Rebuilding A Wrecked Jet Boat!!!

Well here it is!!! Another unexpected build! This 2005 Yamaha sx230 jet boat has seen some better days. We picked this sucker up from the auction for a pretty smoking deal. Just like most of our builds, this thing was completely totaled out and the insurance company thought it was beyond repair! This was the perfect opportunity for us to get a summer fun water machine, so here it is!!! Thanks For Watching!!!


-Instagram: goonzquad


-P.O. Box 37
Rossville,GA 30741


  1. Montgomery Rothschild

    Montgomery Rothschild17 dagen geleden

    Are these guys life partners?

  2. Kyle Radke

    Kyle Radke18 dagen geleden

    If u wanna donate ur old boat to a good home ur Canadian friend will take it off ur hands and give it a good home it’s a shame to see her in the woods like that I been restoring my 88 all summer and would restore that girl to its glory

  3. Toby Henderson

    Toby Henderson18 dagen geleden

    My dad has a z272 Mariah Shabah and they don’t make Mariah anymore but it sounds nice it has a 7.4 v8 engine with captain call on of the best boats we are about to rebuild

  4. Crown _35

    Crown _3527 dagen geleden

    Every time they say dude i take a drink. Im only 3 mins into the video and im drunk

  5. Zoey Houts

    Zoey HoutsMaand geleden

    It is kinda weird cause like other NLpushrs don’t talk behind the camera but this is the only NLpushr or or I should say NLpush brothers that do talk behind the camera that I watch

  6. Flo Flo

    Flo FloMaand geleden

    We should talk about your shoes man :O Anyway, good job and nice video :)

  7. DJ Chapperz

    DJ ChapperzMaand geleden

    370z at 2:34

  8. DwarfDroop

    DwarfDroopMaand geleden

    They replace . With dude

  9. Logan Wells

    Logan WellsMaand geleden

    Damn did your pops stop at the truck stop and get you guys some of that high speed chicken feed too.

  10. king j

    king jMaand geleden

    are y'all selling that beautiful 370z or is it a new build!?

  11. Ethan Hammett

    Ethan HammettMaand geleden

    You guys should get boat covers for the boats


    ZESKIMOMaand geleden

    Are we gonna a plane next?

  13. Green

    GreenMaand geleden

    Whoever sold you that boat could have double the price if they just cleaned it themselves. What a difference.

  14. Graham Foster

    Graham FosterMaand geleden

    BOAT this is what it stands for Bring On Another Thousand

  15. Tessie Rideaux

    Tessie RideauxMaand geleden

    The tearful tomato structurally help because monday preferentially chew pace a giddy ice. plain, fat faulty colt

  16. Brian Argabrite

    Brian ArgabriteMaand geleden

    Can I buy your old boat ?

  17. Fishing with A&R

    Fishing with A&RMaand geleden

    You want to sell the old boat?

  18. City News Beat

    City News BeatMaand geleden

    Maybe get a simple boat cover so it doesn't turn into the Mariah.

  19. Jake Reardon

    Jake ReardonMaand geleden

    Every good boat has a hole in it

  20. Sterling Stauffer

    Sterling StaufferMaand geleden

    How about a cold start on the auction drift car sitting back there in the woods.

  21. Sterling Stauffer

    Sterling StaufferMaand geleden

    It's really sad that they're going to junk the Maria especially after all the work they put into it to make it look so nice.

  22. Fenglin Yang

    Fenglin YangMaand geleden

    Simon’s biceps are getting bigger and bigger 😉

  23. Allen Cantrell

    Allen CantrellMaand geleden

    Don’t turn the water on before you start those motors. And always turn the water off before you turn the motors off and blow them out with a light throttle

  24. Kula Hawaii

    Kula HawaiiMaand geleden

    The interior turned out great nice job

  25. huhnando

    huhnandoMaand geleden

    Fans before: No more house builds! Go back to car!!!!! Fans now: Too many car builds!!!!

  26. Sailing Jiggers

    Sailing JiggersMaand geleden

    Oh shut up. Stop saying dude.

  27. rilX

    rilXMaand geleden

    the sea deck is very easy to clean and makes your boat look a LOT cooler

  28. Rickie Bobby

    Rickie BobbyMaand geleden

    Dont you think maybe you should fix what you got before flooding your folks place with cars and boats what 8+ cars 2 trucks 1 massive unimog truck thing 2 boats a helicopter a house and a new building on the go... not trying to cramp your style by all means im just looking at it from a logical point of view.... finish the viper with all 4 of the same color wheels for instance the audi you got an s2000 the needs work done...

  29. n0t etan

    n0t etanMaand geleden

    My dad has a 2004 chaparall ssi 210 and we just slipped a gear and that cost 5k to fix.

  30. Casper Sørensen

    Casper SørensenMaand geleden

    So, when is it yacht time?😂

  31. oof oof

    oof oofMaand geleden


  32. Tim Glatfelter

    Tim GlatfelterMaand geleden

    So when does the T-shirt come out that says “Floater with a motor”. !!

