The New Goonzquad Garage Is Breaking Ground!!!

AZA Steering Wheel: azaautowhee...

Its finally time! We have been waiting a while for the green light from the city so we can start building! Its officially approved and now its all going to come together. We have been looking forward to this moment for a long time and we cant wait to see how this goes. This new goonzquad garage is going to be an absolute game changer and the productivity levels are going to be superb! Cant wait to show y'all how it turns out! Thanks For Watching!!!


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-P.O. Box 37
Rossville,GA 30741


  1. Ed Wilko

    Ed Wilko11 dagen geleden

    No wonder your houses float away in stoms and get lifted over there foundations. I the uk we have to go down 2meters (6.56 feet) for residential and 3meters for commercial. deeper for more than 3 stories high.

  2. Davi Clar

    Davi Clar13 dagen geleden


  3. Darien Whipple

    Darien Whipple18 dagen geleden

    I want GMC truck sind to 6221 237 st s

  4. Derrick Connor

    Derrick Connor21 dag geleden

    Keep that banging music coming

  5. james murray

    james murray22 dagen geleden

    that young fella is all hand does his joints move


    BRITTANY KING23 dagen geleden

    Did anyone suggest spray painting the trailer, and making it say Goonzquad

  7. vi babiy

    vi babiy26 dagen geleden

    Bending that rebar with a manual rebar bender is a pain in the aśš. Concrete is tuff!

  8. Eric Allen

    Eric Allen27 dagen geleden

    We just used a big lawn mower thang!!! Lmao!!! 😂

  9. Dan Currier

    Dan Currier28 dagen geleden

    tires and wheels need to go on the GMC Denali diesel they are useless .

  10. elementalblaze79

    elementalblaze79Maand geleden

    Wow, I misread the title! I thought wait what, why is the group breaking up?! Great that I just misread it! I enjoy your content! Lol

  11. Dallas Asher

    Dallas AsherMaand geleden

    Y’all got your steps mixed up you should’ve had your plumbing done before your footers were poured Bc it’s much easier on plumbers to install the drain system to go under the footers instead of them having to tunnel under them.


    CHAPO WITH THE STICKSMaand geleden

    I saw the viper in the cut screaming my name

  13. Robert Clark

    Robert ClarkMaand geleden

    what is happening to your new garage ?you showed the footing going in and then nothing else

  14. Josh Evans

    Josh EvansMaand geleden

    Good ole rossvegas

  15. Andrew DeRade

    Andrew DeRadeMaand geleden

    Interested in the GMC!! Details!!

  16. chris freeman

    chris freemanMaand geleden

    Now I remember why I stopped watching this channel y’all are in the 8th grade dude that’s epic!!!

  17. chris freeman

    chris freemanMaand geleden

    Dude really you must support dude group!!!!

  18. chris freeman

    chris freemanMaand geleden

    Fuck a Tesla and Joe and Cameltoe while we’re at it!!!!

  19. Supreme Flight 46

    Supreme Flight 46Maand geleden

    7:00 / 8:10 😂😂😂

  20. lust master

    lust masterMaand geleden


  21. Michael Martinez

    Michael MartinezMaand geleden

    Brownsville Tx

  22. Robert Prout

    Robert ProutMaand geleden

    Poops is a very hard worker 👍 yesireebob

  23. Tomislav Lulic

    Tomislav LulicMaand geleden

    Love all the different content in 1 video , nice overall update :)

  24. Bryce Yancey

    Bryce YanceyMaand geleden

    I don't see a ufer ground guys... you gotta have one... whether it's during the foundation phase or when they poor the concrete for the floor you have to have a rebar ground.

  25. JR Auto

    JR AutoMaand geleden

    Keep up the good work guys. Can’t wait to continue the Tesla build. 😎👍

  26. Keke Kuningas

    Keke KuningasMaand geleden

    whats that moving concrete truck is.. jesus yankees are far behind in building technology than like finland..

  27. Charles Eballa

    Charles EballaMaand geleden

    I like that GMC

  28. Jonathan McMichael

    Jonathan McMichaelMaand geleden

    wtf yall working on a R22??

