleden

    Having recently endured the tedium of having our larger boat fully repaired after it was struck broadside by an errant tender while moored alongside a jetty, I was amazed at the high cost of the restoration works, their necessary complexity, and the time taken to execute them to professional standards which addressed all of the many safety issues involved. The account was, of course, settled in full by the insurers of the party responsible for causing the damage, and the vessel is now as robust as when first launched, but it was a salutary lesson. The Goonzquad Yamaha 230 is a much older boat and it is obvious that a full restoration of the hull to 'as new' condition would not be viable in market terms. This is the reason that the 16-year-old craft was declared an 'Actual Total Loss' by the Insurance Loss Adjuster of the previous owner. The cost of splitting the hull to deck joint to gain full access to the interior, lifting out the ancillaries, repairing the hull to original standards inside and out, then reassembling and testing all components, joints and systems would certainly be more than the boat is worth. The very basic cosmetic repairs which Goonquad are undertaking do not address the fundamental weakness of the keel structure, and may come back to haunt them.

  94. Casper 24

    Casper 24Maand geleden

    Shame on you guys need to use 4 separate chain ratchet binders.


    MARK LOCKWOODMaand geleden

    You need a keel guard. Since your beaching it. You definitely need to get some 3-m marine oxidation remover and get after it with the wax. Make the blue pop.

  96. Luke Tanner

    Luke TannerMaand geleden

    Not interested in boats at all... Still loved this 😁

  97. Samson Piuggi

    Samson PiuggiMaand geleden

    If you guys lift the boat again, lift the bow (front) it’s the strongest point on the boat.

  98. driving games for kids taxi🚘

    driving games for kids taxi🚘Maand geleden

    Keep it up man

  99. driving games for kids taxi🚘

    driving games for kids taxi🚘Maand geleden

    You guys are awesome

  100. Andrew Ross

    Andrew RossMaand geleden

    Fix the second hole before you put it in the water

  101. Tomas del Solar

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    what happened to the cheap boat from like a year ago