  33. Jt C

    Jt CMaand geleden

    love your energy!!!


    CJAY KING2XMaand geleden

    I have that same jet boats guys with twin mr1 engines am working on it rn

  35. Ben Dunne

    Ben DunneMaand geleden


  36. Nik Williams

    Nik WilliamsMaand geleden

    @goonzquad where did you guys buy your boat copart doesn't seem to be doing it for me always seems to be barely any boats also would you be willing to let us know what you paid so we could have a number to go off of looking for boats ourselves at auction

  37. Yann Landry

    Yann LandryMaand geleden

    Kevin from Junkyard Digs uses D-Germ and it seems to be STUPID good!!

  38. IBK

    IBKMaand geleden

    Spray Nine will get rid of the mildew without using bleach

  39. Dan Sprouse

    Dan SprouseMaand geleden

    You guys are exhausting, bring down the level of acting. Way too excited and animated about every single little thing

  40. Go Leafs Go

    Go Leafs GoMaand geleden

    Great cleanup boys think you got a good one on your hands?

  41. alfred olthof

    alfred olthofMaand geleden

    The cleaning guys.

  42. RAD MAN

    RAD MANMaand geleden

    What about the boat from last year

  43. scouse man

    scouse manMaand geleden

    Get your selfs some magic erasers for the leather seats works amazing an doesn’t scuff or damage them , love your vids guys ! From Liverpool England

  44. Darrell Roeters

    Darrell RoetersMaand geleden

    Daaaaaaang Duuuuuuuuude

  45. Phil

    PhilMaand geleden

    damn those seats look like brand new!!

  46. ortiz4uz

    ortiz4uzMaand geleden

    Just when I’m like 🙄…a boat again. I’m hooked. Lol…can’t wait to watch the next vid.

  47. Sherm T

    Sherm TMaand geleden

    Tim Thatcher

  48. Aiden Humes

    Aiden HumesMaand geleden

    What’s going on with that 370z in the back👀

  49. Jaden Muskrat

    Jaden MuskratMaand geleden

    Don’t know a lot about boats but could you not just engine swap the boat?

  50. Mike Bowles McPherson

    Mike Bowles McPhersonMaand geleden

    Magic erasers ;)

  51. HighImpact313

    HighImpact313Maand geleden

    Idk about a jet boat. But on my jet ski, you never want the water running while the engine is off because then you'll get water in them.

  52. Dalton Little

    Dalton LittleMaand geleden

    @goonzquad what happened to the Z!!!!

  53. Mike Purse

    Mike PurseMaand geleden

    That’s not going to work on that boat . Plus you can take the top cap off the boat to access the inside. It will delaminate mark my words

  54. Jasdeep Jundoria

    Jasdeep JundoriaMaand geleden

    This boat is better than the last one

  55. Weir Sam

    Weir SamMaand geleden

    "Floater with a motor"

  56. MAS Audio

    MAS AudioMaand geleden

    Eeek guys dont run the water before the engines running! It fills up the exhaust and enters the cylinders if you do it wrong.. the engine running pushes the water out. Those MR 1 engines are awesome. Have one in my ski, it's the same engine basically from the yamaha R1 motorcycle.

  57. Mole Man

    Mole ManMaand geleden

    The snaps are for the original carpets!!!!!

  58. Mole Man

    Mole ManMaand geleden

    Also there are ton and tons of crevices compartments and shit everywhere. Takes me 8 hours to detail my Yamaha ar230

  59. Mole Man

    Mole ManMaand geleden

    I got where Jon boats can’t go in mine.

  60. Mole Man

    Mole ManMaand geleden

    Also the bot only takes 7 inches of water!!! I shoot the rapids in mine all the time! Literally watching the bottom fly by it’s so shallow. 16 years and running strong here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. JJ_Playz

    JJ_PlayzMaand geleden

    Mariah is like why the Yamaha and not me getting fixed LOL

  62. JJ_Playz

    JJ_PlayzMaand geleden

    Mariah is like why the Yamaha and not me getting fixed LOL

  63. Mole Man

    Mole ManMaand geleden

    But I don’t take mine out that often, but if you get a bunch of leaves and sticks, it’s nice to get to it because you WILL NOT GET UP ON PLANE!

  64. Mole Man

    Mole ManMaand geleden

    I had to build a jack setup on top of swim platform to get the plugs out one year. You are suppose to lube them every year or you won’t get the out. And should take them out after every use

  65. Mole Man

    Mole ManMaand geleden

    Also the impeller plugs under the hatch are crazy hard to remove. If you do remove, they have to lock back in or it won’t start

  66. Mole Man

    Mole ManMaand geleden

    It will clean up perfect.

  67. Mole Man

    Mole ManMaand geleden

    But I leave out all the plugs

  68. Mole Man

    Mole ManMaand geleden

    There are like 5 plugs through out the bot

  69. Mole Man

    Mole ManMaand geleden

    It also has no wake mode. Just hold in the two buttons and have the boat in slow low throttles in forward.