  29. Jesse olvera

    Jesse olveraMaand geleden

    Q & A

  30. Stay Hatinn

    Stay HatinnMaand geleden

    Why don’t you add bigger aftermarket rims wide like some all chrome rims or black and chrome with a lip ? On the f450

  31. dawcio21

    dawcio21Maand geleden

    strange system with concrete, normally is one truck with pomp that fill up the foundation, and the rest just fill it up

  32. Kenneth Oden

    Kenneth OdenMaand geleden

    Man Pops is a BEAST!!! Y'all are awesome

  33. Xenon

    XenonMaand geleden

    Dude,dude, dude, dude

  34. Mike Power

    Mike PowerMaand geleden

    It's nice to you guys shop is finally ready to ready to get going and thank you if you're awesome awesome video

  35. 4qvon

    4qvonMaand geleden

    This gonna be a massive garage

  36. Joes Golden Garage

    Joes Golden GarageMaand geleden

    How many rabbits nest y’all chew up! Lol 😂. I know it happened

  37. JD DMAX

    JD DMAXMaand geleden

    Keep the GMC as a backup truck. Get rid of the Raptor. Its useless.

  38. Eugene Luke

    Eugene LukeMaand geleden

    How much are y'all selling the truck for

  39. mike a

    mike aMaand geleden

    My god there's soooo much "dude" in these videos

  40. Bailey Hall

    Bailey HallMaand geleden

    I miss seeing the kit car they got. That’s one of my favorites

  41. JB Cepeda

    JB CepedaMaand geleden

    can you put back the stock suspension and wheels if I wanted to buy the GMC?

  42. Don Webb

    Don WebbMaand geleden

    you guys should do a go-kart track going around the property!!!

  43. mike gager

    mike gagerMaand geleden

    these guys are exhausting lol

  44. Sterling Stauffer

    Sterling StaufferMaand geleden

    I hate being late for an upload.☹️

  45. Sterling Stauffer

    Sterling StaufferMaand geleden

    First time I ever heard Billy say "crap"

  46. Americo get Hernandez

    Americo get HernandezMaand geleden

    Your next built y’all should do a trailblazer ss

  47. Matt Barrett

    Matt BarrettMaand geleden

    If you guys decide to sell the “go kart”, PM me at I need that in my life, and I have cash.

  48. FREEDOM 1776

    FREEDOM 1776Maand geleden

    Never vote for any Demorats!!!😷😷😷

  49. Peter Labiak

    Peter LabiakMaand geleden

    Cannot remember where you are based but it must be somewhere where there are no winters judging from how shallow the strip foundations are. I am sure your architect designed it correctly :)

  50. Kyhe Wheeler

    Kyhe WheelerMaand geleden

    How can I contact you about buying the gmc? I’m highly interested in it.

  51. Jiminy Christmas

    Jiminy ChristmasMaand geleden

    Idk if you guys know this but ummm... the plastic trim pieces inside the fancy cars aren't... wait for it... wait for it.... not actual carbon fiber. They are actual plastic. Mind blown right? Sheesh. I feel like I'm taking crazy pills.

  52. Brian Williamson

    Brian WilliamsonMaand geleden

    i miss the house vids

  53. Brant S

    Brant SMaand geleden

    How much for the truck

  54. xtremes10z

    xtremes10zMaand geleden

    Send me a DM with the location and I can lookup the historical data and see what used to sit on the property. Possibly photos too.

  55. Jake Byers

    Jake ByersMaand geleden

    When are y’all gonna work on the chopper

  56. Jenni S

    Jenni SMaand geleden

    I’ll buy the Chevy truck

  57. BILL

    BILLMaand geleden

    Sunburn Simon!

  58. Matti Virta

    Matti VirtaMaand geleden

    polish ugly rims, totally stupid waste lot time and work stupid and not have any better. idiot work lot but not come any better rim.

  59. Matti Virta

    Matti VirtaMaand geleden

    time 19:49 this rim not have good any truck ugly and too wide apnormal and idiot only like. brainsick idiot must be if like ugly rims.

  60. Matti Virta

    Matti VirtaMaand geleden

    not lot concrete rod have base ground, finland ewery house have more and factory base have lot more. need be sguare profile and 6 rod.

  61. Jimmy, Making it work

    Jimmy, Making it workMaand geleden

    Easy on the energy drinks young man. lol

  62. Edward Ferguson

    Edward FergusonMaand geleden

    Dude dude dude I think I'm going to have an orgasm. Lol

  63. Ethan Doughten

    Ethan DoughtenMaand geleden

    Are y’all going to do a meet and greet when it is done

  64. lÉxótiç

    lÉxótiçMaand geleden

    Imagine a 180sx rebuild

  65. Marlon Green

    Marlon GreenMaand geleden


  66. The Rosa Family

    The Rosa FamilyMaand geleden

    Hey goonsquad me and my family have been fans for a while now & we’re currently in need of a new vehicle. We have a Nissan Sentra and our family is growing out of it. Anything helps. Thanks.