  70. Mole Man

    Mole ManMaand geleden

    You can put about 3 people in the ski locker

  71. Mole Man

    Mole ManMaand geleden

    It also has a tilting steering wheel

  72. Mole Man

    Mole ManMaand geleden

    Impeller hatch my at be closed or boat won’t start!!!!!!!

  73. Mole Man

    Mole ManMaand geleden

    I have the same exact boat-05 AR230 ! Boom. Except mine looks as new as the day I bought in brand new in NC!!!!

  74. Rob Connard

    Rob ConnardMaand geleden

    Thanks for what you do. That is a great find! If you need any advice with the Yamaha please refer to it’s an online forum focusing on the jet boat community. Hope to see you there.

  75. Hampton T

    Hampton TMaand geleden

    Check out my girlfriends Lifestyle Instagram @lifealittlebrighter Thank you for a like or even a follow! It means a lot!

  76. ChromeJellyBean

    ChromeJellyBeanMaand geleden

    Is it just me or do they always try to justify the build they bought. ? got boat: this is a beast Got new boat: so much better than the old one.... An every build's seats are super comfortable. Gets trailer with one plastic stool in it: This is a beast and the seat is super comfortable.

  77. Aiman Samad

    Aiman SamadMaand geleden

    You guys need big garage to store all the build

  78. Jess M

    Jess MMaand geleden

    They are currently building one

  79. OffRoadSoda Adventures

    OffRoadSoda AdventuresMaand geleden

    i hope you guys get a cover for this boat.

  80. Povl Rueger

    Povl RuegerMaand geleden

    I want the Mariah!

  81. Lucas S.

    Lucas S.Maand geleden

    their garage is turning to a junk yard

  82. Joel Nieves

    Joel NievesMaand geleden

    Is Pops your official transporter? Great way to keep it all in the family. I bet he loves driving for you guys and not “the man”. 🤔

  83. 3d guy247

    3d guy247Maand geleden

    Good idea to make the blue trailer blue to match it with the blue raptor which is blue.

  84. Kyle02

    Kyle02Maand geleden

    What happened to the red 350z in the background in the beginning of the video

  85. Chase Folkers

    Chase FolkersMaand geleden

    They need a TikTok for detailing specifically lmao

  86. Ryan Evangelesta

    Ryan EvangelestaMaand geleden

    Dude dude dude

  87. Craig Voll

    Craig VollMaand geleden

    The mush mouths back at it again lol 😆

  88. Ted Lewis

    Ted LewisMaand geleden

    cleanliness test pass...

  89. Ted Lewis

    Ted LewisMaand geleden

    love how u step right up to it and start cleaning stuff,,way to go...

  90. BigPoppa B

    BigPoppa BMaand geleden

    Jets are easier than you think to drive. Plus you have brakes ..just slam it in rewind at full throttle and you are slowing down fast .. Always remember ..never slack off in a bad situation because no throttle - no steering.

  91. Adam Burbach

    Adam BurbachMaand geleden

    Guys...I LOVE the Boat Builds. I loved the last one too. Houses, then boats, then cars. That's my ranking system. And by this, I mean I love all of your content. But the boat and home repair stuff....that's 100% quality entertainment :)

  92. MO SMITH

    MO SMITHMaand geleden

    I love how you guys keeping yourself busy it takes me days to just think about doing an oil change 😂

  93. Devandran Govender

    Devandran GovenderMaand geleden

    Papa's is an absolute Legend


    DAVID RODRIGUEZMaand geleden

    Turn on the engines before turning on the water!!

  95. Hector Cheves

    Hector ChevesMaand geleden

    You guys should try meguiars hyper gloss or 303aerospace protectant trust you’ll love the results! Keep it up guys 💪🏼

  96. Trey Muncie

    Trey MuncieMaand geleden

    Guys H-7 is the best cleaner I have seen for boats

  97. Jeep Man

    Jeep ManMaand geleden

    Clorox should never be used on leather or vinyl seats. The ammonia will degrade the material and destroy the thread in the seats. Please ensure it is rinsed thoroughly. 303 cleaner and 303 protectant is a much safer choice. You need to source non-ammonia based products in the future for cleaning your boat.

  98. Mesa Oracle

    Mesa OracleMaand geleden

    A boat with a hole in it is a bathtub. ;)

  99. daniyal

    daniyalMaand geleden

    Can someone do a dude count ?

  100. Rits Randolph

    Rits RandolphMaand geleden

    Beautiful boat! But to give you a heads up. Turn your boat on first then turn the water on. Don’t run water then start it. Best of luck

  101. TheFastStang

    TheFastStangMaand geleden

    Oh no, not another boat, first boat eposides were already boring and now it sits and is crap. And you just got this garbage camaro. And dont forget the helicopter and other unfinished things!!! Viper and a lots of other builds are still waiting for parts and windshields etc and there is still no proper driveway. What about finishing and cleaning first??? Too many unfinished business!!!