  67. curtis wilcock

    curtis wilcockMaand geleden

    Dang this is so sick you got a lot done in this video the mew garage is coming along nicely making progress can’t wait to see the building up and that polishing wheel is sick 😎😱 mirror finish will look so sick once done

  68. Steve T

    Steve TMaand geleden

    Over 50

  69. Steve T

    Steve TMaand geleden

    It's okay my dad owns a lot of truck like you guys

  70. Alexis Gaona

    Alexis GaonaMaand geleden

    yall should have added water to the concrete, and should've got a concrete vibrator so the cement can settle down better

  71. Alexis Gaona

    Alexis GaonaMaand geleden

    nvm ig the first truck was just hard, but still

  72. Hampton T

    Hampton TMaand geleden

    Check out my girlfriends Disney Instagram @lifealittlebrighter Thank you for a like or even a follow! It means a lot!

  73. Hampton T

    Hampton TMaand geleden

    Check out my girlfriends Disney Instagram @lifealittlebrighter Thank you for a like or even a follow! It means a lot!

  74. Hampton T

    Hampton TMaand geleden

    Check out my girlfriends Disney Instagram @lifealittlebrighter Thank you for a like or even a follow! It means a lot!

  75. Hampton T

    Hampton TMaand geleden

    Check out my girlfriends Disney Instagram @lifealittlebrighter Thank you for a like or even a follow! It means a lot!

  76. Ray c

    Ray cMaand geleden

    Nevr Dull will have those wheels looking like mirrors.

  77. Ashutosh Nagarkar

    Ashutosh NagarkarMaand geleden

    Please make a helipad

  78. Tyndale Tallman

    Tyndale TallmanMaand geleden

    What’s the sell price

  79. L l

    L lMaand geleden

    “Yes sir dude”, “yes dude”, “dude”, “yes sir”, “dude”

  80. El CUATE V

    El CUATE VMaand geleden

    Can you drop the link for the polish kit

  81. Pog Crohnie

    Pog CrohnieMaand geleden


  82. Blake Oram

    Blake OramMaand geleden

    Keep grindin' bro'$ 💯🤙💰🔧

  83. Jim Glasscock

    Jim GlasscockMaand geleden

    I wouldn't drive a Ford on a bet!

  84. R Z

    R ZMaand geleden

    Are you guys going to give away or sell the original raptor steering wheel?🙏

  85. James Schug

    James Schug2 maanden geleden


  86. Jacob Lance

    Jacob Lance2 maanden geleden

    Now they are repeating the same bullshit grass-cutting videos....... what a joke.

  87. Jacob Lance

    Jacob Lance2 maanden geleden

    This channel took a nosedive when they decided to take a year-long break to become contractors and showed nothing but house bullshit.....

  88. VisitMyShack

    VisitMyShack2 maanden geleden


  89. theglowbear

    theglowbear2 maanden geleden

    Bobby looks and acts stoned in the last couple of videos. Many post that they are starting to disrespect their money and getting cocky. This could hurt their channel and income...time to go back to humble begging boys or your career will come to a slow hault!

  90. Jason Swift

    Jason Swift2 maanden geleden

    Why havn't you got rid of all the rubbish in the yard? like the old trailer and all the other trash?

  91. Jorge Salinas

    Jorge Salinas2 maanden geleden

    Concrete isn’t hard lol

  92. Welder NotMechanic

    Welder NotMechanic2 maanden geleden

    These guys gotta be the voices for the sea turtles in finding Nemo

  93. Vincent Wilson

    Vincent Wilson2 maanden geleden

    Get yourselves a few anchor points put in till foundation for tying cars down '.

  94. Patrick Baca

    Patrick Baca2 maanden geleden

    How much would you sell the Denali for? I’d be interested

  95. King customz

    King customz2 maanden geleden

    lmaooo I love yall reactions

  96. Davon Shelman

    Davon Shelman2 maanden geleden

    Got the perfect setup to do giveaways. Already have the merch. Setup the giveaway using the merch as entries and cars will go and more money will flow

  97. James Stewart

    James Stewart2 maanden geleden

    Make it a giveaway merch=entry

  98. Aaron Thomas

    Aaron Thomas2 maanden geleden

    Put a dyno at the new place 😈😈

  99. Judy Dela Cruz

    Judy Dela Cruz2 maanden geleden

    More Tesla Videos!!!

  100. DJ Chapperz

    DJ Chapperz2 maanden geleden

    They are waiting on parts

  101. sicsam1

    sicsam12 maanden geleden

    You guys bought land in a area called "black bottom" guess you know why it's called that now lol

  102. bryan ruiz

    bryan ruiz2 maanden geleden

    Hey Gents, y’all can give me that old raptor steering wheel if you want. My F-150 has the same one, but not as cool. Mine is getting worn too. Thanks guys.